All in…

For RM350.00, less than SGD or AUD120.00, you can get this package deal at this restaurant

Golden Happiness Restaurant

…at Jalan Chengal here in Sibu (2.285006, 111.834170) for 10 persons…0r 12, if you can manage to squeeze in two more into one table

There is this Four Seasons platter…

Golden Happiness Four Seasons

…for starters, only four – not as many as what one would usually get at the restaurants here for their regular dinner packages but these were good enough. I loved particularly the fish roll wrapped in bean curd skin and deep fried, served with its special red sauce – very nice!

At this unbelievable price, you cannot expect to get the not-be-named soup and any of those exclusive expensive soups but this one…

Golden Happiness egg & meatball chicken soup

…I would say, is very much nicer than any of those gooey, all-corn-starch thick and sticky soups. This is a bowl of very clear and refreshing soup with lightly-fried golden hardboiled eggs, slices of chicken, some Chinese cabbage and these very very nice meatballs…

Golden Happiness meatballs

I don’t know how nice they are actually as my girl loved it so much that I gave her mine – there was just enough to go round, one each.

This stewed chicken…

Golden Happiness stewed chicken

…is literally served in a wooden barrel ( or on the outside, at least) and is very very good too. I would put in a special request for fresh baby corn though…or they can just leave that out all together – I really am not a fan of those canned ones.

The steamed fish…

Golden Happiness steamed fish

…Teochew-style is very nice too but no, at that price, you can’t jolly well expect to get white pomfret (pek chio/bawal putih)or any of the worth-its-weight-in-gold fish. Somebody said this was the “golden pomfret” (kim chio), not as fine and smooth as the white variety and the taste is not as strong as the black ones (or chio/bawal hitam), probably something in between the two. I think my missus has bought this from the market before and we’ve had it at home, most probably deep fried or as a sweet and sour fish dish.

And talking about sweet and sour, there is also this pork dish…

Golden Happiness sweet and sour pork

…sweet and sour, no less.

I hear this…

Golden Happiness bayam

…is very popular in Singapore – bayam served with deep-fried century eggs and lots of whole cloves of garlic. I have never had this before and I must say I do enjoy the bayam though I can’t say I am a fan of century eggs deep fried.

Lastly, just to make sure that you will not go home hungry, there is this plate of fried rice…

Golden Happiness fired rice

…followed by a huge plate of fresh fruits – that day, we had watermelon, honey dew, pomelo and so on.

So what do you think, all in – 8 dishes, including the fruits, for RM350.00?


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “All in…”

  1. Good price. Four of us just had 3 dishes – lettuce lightly stirfried with garlic, half a roast chicken, and a tofu, beancurd sheet, mustard greens, 3 plates of rice and a pot of tea with refillable hot water for RM90. You had fish which is very expensive here.0

    That’s expensive, RM90 – one roast chicken is around RM30 here, so half would be RM15 and veg dishes are around RM10.00 here but of course, it depends on the place as well, whether it is one of those classier more expensive places (like Tai Thong, that standard) or one of those smaller joints – simple, cheap and perhaps, even nicer.

    Yes, fish is expensive here too…and I am not particularly fond of this one steamed, just ok, nice but not great – would rather have it deep fried and served with sauce…but of course, sweet and sour is out since the pork is done that way…unless they do the pork in another style.

    1. My dinner of rm90 was at a normal coffee shop dai chow place with air cond. Nothing fancy.

      That’s expensive then and no fish, no prawns. Would be a lot cheaper here if we stay away from those.

  2. That’s such a great deal – especially when you convert to other currencies!

    Yes, not all that cheap in our miserable ringgit, I’m afraid…but most probably, one can’t get the same deal elsewhere even if it’s dollar to ringgit. 😦

  3. That is a good price! Food looks good. Everything is big portion in Sibu.

    So I’ve noticed. The fried rice was an overkill, barely touched as everyone was already way too full!

  4. Rm 350 nett? I’d say it’s a very good deal.

    I thought so too. The regular Chinese banquet here – around RM450/500 for the usual, can go up to RM700/750 some places and not necessarily nice. Yes, nett, cash…but I hear they charge extra if you pay by credit card.

  5. THe 4 season platters. The one of the very left. Is that the fish roll wrapped in bean curd skin and deep fried (or is this the one u describe on the right?)
    anyhow, I love the one on the left usually. I don’t know why. hahaha everytime I have dinner at restaurant or hotel, when they serve this. I will always be the happiest person on that table haha

    That’s the one I was describing – top left, red colour. The one on the right is deep fried popiah/spring rolls – nice too, and the one with the egg gravy, bottom left as well. Yum yummm. The top right one is mixed veg with chicken slices – ok lah, veg. 😀

  6. Good deal, since everything is nice. If I am not wrong, kim chio is a bit yellow in colour. I have never deep fried kim chio, usually steamed it. I like bayam with deep fried century egg.

    I dunno if that was the same fish – my missus buys this sometimes, not our favourite – bigger and a lot more meat than pek chio or maybe even or chio, but to me, not as nice as the two. You have bayam cooked that way in Kuching too? First time seeing it, me!

  7. Can consider migrate to Sibu since there are so many nice foods there…

    Just bring less than SGD500,000 and you will be an instant millionaire here…and you can survive here on the interest, around 3% per year – no need to work.

  8. Nowadays, there are no more cheap.. few hundred ringgit is moderate in a restaurant these days..the other day I have a gathering with my classmates.. around 7 dishes, it cost RM300 over too…

    Your classmates? I remember that one was at a quite grand restaurant – this one too, and this RM350 may be considered as simpler and cheaper already. You can go for the more expensive packages – RM500 and above and you will get really spectacular dishes. Gone are the days when I was young and RM150 a table was so good already, 10 to 12 dishes some more and servings were so huge, enough for everybody to tapao home!

  9. Good price for 350! That is a feast, I am getting hungry now after looking at those foods

    Yes, price was reasonable, not expensive and food was great – not the best around but very very good especially considering the price.

  10. The bayam dish, never had and never saw it. Quite interesting to cook bayam next time.

    Looks like they have it in Kuching – re. Irene’s comment. My first time tasting it and I liked it but then again, I’m quite fond of bayam.

  11. I think that’s a fair price, rm35 per person for a good feast with some quite unique and well-prepared dishes. I’ve never seen soup quite like that before! 😉

    Yes, not at a Chinese full-course dinner – my first time and I loved it! So far we have had chicken mee sua soup with those “golden” eggs but not this.

  12. Interesting! I’ve seen the deep fried boiled egg soup before but never with meatballs. It looks good.

    I think it’s always just enough to go around coz the restaurant counts out 10 portions exactly so each diner will have one. RM 350 for 10 pax is very reasonable, works out to RM 35 each which is less than the price you’ll pay if you just order for 2 pax with all these items.

    It’s hard, if not impossible to find that kind of deal here in KL. I’ve seen a similar deal just yesterday where they had an option for 10 pax with 8 dishes for RM 518 which I already thought was really cheap for here.

    Yes, I know the full-course Chinese dinners there will go over to 1K and what they serve are not even nice, the ones that I had attended – nowhere near this standard…but those were at some posh hotels and another one was at a restaurant in an equestrian club. Maybe there is better if at the simpler true-blue Chinese restaurants.

    The soup was really good. I would want to order that should I happen to drop by here again. The chicken was great too.

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