That again…

Yes, we had that again – the claypot chicken rice (RM20.00)…

Le Cafe claypot chicken rice

here. If I remember correctly, this was two Saturdays ago, or was it three? Gee!!! Time flies by so fast that it is really hard to keep up with what happened when. They certainly outdid themselves this time around as somehow or other, we thought it was very much nicer. Yes, it was nice before but the one we had that day seemed to have an edge over the previous occasions when we had the same – bursting with flavours, a head above the rest.

The last time we were here, my girl wanted their lemon grass chicken wings with Thai mayo  and she enjoyed them very much. This time around, she ordered the fried squid rings (RM8.90)…

Le Cafe squid rings with tartar sauce

…with tartar sauce and of course she enjoyed them too – she loves anything deep fried…

Le Cafe squid rings

…and for some reason or other, she loves sotong (squid). I would much sooner go for prawns, but not her.

I thought of trying some of their pork delights but the prices seemed kind of steep so I decided I could live without eating any of those. Instead, I ordered their chicken curry with rice (Rm9.90)…

Le Cafe chicken curry with rice

…to see if it was any good. Well, at best, I would say it was all right, nicer than most of those at the chap fan (mixed rice) places around town but nowhere near what we would cook ourselves at home and it came as no surprise at all that it was not spicy, not even a little, nothing to get excited about.

The two ladies tried a bit…

Le Cafe chicken curry

…and did not bother helping themselves to more so I had to eat it all by myself along with the rice…

Le Cafe rice

…that came with it while they shared the claypot chicken rice between the two of them.

Yes, we may drop by again sometime and you can jolly well guess why and which item on their menu we would not be ordering in our future visits to this place.

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11 thoughts on “That again…”

  1. Deep fried for me too anytime but I try to cut down.

    Yummy yummy. Claypot chicken rice.

    I think it is all right if we deep fry our own – fresh oil everytime and we let it stand on kitchen towels to soak away the excess oil. Outside, we do not know how many times they have used the oil – over and over again. Sometimes, the mere sight of the colour of the oil they use puts me off.

    Yum yummmm indeed, and there’s the salted fish added too. Slurpsssss!!!!

  2. There’s something about rice done in pots – claypots, paella pans and so on – I love the sticky bits around the edges – the rice that has been lightly caramelized.

    My girl’s favourite – she will go through the trouble of scraping those to enjoy.

  3. Claypot chicken rice will always get my vote – especially the crispy burnt rice at the bottom.

    In my younger days, no rice cooker and we would cook rice using a kerosene stove, and my mum would eat the bottom crust, what we called nasi kera (monkey rice). I guess it had its fragrance but that was my mum all right, the best for everybody and she finished off the rest.

  4. Certainly, I would vote for the claypot chicken rice & love the burnt part at the bottom. I will try to refrain from deep fried food as much as I can but sometimes temptation is too great. Time flies & tomorrow is another new month.

    Seems like everybody likes the nasi kera at the bottom. I’m not really into deep fried stuff so I would not be eating anything deep fried all that often, not for any health reasons or whatever, but having said that, I will eat anything that is nice never mind how it is cooked.

  5. Oh, I just took squid last night too but it was grilled with sambal… love anything squid-ish but as some ladies said above, I also will try to refrain from eating fried though I love them too… that is why I always tell my kids, be more food adventurous when young and when they reach a certain age, they have to slow down on the unhealthy food.. hahaha..

    Sotong bakar, with sambal on a banana leaf? I like that! Anytime better than deep fried like what we had here.

    I’m older than you but no, I am not cutting down on anything, just everything in moderation but yes, I think I’ve slowed down, not by choice – just can’t eat as much as before anymore – no more eat-all-you-can buffets, 5 or 6 rounds…but I will eat – no problem with that!

  6. I like fried things, me now is eat first, then go exercise burn it off…

    Great idea! Enjoy first, pay later! Hehehehehe!!!!

  7. You made me craving for some kari ayam in the middle of the night, I am a sucker for those add roti to it, that a perfect comfort meal to me. Best or just OK is fine by me just dont serve me some bad ones 🙂

    Yes, I love those Indian rotis with curry. Not easy to get here, other than the roti canai – lots all over, very few Indians around but we do have the frozen ones at the supermarkets. Beggars can’t be choosers.

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