That’s the reason…

I remember the last time when we dropped by here, some three or fours months ago, it was because the weather was unbearably hot and we were looking for some place that was air-conditioned and a lot cooler and more comfortable. Well, it was for that same reason that we dropped by again that day last week. It has not been raining for quite a while now, the temperatures have been steadily rising and there is this constant threat of the horrendous haze rearing its ugly head again.

They have some new items on their menu including this…

Noodle House French thick toast

…but at RM8.00 for two thick slices of toast generously coated with what looks like honey, I would much sooner go for this instead…

Noodle House steamed kaya bread

…for only RM5.00.

This is new too – their cendol smoothie (RM7.00 excluding GST)…

Noodle House cendol smoothie

…and yes, I thought that would be nice to cool me down a bit so I had one. Unfortunately, I would say that at best, it was all right – quite nice but I would not say it was something that would get me running back for more nor would I say it would be something I would think about ordering again should I happen to drop by here again.

My missus had the wanton QQ noodle soup (RM6.50 excluding GST)…

Noodle House wanton QQ noodle soup

…and of course, she requested for their very nice chili dip to go with it and she did enjoy it, no complaint.

I had their laksa before and no, it was not anything like Sarawak or Kuching laksa and no, they never claim that it is the one and the same thing, their Noodle House laksa (RM8.80)…

Noodle House laksa

I decided to have that as I did not get try the one here a few days prior to this and yes, it had not changed at all – it still wasn’t anything like Sarawak or Kuching laksa and yes, it was nice in its own way. If I were to give an idea as to what it was like, I would say that it was more like curry mee, not like our laksa as we know it.

My girl wanted their salt & pepper calamari (RM8.20 excluding GST)…

Noodle House salt & pepper calamari

She loves sotongย (squid) and of course, she always enjoys this – everywhere and anywhere. I had one and the mum had one and she finished the rest, except for 3 pieces, all by herself…and I was wondering how on earth would she be able to finish her sizzling chicken chop with creamy mushroom sauce (RM18.80 excluding GST)…

Noodle House sizzling chicken chop

…after eating all that and true enough, she only managed half of the meat and half of the wedges but she did eat up the corn on the cob and the snap peas by the side. She said that the chicken was rather salty and yes, I would agree with her on that – it was all right if eaten together with a bit of the potato wedges but both of us were already too full to eat it like that, so we just had to leave what was left behind.

Including GST, plus charges for the drinks that we had, the total came up to RM64.45 and I would be lying if I say that I did not feel the pinch especially considering that my missus and I just had noodles…but it sure was a welcome change and a lovely break for my girl home from her school in the jungle and for that very reason, we may drop by again, but not that soon perhaps.

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16 thoughts on “That’s the reason…”

  1. I am huge fan of French toast – although mine looks like nothing in the advertisement – I tend to “healthicize” all of my recipes – switching to whole grain, adding nuts and fruits. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    With all those additions, I am sure yours would be well worth RM8.00. This one does not look quite like it.

  2. See your Sarawak Laksa makes me crave for it, will go eat it one of the day…

    Guess you have lots like this there or even in JB, same name but not quite the same.

  3. I did not visit the Noodle House when I was in Sibu the last two times…I prefer to visit the laksa stall more often.hehhe

    Just a few days here, I would go for the real thing – one of the nicer Sarawak laksa elsewhere…not here.

  4. Two thick slices of toast for RM8, I would instead add another 80 cents to have laksa. Worth & fulfilling.

    Indeed! The mee sua, kway chap, nasi lemak are some of the nicer things here or the stuffed kompia and they are all not THAT expensive. The noodles that my missus had that day was cheaper by 50 sen some more. I guess those not so glamour, no snob appeal to attract the younger branded coffee kind of places crowd.

  5. I am not a fan of French toast but I do love Won Ton soup! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Me neither, my girl enjoys French toast…but RM8.00 for two slices of thick toasts is a bit too much – thick toasts, nothing inside so at the end of the day, it is just bread. RM3.00 can get me one whole loaf and I can fry my own and enjoy till kingdom come. We have the Chinese version here – minced meat filling in between two slices of bread, regular, and coated with egg or batter and deep fried. My girl loves those too and I am pretty sure those would be a lot nicer.

  6. The price and the quality of the food would have deterred me from going there again unless it is the only eatery with AC in town.

    There are a few air-conditioned Chinese restaurants in town that would open early but for chicken chops and the like, the true-blue western cafes will only open at noon or later and we usually venture out early, around 10 or 11. I do know of one other fusion cafe – pretty sure they have chicken chops there too but it’s not a favourite of mine, if you can catch the drift.

  7. I would enjoy the deep fried squid too hee..hee..and would have no trouble polishing off the chicken chop ๐Ÿ˜€

    Hence, the shape and size? Hehehehehe!!! Wait a minute! Aren’t you on some kind of diet or something? Making good progress…I hope. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Indeed it is a big portion for your girl, I would end up eating half of that too… so much food for three persons actually… the bread itself is very filling already.. oh, the bread is for show only? I thought you ordered that too..

    No, did not feel like having bread. For one thing, I am not a fan of bread unless it is a burger or a sandwich with ham, bacon and what not inside. Besides, at those prices, I would give those a miss, thank you very much.

  9. Cendol smoothies. I would like that. Weather is so warm over here, sweat like crazy.

    I think I tried the fried squid at this place. I like it. Kind of missing this place and some of its food. ^^

    Yes, the squid was nice but then again, we do get it at a number of other places here. also nice.

    The cendol smoothie was a disappointment – couldn’t put my finger on it – maybe not lemak enough or the santan was rather diluted, not rich, and could not taste the gula Melaka and the cendol was not nice, some were hard even – the red bean shake at Thomson Corner here would win hands down and is a whole lot cheaper too. For RM7.00, I would expect something a lot nicer.

  10. These all look yummy but I’m a dessert person so that smoothie looks inviting to me.

    You’re from Kuching or where? Swee Kang is heaps better, way way better…and even a couple of places here, cheaper too!

  11. what was in the smoothie?

    Cendol – the green jelly, very popular dessert in Malaysia…but they did not make it very well, the texture was not all that correct and a few bits were hard. Then there were red beans, cooked till soft – served with coconut milk and palm sugar.

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