What’s new…

…from Stephanie? Remember my ex-student who made those delightful mushroom pies and cheese tarts…and also the chicken pies?

Well, she dropped by my place recently to give me these marble cupcakes…

Marble cupcakes

…to try.

Wowwww!!! They were very very nice…

Marble cupcake

…with the most delightful buttery fragrance, not very sweet and really fine on the inside…

Marble cupcake, inside 1

…so very soft and nice. She was just trying them out at the time, not really for sale then but when she was good and ready, I wasted no time in ordering some more…

Marble cake, inside 2

…to enjoy for my afternoon tea. She is selling them at RM7.50 for 6 so that works out to RM1.25 each which, of course, is not cheap compared to some of the ones sold at the shops and supermarkets but those are not really worth the calories plus at those prices, one can tell right away that they do not use real butter. On the other hand, there are those cakes at the bakeries and some of those branded coffee places and yes, some MAY be nice but no, they are by no means, cheap – certainly not all that affordable for the likes of me.

Then, the other day, I got these…

Cheese butter cupcakes
*Stephanie’s photo on Facebook*

…from her. I did take some photographs of them but somehow, they did not come out well so I’ve taken the liberty of pinching her snapshots on Facebook – butter cake on the inside…

Cheese butter cupcakes, inside
*Stephanie’s photo on Facebook*

…with grated cheese toppings.

Between the two, I would prefer the marble ones with the added cocoa powder taste of the swirls in them.

Thank you so much, Stephanie, for letting me sample some of your delightful cupcakes – I love them to bits and rest assured you have one very loyal customer here, me!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “What’s new…”

  1. She is a good baker. Everything looks tasty. You are lucky to get samples to try out.

    She is. Don’t expect me to do just a delicate job – mine would look horrible, I’m sure…plus I don’t bake cakes, so I sure would welcome these delightful treats!

  2. I would love the marble cupcakes. Count your blessing for being able to sample all her bakes.

    Yes, I’m truly blessed! 😉

  3. I’m very impressed by the look of the marble cupcakes – they look beautifully indulgent! She’s a very talented baker indeed – we could use her in KL! 😉

    Nahhhh!!! You have all the professional ones over there. She’s jsut doing this to pass the time…fruitfully.

  4. Wow, the patterns are indeed very nice! I am sure they taste good too!

    They do, indeed! She’s good with her hands, very delicate and fine.

  5. Oh, those marble cupcakes are so pretty and delicate. I can see that the texture is quite fine. She is so talented!

    She is and I do enjoy them very much. Have ordered twice already since I tried her samples.

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