In and out…

When my Kuching cousins were in town, I had them come over to my house for lunch, nothing special – just a simple get-together at home. I went to the market and got some fresh popiah skin…

Popiah skin
*SK Hii’s photo on Facebook*

…so we could have some of my homemade popiah

Popiah lunch
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…and I also got hold of some freshwater prawns and my missus fried them…

Freshwater prawns
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…for them to enjoy as well.

Other than those, I also managed to buy some of our Sibu Foochow sio bee

Sibu Foochow sio bee
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…from this restaurant and for dessert, we had these delights

Stephanie's teatime delights
*SK Hii’s photo on Facebook*

…from my ex-student, Stephanie and I brewed a pot of our Sibu Mui Hock coffee to go with those.

After lunch, we went over to a Melanau cousin’s place here as it so happened that he was holding his Hari Raya open house that very same day and they sure were so very happy to see one another again – it had been some time since they last got to meet…and they got to meet a lot of our other Melanau next-of-kin there too – it sure was like an episode from the TV show, Jejak Kasih. (literally translated as: tracing one’s lost love). We did stay there for quite a while to enjoy the food, take lots of photographs and chat, catching up with all that had transpired in one another’s lives all these years.

By evening, we were still very full so we opted for a very light dinner here. I didn’t think they were all that thrilled by what we had and I would say I was kind of disappointed somewhat too. The ayam panggang (barbecued chicken)…

cabeijo ayam panggang

…was good, thankfully! There had been instances before when it was way overdone and the meat was hard and dry…and of course, when I was placing the orders, I kept reminding the nice young boy that I would like a freshly-barbecued one and not one that would not be all that palatable.

The fish…

cabeijo fish

…was all right too but it did appear rather small, around the size of the palm of my hand…and fish here is more expensive than chicken, barbecued or fried.

And talking about fried chicken…

cabeijo ayam gurih

…firstly, that thigh was rather miserably small and secondly, the texture of the meat was something like the chicken we had here – and that is the very reason why I have never gone back to that place again.

Other than that, I thought they were not as generous as before with their sambals which somehow, did not come across as all that great anymore either.

One of my cousins loved the midin goreng (fried wild jungle fern)…

cabeijo midin goreng

She said that she could not find any place in Kuching that could cook the fern well and she loved the sauce in this one too. I did not think it was all that nice and crunchy though and I do feel that there are quite a few Chinese restaurants around town that can do a much better job than this.

But of course, credit has to be given where credit is due and yes, the paku kerabu

cabeijo paku kerabu

…was as nice as always and yes, they were not using those small ikan bilis with the beady eyes and I don’t know whether it was my imagination or what but I thought the serving was a little smaller than the many times when I had this same dish before.

All in all, I don’t know if they have some new chefs/cooks on the job or what but if this is what they have to offer now, quite unlike what we have had on our previous visits, I would say it was at best, a decently all right dinner – nothing impressive, nothing to shout about and not anything I would want to bring visitors to town to again – they probably would enjoy what they have at some other places around town like here or here, for instance, a whole lot more.

Author: suituapui

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13 thoughts on “In and out…”

  1. I love barbecue chicken, and I am glad that it wasn’t overdone and dry this time.

    Yes, I made sure I mentioned that clearly to the waiter. I would have sent it back if it had been hard and dry – I’ve put up with it long enough and in this line of business, you do not shortchange customers like that. If it is overdone, it should not be served anymore – your restaurant’s good name is at stake!

  2. A very nice catching up with your cousins; from Kuching and Melanau-alike.

    It was pity the dinner didnt turned out great. Hmm. Cannot find nice stir fried midin in Kuching?? Wonder where do they often dine in Kuching. The best midin kerabu I tasted?? In Bako. But I found a nice one in The Spoon Cafe (opposite The Spring).

    That’s kerabu! The kerabu here is very very nice, paku or midin, the same…same recipe but that night, the serving seemed smaller than before.

    Fried midin, dunno where they went but I had at Batu Lintang, Buntal…maybe Top Spot too a long time ago – was all right, more or less like this one…or the one we had the following night, tomorrow’s post. Maybe such simple dishes, must not go to the big restaurants – they may have their own special dishes but are not as good as the smaller places and the chu char stalls when it comes to this common one.

    Midin must be big, fat and really crunchy, must not be overdone…and not too much of the belacan, not too overpowering, just a bit – after all, they do not use the (expensive) Bintulu ones so I am never fond of the sauce – would prefer it ching chow, fried plain with garlic.

  3. Come cover? typo error? Ahhhh Popiah… haven’t had some for months 😦

    Oh yes! Thanks for pointing that out, I’ve edited it already.

    Popiah in Penang? Come to think of it, I never had that there. Where’s a good one? Gotta go and try the next time I hop over. I’ve had popiah in KL and also in Kuching, some good, some not really. Like everything else – gotta know where to go for the best in the city!

  4. Great food, great company. Only regrets, they could have done better. I would certainly love the Foochow sio bee & the desserts to go with your home brewed coffee.

    I don’t know if it is because they opened a Thai place next door and sent the cooks over to learn from the Thai chefs there (so they have new cooks at this side) – probably would send them packing after they have acquired the skills, very very expensive to “import” and hire those authentic ones here.

  5. Jejak Kasih can be awesome. By looking at the dinner dish pictures, it also looks disappointing.

    Yes, it was at night so of course, the photos would not look as nice but still, in reality, it was not much better. What a letdown! I was hoping they would enjoy eating here as we had had some very nice stuff here before in the past. If this is going to be what it will be like there from now on, don’t count on me to ever go there again.

  6. The barbequed chicken looks very appetizing. The filling for your popiah does not look like the usual mengkuang?

    Yes, I had mangkuang or what they call sengkuang in the west, cooked with french beans, tau kua (bean curd cake), prawns and minced meat. I did not add carrot this time around…and I never like adding taugeh as somehow or other, it may go bad plus if we reheat, they get thin and scrawny and dark – not nice anymore, best eaten fresh. This is how we do it in my family, our traditional recipe – more or less:

  7. With both midin and pucuk pakis on the table, you’ve made sure your guests get their full requirement of fibre! 😉

    Yes, I always make sure everyone has sufficient roughage. 😉

  8. Food always bond family and friends alike and the food you served are just as tempting as the others….

    Yes, nothing like getting together with one’s loved and dear ones. Just a simple lunch, not like the one when you all came to Sibu, eh?

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