Quite sometime…

It has been quite sometime since we last were here, early in the year around Chinese New Year, for my nephew’s wedding reception and his grandma, my mother-in-law who just passed away last week, was still around then.

Well, I was here again the other night with my in-laws and some relatives who had come all the way for the funeral and my niece, the one currently working in Singapore, wanted this…

Sheraton mixed vegetables yam basket

I am never really into these Chinese mixed vegetable dishes but according to her, she likes the yam basket.

Our next-of-kin, who lived in Miri before but have moved to KL for some six years or so now, wanted the midin

Sheraton midin

– something they can’t get all that easily there, but though it was nice, it was so light on the belacan (dried prawn paste) that we could hardly taste it.

The Foochow fried noodles…

Sheraton Foochow fried noodles

…that we had was quite good despite the lack of ingredients other than those bits of green vegetables. At places such as this, which is not our regular kind of coffee shop, I would have expected more like what we had here or here.

Of course, we had to have their signature dishes – their so-called Peking duck…

Sheraton Peking duck
*Archive photo*

…served wrapped with these…

Wrappers and condiments

…in the very thin egg wrappers…

It's a wrap

…and we also had their fish head curry…

Sheraton fish head curry

…which was so very well done that night (Probably it’s the Chinese 7th Month and we were the only table that night so they had all the time to give their full concentration and do it really very well!) and everybody enjoyed it to the max though it might have been a little too spicy for some to handle, not me! I loved it!

As always, dinner here is never cheap, very nice…but not cheap and the total came up to around RM340.00 even though we did not have all that many dishes but that was inclusive of rice and drinks for some 15 of us altogether…and yes, they did have a table big enough to squeeze all of us in.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “Quite sometime…”

  1. I think RM345 for 15 of you is quite reasonable with the food you ordered. I like to eat the yam basket too. My kids too. We will fight over it 😛

    The food was ok. Most importantly, it was nice. Sometimes when the place was so crowded, we did not enjoy the curry as much. Oh? Another vote for the yam basket – it sure is popular, eh?

  2. Drooling, drooling. Long time since I had fish head curry. Couldnt remember when was the last time. Haha.

    I dont see much belacan in the midin either. Look like the normal stir fried midin with garlic and red wine. ^^

    A nice family gathering and dinner.

    Dunno of any nice fish head curry in Kuching – my cousins there would come all the way to Sibu to eat this one, it’s that nice. Different from elsewhere even here, Indonesian perhaps (the lady boss is Indonesian, her secret recipe). The one at Paramount here is very good now too, was not so when the chef from this place moved there. Had once in KL, nowhere near.

    No red wine in the midin, maybe they cooked wrongly – the ching chao version, fried plain with garlic.

  3. With the gravy for the curry fish head, i can eat extra bowl of rice…

    That goes without saying, so very nice!

  4. Peking duck looks different from what we have over here. Am drooling over the fish head curry.

    That’s why I said “the so-called Peking Duck” – not the same. Usually, they wrap the skin only and then they take the meat back into the kitchen to cook something else. Had a nice one at Li Garden in Kuching, Hock Lee Centre – I prefer the white rice flour wrappers they use there but if you use the lift down to the car park, don’t peep into the kitchen. Hehehehehe!!!

    Fish head curry here, one of the best around here!

  5. The mixed veggies look very nice. I like the yam baskets very much, too.

    Not my favourite, but looks like a lot of people love it. Strange that I’ve not seen it in other blogs, seeing that it is so popular, or maybe I did not pay much attention.

  6. I really like duck! Haven’t had it in quite sometime.

    Me too!!! But my missus would not touch it so we seldom eat duck at home or outside. 😦

  7. My condolence to your family on your MIL.

    The peking duck looks a bit wear. I thought only eat the skin. . it look like have too much meat on it


    Weird, you mean? If you look at my reply to Irene’s comment, that is why I said “their so-called Peking Duck” – not the same so if you are looking for Peking Duck the way you know it, then you must not order this here. On the other hand, for those who love duck – meat and skin, like me, this is very nice.

    The one I had in Kuching – we had the skin only and then they took the meat back into the kitchen and fried it in one separate dish – I did not think it was very nice, the meat dish. What a waste.

  8. I like yam basket. The usual ones are with meat and I won’t mind with mixed vegetables.

    Oh? I’ve never seen those with meat – all that I’ve seen would be mixed vegetables like this and I am not fond of the mixed vegetables…and the corn starch thickened gravy, with or without the yam basket.

  9. 15 to a table and the bill is justified… hahahaa…. I like the midin vege, they look so crunchy and fresh!

    These big restaurants have connections – they get all the fat and crunchy ones. The small places may not be so fortunate, so theirs may be skinny and not so crunchy. Nothing in this world is fair, eh? 😉

  10. I haven’t been to Sheraton in a long time. Our family usually goes to Ming Mei Shi coz it’s closer. Sheraton isn’t too far too but if they have weddings and such the place can get quite packed and it’s hard to park. I’m not sure why we don’t go, it just never comes up. I’ll suggest this to my sister next time she’s back.

    We’re not going back to that place anymore – very expensive now and the quality has gone down the drain since they moved to that huge new place. Expensive here too but at least the food is consistent enough, not that we will want to go all that often…at those prices – will just save it for special occasions.

  11. It’s hard to find inexpensive restaurants anymore it seems

    Not too bad here but yes, the prices are going up and up. Not cheap even to cook one’s own at home.

  12. What a coincidence I made some Foochow noodles yesterday and I saw this. It does not look like your photo as the one I made had pork and prawns on it

    At the regular coffee shops here, it would be more or less like this – tiny bits of pork, barely visible to the naked eye and some green veg, RM3.80 or RM4.00 a plate, per person. At a restaurant like this, I would expect a lot more – meat, prawns, squid, fish balls or slices…stuff like that. Quite disappointed.

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