I forgive…

Well, my cousins from Kuching came to town over the weekend and one of them and a friend, an ex-colleague of mine, brought me these…

From a cousin & a friend

…and another cousin gave me these…

From another cousin

I sure have a lot of goodies to enjoy for my breakfast and tea over the next few days, obviously…and thank you so much, everybody, for everything!

They wanted to come to this Italian fusion restaurant here…

La Vino

…for dinner as it was very convenient – they were staying at the hotel around a hundred metres away.

I was overcharged by RM10.00 the first and the last time I was here and when I saw the actual price on their menu that they posted on Facebook, I asked why I had to pay so much and the curt reply they gave was, “Repricing!” That really put me off and because of that, I have not bothered going back there again all this while. What they could have done was to apologise and promise that they would deduct the RM10.00 from my next bill – that way, they would have one happy customer who will come back again and spend more there…but I guess it did not matter to them one bit as looking at the crowd there all the time, they obviously enjoy such bustlingly brisk business to bother about a small fry like me.

That was when they first commenced business over a year ago and this time around, it seemed that they have done away with the authentic wood-fired stone pizza oven…

La Vino kitchen

…and they have put up a glass panel separating the kitchen from the dining area so it would not be so very hot like the previous time I was there. The chefs did not look familiar, all of them very young boys who did not seem all that appropriately dressed for an upscale place like this which made me wonder what their credentials were, but never mind! Looking at the crowd that was there that night, I would assume that they must be doing something right and I was correct.

This chicken combo (RM68.00)…

La Vino chicken combo

…that we had was very very nice. Everyone was singing praises of everything that was in the platter. My cousin’s daughter, who was currently home from Perth, Australia and came with them to Sibu, said that they have something like this there too…

La Vino chicken on skewers

…and it would cost at least AUD50.00. This one that we had that night was just as nice and it was only around AUD23, more than half the price if we convert into their currency.

I enjoyed that very much too but personally, I prefer the pork platter (RM98.00)…

La Vino pork platter

The sticky ribs were absolutely awesome, so very nice and I loved the sausages more than the chicken ones – these had the minced meat texture and I could taste all the fragrant herbs used in the making.

Special mention must be given to the potato salad that everybody enjoyed a lot too.

They did not have lasagna even though it was in the menu but a look at the right hand bottom corner would tell you that it is only available at their sister restaurant, not here…and my girl still prefers the spinach and egg pizza we usually have over at the other side instead of this Pizza Rustica (RM32.00)…

La Vino Pizza Rustica

…that we had here that night, a so-called “white pizza”, but it was nice too, pretty good. They should be more careful in slicing it though – I spy with my little eye that little chipped off bit, bottom left.

We had the chocolate fondant at the other place that day and it was very nice except that the “lava” did not flow out so I ordered the one here (RM10.00)…

La Vino chocolate fondant 1

…to share for dessert…and yes, it was very nice too…

La Vino chocolate fondant 2
*SK Hii’s photo on Facebook*

…and yes, the “lava” oozed out the instant the cake was cut. Bravo!!!

My girl insisted on picking up the tab that night – she said that all these years, whenever we went over to Kuching, my cousins would take us out to eat here, there and everywhere so now that she is working and earning her own money, she would like to reciprocate, a little gesture on her part for all that she had enjoyed in the past.

We were served a free flow of iced water by the jug, on the house, and service was very good though they did seem a lot more comfortable conversing in Mandarin but I did not have a problem with that…and considering how the food was really great, all is forgiven…and yes, I would be back again to see what else is nice on their menu.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

22 thoughts on “I forgive…”

  1. Oh my goodness! Sausages, ribs, chicken….yummy!

    Nice eh? These would be more like stuff you can find over at your side, awesome dinner for seven at around US$50 only, unbelievable, eh? Bet you can’t get such prices there.

  2. I would go for the pork platter over the chicken ones. Yums. It’s great that all is forgiven and food that evening was great. The lava… oooh lala!

    Perfect ending to a most delightful dinner.

  3. Wow! Blown away by the chicken combo. A very big platter to enjoy.

    Yes, both were huge, would have been enough for the seven of us but we wanted to try the “white pizza”.

  4. Pork platter for me. Hahahaha…

    On another note, they should really work on their PR and customer service skills. Replying in such curt manner is not appropriate at all.

    I always have service staffs talk to me in Mandarin. No idea why since I don’t look Chinese at all.

    Indeed! I know the guy – not very friendly, will not greet nor acknowledge when meeting me but never mind – as long as the food is great. I will just pretend I do not know who he is as well. I guess the waiting staff only knows one language? I used to have a problem with those but now I am quite conversant in the language so I get by ok with whatever I can manage.

    Pork platter’s my choice too!

  5. So much improvement than last year, eh. That was good. Unlike some shops, never improve. huhu

    Maybe we did not order the right things last year – sometimes, not only must know where to go, must know what to order too…but yes, they seemed to have a new menu. My girl went with her friends not too long ago – said what they had, a platter with sliders and what not – no more on the menu.

  6. Small amount of money for your daughter la, teachers earn a lot these days, no?

    After only 3 years, more than what I was earning when I retired after 30 years in service…plus at her jungle school all week, she does not spend much – just a bit on her weekly rations and supplies and books when she comes home on weekends…but big or small is secondary, it’s always the thought that counts, don’t you think?

    1. Yes but obviously the father feels the pain HAHAHAHA

      No, not at all. Around RM200 only, cheap! I think I spent more on the lunch treat at my house, what with the giant cost-a-bomb freshwater prawns and all but no worries, lots more where that came from. Wink! Wink! 😀

  7. I’m a dessert person, i loves the lave cake…

    Very nice, I would give theirs a double thumbs up!

  8. Both combo looks equally good. Spotted my favourite garlic bread. Yummssss!!!!

    Yes, nice but so much to eat that I think we left a slice of two behind. 😦

  9. Yes, eating out here can be very expensive. I don’t go out that much and don’t know of the similar place your niece mentioned. Usually I go for Asian food, not western.

    Yes, that was she said and also a friend of mine in Perth too. Asian there is more affordable.

  10. That is some meaty treat! I agree that is quite cheap here that would cost somewhere around $50 as well

    But dollar to ringgit, it is much more expensive here.

  11. Hurray for second chances … Now we’ll see if the third visit turns out more like the first or the second – hopefully the latter! 😉

    Fingers crossed.

  12. I have a weakness for pork sausages and lava cakes, everything considered cheap by Miri standards.

    Oh? I thought these here were quite expensive already, even more so in Miri? Never mind, you get a lot every month, not like me in my time. Hehehehehe!!!!

  13. Service – I think it’s the most important factor in the success of a restaurant. Everyone makes mistakes, it’s what you do about them that counts.

    Yes, PR – people feel nice and comfortable, so much at ease so they will keep coming back. They do not seem to be so much into this PR thing here, nobody ever bothers about you – nobody coming round to ask if we enjoy the food and everything is ok, any comments, room for improvement, nothing… but at least they have very fast and efficient waiting staff.

  14. The food looks very good to me and the best is the dessert, of course! So nice gesture of your girl to pick the tab, good upbringing and very matured…

    Yes, she’s such a good girl, she is. I’m sure your children are the same too. 😉

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