Different but the same…

Well, they’re both beef noodles but they’re very different from each other.

This one (RM6.00)…

Happiness Cafe beef noodles 1

…is from here. If you remember, in an earlier post, I mentioned that we wanted to drop by here for this but it was so packed that the people were literally spilling onto the road.

We did manage to do just that last week and as we had not been here for a while now, we sure were glad that the stall was still there, still going strong. Instead of our not-so-yellow noodles, they have their own handmade ones…

Happiness Cafe handmade noodles

…and yes, we enjoyed that and also the broth and everything!

People say that is the Taiwan-style, the one with the very much darker soup as opposed to the clearer one in the type that I grew up eating. Well, we did drop by here last Sunday for that (RM10.00)…

Ah Sian kampua kosong

…and I had the kampua kosong (no meat) plus the soup, their special…

Ah Sian beef soup special

…which of course came in a bigger bowl and other than the meat, there were the tendons and the tripe as well.

No, we did not have it like this before – what we had would be the version with the cooked/boiled not-so-yellow noodles served in the much clearer soup…

Ah Sian beef noodles soup
*Archive photo*

…and it was not until that time when my girl was still very small that I had it served this way – the beef soup in a bowl and the plain kampua noodles in a plate. This lady served it that way at her stall, then at Chopsticks – it was in the town centre beside the HSBC building…and I would go with my girl for that quite regularly. To this day, she still remembers her and how she would like her soup with just the beef and nothing else, not even the spring onions and what not.

Whichever way it is served, I would say that I love them all – to me, they’re all nice…but of course, the deciding factor as to which one we would go for more frequently would be…the price.

Author: suituapui

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9 thoughts on “Different but the same…”

  1. Although I do have pasta occasionally, when I do, it has to be very thin…either angel hair or spaghettini, and I cannot eat beef, as it has caused many health problems for me. I always make my pasta with spaghetti sauce with mushrooms and I add cheese after.

    Our local noodles – the kampua or the not-so-yellow noodles would go down well with you, I’m sure. They’re soft, not al dente. My father has the same problem with rice vermicelli and glass noodles, unable to digest so those will cause tummy discomfort. I guess those handmade ones are not for you as well, they’re not so soft, more like pasta kind of texture. Pasta are all tossed with sauce – none served in soup, Asian style. I wonder if it will be nice, may work well for you – probably easier to digest.

  2. The beef noodles look good. I prefer mine to be all in bowl rather than served separately. Totally agree that which one we would go more frequent would depend on the price.

    All in a bowl? The soup version? I wonder where one can get a good one in Kuching these days. Ah Mui is no longer what it used to be – though people told me the Satok one’s good – never got round to dropping by there to try.

  3. There’s something about ‘handmade’ that is enticing – it feels as though more effort has been made so it must be better. 🙂

    I can think of two considerations, one being the question of mass production. When you make a whole lot using machines, the quality may take a back seat and then of course, there is that special human touch – own handmade always wins hands down…like own homemade cakes and biscuits, always better.

  4. i love beef noodle too, especially beef noodle soup. I had beef noodle at Kelantan before, and it was very delicious.

    Oh? My favourite is Kah Heong in KK, Sabah. I think they have an outlet in Puchong so you can drop by to try the next time you go down KL.

  5. Having the beef with kampua noodles sound good. I’ve always had it with kway teow.

    I think they would have that for the soup version, not sure if they serve that tossed kampua-style. They do have it at the kampua noodle stalls, something different for a change, but I do not think they are all that popular among the locals.

  6. RM 6 is a steal for that bowl!

    It is? This is one of the pricier items around here but then again, beef is very expensive and it is hard to get fresh beef around here.

  7. Have not eat beef for quite sometimes, maybe nowadays i go where, i mostly go for wanton me, lol…

    Long ago, I had very nice beef noodles in Singapore, the soup type like the last one, at Cuppage Centre, Orchard Road hawker centre, 1st floor with the wet market downstairs. Then they upgraded the place, no more wet market, no more hawker centre and no more nice beef noodles. 😦

  8. Nothing beats a good beef noodle dish slightly sweet and lip smacking savoury taste, thats all I want in a cold night like this

    Yes. Bet these would taste so good there, with the extra fresh New Zealand beef. Wish we had that here, we only get the frozen imported ones. 😦

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