Let your love flow…

…or to be more precise, let your lava flow!



…is the brand name of the products of the Centuryin Bakery, a subsidiary of our very own Sarawak fast food franchise. A long long time ago, it was called Applebee and I sure liked that name a lot more but for some reason or other, there was some kind of rebranding and revamping process going on and they saw it fitting to change it to this one.

The products are easily available at all the Sugar Bun outlets everywhere but if I am not wrong, they do the baking of some, if not all, of the stuff here…


…not far from the Delta Mall, across the road from ASTRO in the next block…


…so here, there would be a better chance of you getting something right out of the oven, piping hot and very fresh.

Their cakes and muffins are quite nice – I like their red velvet especially – and when I dropped by the other day, I saw that they had those molten lava croissants and I remember that not too long ago, there was a whole lot of commotion over the ones sold at a bakery in KL and that probably gave it a whole lot of publicity and since then, it seems that anybody and everybody is making and selling it.

Of course, the test of the pudding is in the eating and I wasted no time in grabbing one…

UNIqBUN molten lava croissant 1

…to take home and try. They are selling these at RM5.50 each but at a reduced price of RM10.00 only, if you buy two.

Sadly, the lava did not flow…

UNIqBUN molten lava croissant 2

…but the salted egg yolk custard inside tasted very nice, that much credit I would give to it. Unfortunately, there wasn’t all that much of it so when you get to the ends, you would find yourself eating plain croissant.

I must say the croissant was very nice – the texture was very well done…

UNIqBUN croissant

…and it had that much coveted buttery fragrance that seemed to elude me when I had those elsewhere like the ones here

Hotel breakfast croissant 1
*Archive photo*
…or here
Hotel breakfast croissant 2
*Archive photo*

At RM3.00 each, I would much sooner go for these plain ones and enjoy them with butter and jam or make my own croissant sandwich…

Croissant sandwich
*Archive photo*

…instead of forking out that extra RM2.50 or RM2.00, depending on how many you buy, for that little bit of filling in the middle that to my disappointment, failed to flow.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “Let your love flow…”

  1. hey hey actually looks quite delicious. don’t find this often.

    It tasted great even though the lava did not flow but there was not enough filling, only in the middle half or a bit more…plus it did not come cheap. 😦

  2. Would love to try their croissant if it is available here. No sign of this new bakery over here.

    I remember the shop was under renovation when I were staying in Sibu. Once a while I did went to Sugarbun near Delta Mall.

    I also prefer the oozing lava. Messy but good. Haha.

    In our Sarawak Malay, we say, “Jangan sik coba!” At least I have tried since everyone is talking about it.

    Actually I am more interested in the croissants – no good ones here since the bakery at Giant Hypermart stopped making…or there is one, very very nice but very very expensive – I did not blog about that one – my girl bought me one to try and I ate it up in the car. 😀 Maybe I will drop by one of these days and buy some and blog about it.

  3. Whoa, never thought that buns can be that creative! Oh please send me some here!

    There is always something new coming out every day. I think currently it’s Japanese cheese tarts.

  4. I always loves croissant with egg, hehe…

    The ones in Singapore must be very nice, I’m sure. Bet the lava flows out and drips all over. How much each over there?

  5. More like custard… not those flowing lava

    Isn’t that what it’s supposed to be? Custard, as in the salted egg custard bun or lau sar pao. Probably too much custard powder, this one, not enough salted egg yolk.

  6. Uniqbun, side by side by Sugarbun – now that’s a dilemma – which one to choose??? 😀

    The original Applebee was located alongside the main Sugar Bun outlet in the town centre, adjoined so we could buy the bread, buns, cakes or whatever from there and bring over to the Sugar Bun side to sit and eat there, together with whatever drinks we ordered. No seating area in the bakery, this one and since they’re affiliated, I guess we can buy and take next door to eat like before.

  7. I’ve never tried these salted egg custards, probably not available here. It’s something I’d enjoy, I think.

    It’s very nice – especially for someone who loves salted egg yolks like me, just that this one was not very well done, failed to flow. Still, it tasted great!

  8. The croissant looks good though the lava did not ooze out as expected. For that price, I felt that it was quite pricey but pampered yourself once in awhile is ok.

    Yes, RM5.50 sure is not cheap. Since the croissant is nice, I may buy once in a while when the craving sets in but at RM3.00, it is not going to be all that often. Kampua mee is cheaper, RM2.80 only.

  9. I also tried the one from the bakery behind my office. The salted egg yolk custard was not exactly flowing but it was soft enough. Could be messy to eat if the filling flows out especially for clumsy people like me 😀

    Yes, it looked so messy in the promo photos, so so so nice – too bad in reality, it came nowhere near. 😦

  10. I have such a weakness for bakeries. I wonder if you heated up the bun a little after you took it home if the middle would flow.

    Somebody suggested that. But it was still hot, fresh from the oven when I bought it, even though I did not eat it there and then and only did so when I got home. I don’t think that was the problem – they certainly would need to tweak the recipe for the filling.

  11. Yes, I like the last picture where you can make your own fillings… but then I don’t think I can make it look so tempting and appealing… Indeed RM10 for two is still a bit steep…

    That one was what I made at home…using the nice croissants from Giant Hypermart here but they are no longer making them. Was a lot cheaper some more, not so expensive as the ones here.

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