That’s why…

I saw this photograph of the Sarawak laksa

Friends' Kopitian Sarawak laksa
*Friends’ Kopitian photo on their Facebook page*

…on their Facebook page and it sure looked good and that was why I decided to drop by the place to give it a try.

The people running the kampua noodles and chap fan (mixed rice) stall have called it quits and right now, this young and handsome guy…

Friends' Kopitian kampua guy

…has taken over and among the things on his menu is Sarawak laksa, RM4.00 for the regular and RM6.00 for the special. Unfortunately, he was out of prawns that morning so I decided not to have it then – another day, perhaps.

I did order a bowl of his pian sip, soup (RM2.50)…

Friends' Kopitian pian sip, soup

…to try and it was very good. I loved the soup and the dumplings had quite a bit of the minced meat filling inside plus it was very nicely seasoned so it had a taste that was not quite the same as the ones elsewhere. Other than that, it was cheaper than most places by 30 sen where this same thing is going for RM2.80, sometimes more and the kampua noodles here is also going for that same price, RM2.50 a bowl. I did not order it that day and since I liked the pian sip, I sure would want to go back there one of these days to give that a try.

They are still selling the Chinese kuehs like the people running that stall before and these fried or koi (yam cakes)…

Friends' Kopitian fried yam cake

…were going for 5 pieces for RM2.00, the same as the fried tapioca cakes by the side. The latter sure seemed a lot more popular – there were only a few pieces left.

From what we gathered, these were home made and left there for sale – they did not make them themselves. I did wish though that they had covered everything…

Friends' Kopitian ham chim beng and so on

…probably with cling film/wrap or some plastic sheet if they do not intend to buy those containers with covers or perhaps they could do what they do at some of the Malay kueh stalls here – put a few pieces in a little plastic bag, ready to go like, for instance, in the case of the or koi, they could have 5 in each selling for RM2.00…

Friends' Kopitian nasi lemak and so on

…I did notice that they have done it with some of the items available and that way, at least, one can be 100% sure that the flies would not be able to get to them before somebody buys them and takes them home…

Friends' Kopitian steamed egg cake

I don’t know if the rest of the stuff is any good or not though – we did not buy any to try, just the or koi and the tapioca cake and they were both to our liking.

That morning, my missus had the Foochow noodles, soup…

Friends' Kopitian Foochow noodles, soup

…and she said it was good and I had the Foochow fried noodles…

Friends' Kopitian Foochow firede noodles

…that I had had before and enjoyed a lot.

Well, we would be back again, that’s for sure, perhaps for the kampua noodles or the Sarawak laksa or something else. We’ll see!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “That’s why…”

  1. The Sarawak noodles look good. If you didn’t point out the missing prawns, I wouldn’t be any wiser. Does that mean there is a discount? 😉

    Is the pian sip soup similar to won ton soup?

    What is in the soup and gravy for Foochow noodles? There appeared to be lots of noodles gravy or soup.

    Yes, piansip is our version of the wanton – the name is derived from what they are called in Foochow, called “kiaw” in Kuching but no, they are not exactly like wanton – the texture of the skin is different – not as firm and not so yellow. The soup for the piansip is clear soup with pork bone stock plus seasoning and garnishing – usually a bit of lard/oil used to fry shallots, light soy sauce, a bit of msg, fried shallots and spring onions.

    For the noodles, they are fried first…something like my “dry” version, with the thickened sauce/gravy. For the soup version, they just add more water. Garlic and soy sauce are used in the cooking.

    I did not ask if it would be cheaper – by right, it should be as prawns are expensive and the guy suggested fish balls instead but those are cheap…and that’s unheard of, fish balls. Standard toppings for Sarawak laksa would be the boiled prawns, the pulled chicken meat, breast – none of those char siew slices…so that one is not quite right either…and thinly sliced egg omelette and bean sprouts.

  2. I’m SOLD! Good food plus a good looking chap. I’ll fly there anytime 😀

    I agree with you on the covering the food part. I can’t stand seeing food sold openly that way. I always preferred them to be closed for hygiene and health reason. That is why I refrained buying anything from hawker stalls that do not make any effort to keep their food covered.

    Come! Come! When? I’ll roll out the red carpet!

    Yes, it only takes a little effort for the good of all. Thankfully, I see it all covered at most other places here or everything is packed in little plastic bags. The very worst that I have seen would be the roadside stalls across the road from my girl’s college in Sg Petani – the flies all lined up in rows on the edge of the trays at the nasi campur stalls. So disgusting!

  3. Another day for the laksa. Look good though.

    They sell a lot of kueh for morning breakfast. Not bad.

    There used to be more – looks like they’ve toned it down a little now. Not really a fan of these Chinese kuehs, more into nyonya or Malay but will eat these sometimes once in a while for a change.

    Yes, I thought the laksa looked good too but no prawns, no, thank you.

  4. All looks nice & pian sip for me, pls. I notice they are not using chicken meat in their laksa, rite? Thumbs up to those who cares to cover their cakes/kuih.

    Yes, such good practices should be encouraged…and yes, I noticed the absence of the chicken meat too – not very particular about that but there has got to be prawns and I love the thin strips of omelette.

  5. Pian sip is also my favourite, i never get tired of eating it…

    You can try this one here, very good.

  6. Your picture food will always mesmerize me.. hahaha

    Yakah? I always feel my snapshots using my cheap digicam are so inferior especially compared to those taken by the full-fledged food bloggers using their DSLR – like the pictures in the glossy recipe books. So nice. But never mind, at least they serve their purpose so that’s good enough for me.

    1. It is good enough and serve its purpose. Its ok tho. U still can make people drooling over you foods picture. No need to spend much on DSLR if ur not really using it. I’ve buy one before and eventually not really using it. Thinking to sell it back but before i have the chance to do so, it was stolen. Sad case.

      Oh dear!!! So terrible. I guess that is one thing too – when taking it out, have to be very careful where one places it when not in use. Easily stolen. Digicam’s ok, can slip into pocket…plus it is not expensive so even if stolen, not so heartbreaking.

  7. Your soup (the first one) looks delicious! 🙂

    I love these clear soups, a lot more than the rich and creamy western ones…or the thick and starchy, cornflour-thickened Chinese ones.

  8. They sure have a nice selection of kueh and cakes. And I spotted some chang too. I do agree that they should have it covered.

    Yes, dunno any good or not. Usually the ones anywhere around town here aren’t worth the calories. 😦

  9. I’m not sure I’ve ever had foochow noodle soup or foochow fried noodles before! 😉

    Dunno if they have this over there, just kampua mee but of course, how good or authentic, that’s another story. Like KL Hokkien mee here.

  10. The piansip looks good as usual, thin and transparent unlike our wanton skin over here are thicker…

    Yes, the skin is different, much thinner and smoother compared to the wantons over at your side.

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