Leaving today…

My Kuching cousins were here for three nights and were leaving on Monday so I sent them to the airport. I had to make two trips though because one of them and my friend/ex-colleague were taking the early morning flight as they had to work that very afternoon.

I sent my other cousin, her daughter – my niece and her baby later and while I was at the airport, I received a Facebook message from Stephanie‘s dad. It was his birthday on Sunday and I actually met them at that same restaurant that night when we went there for dinner. He wanted to send me a slice of the birthday cake…

Birthday cake

…that his wife made and these banana chocolate chip cupcakes…

Stephanie's banana chocolate chip cupcakes

…from Stephanie…

Stephanie's banana chocolate chip cupcakes, inside

Yes, they were very nice, thank you all for them, but I must say that my favourite is still the marble cupcakes – they’re really good…and belated birthday greetings once again to the dad. All the best and God bless always in the year ahead. Cheers!!!

I went to pick up my cousin and niece and baby a little earlier than promised as the kid was getting a bit cranky in the hotel room,  probably wondering why they were not going out that morning like what they did in the previous two days and since we were way too early for the flight, I took them here…and here…in the hope that they could enjoy the chao chai hung ngang before leaving town but both of them were closed. I assume that they do not open on Mondays, their off day.

In the end, we went here (2.307201, 111.849154), the Good Happiness Restaurant…

Good Happiness Restaurant
*Archive photo*

…instead for the very nice dim sum that I have had many times before.

Yes, the har kao

Good Happiness dim sum har kao

…were very good and so were the char siew pao

Good Happiness dim sum char siew pao
*Niece’s photo on Facebook*

We also had these steamed bean curd skin with shrimp filling…

Good Happiness dim sum steamed bean curd skin with shrimp filling

…and the tri-flavour siew mai

Good Happiness dim sum three-flavour siew mai

Everyone thought that everything was great but I did not like the siew mai with the msg overload. They were all right the previous times we had those – probably the cook spilled the msg or something or maybe he had already added and he forgot all about it and added again.

I’ve had the Foochow fried noodles here on my previous visits and I love it so what fitting send-off could there be than to order a plate of that…

Good Happiness Foochow fried noodles

…for them to enjoy before leaving town. Yes, they enjoyed it and yes, they thought the one here was even nicer than the one that they liked a lot at our dinner the previous night.

After that, we went straight to the airport – it was baby’s feeding time! Thanks for coming, everybody. It sure was a lovely weekend and we had a really good time – do come again…soon!