Start the day…

My friend, Mary, went off to Adelaide, Australia, to see her girl there and when she came home, my very old friend, Jasmine, there sent me these goodies…

From Jasmine 1

…through her and these too…

From Jasmine 2

…thank you so much to you, Jasmine – that was indeed so thoughtful and generous of you…and thanks also to Mary for bringing them all the way!

I was very sure there were two packets of the Tim Tams when I started taking out everything for the “photography session” but when I was arranging the stuff, there was only one and I just assumed that I must have been mistaken earlier. When it was all over, I started putting the things back into the bag and there it was! On the bench where I was sitting, right beside the bag. Sighhhh!!!! A sign of old age, I guess – very typical of elderly folks like me.

I had gone to the market early that morning and after getting all that I wanted, I dropped by the restaurant to pick up the things and since I was up and about early in the morning, I decided to take the opportunity to have breakfast there.

Yes, they do open for breakfast, 7.00 a.m. onwards and they are open 7 days a week because they have the special arrangement with the hotel where the restaurant is located to serve breakfast to the room guests every morning.

I’ve tried the “kampua” before, the Thai-style kampua by Jos (RM5.90)…

Flavours Thai Kitchen kampua by Jos

…Jos being the name of the Thai chef there. The only thing kampua about it is the noodles used, our locally-produced kampua mee but other than that, it would not be anything like our local version of the noodles in any coffee shop round town…and of course, being located in a hotel, you would not find any lard nor pork in it. However, that does not mean in any way that it is not nice – just that it is something completely different. Otherwise, why would I want to have that again since I had tried it before?

As a matter of fact, there are some very nice pork and lard-free kampua noodles at the Malay coffee shops and stalls like here for instance and also at this one and when I cook my own at home, I just fry sliced shallots in cooking oil and use that and needless to say, it tastes great too. I sure enjoyed the slices of fish cake…

Fish cake on kampua by Jos

…a lot more than the usual red-coloured boiled char siew wannabe. I was wondering about those brown bits used for garnishing – they tasted great so I asked Mary and she said they were fried garlic. Of course, in our regular plate of kampua mee, there is usually no garlic so that would give one a fair idea as to how different this is from the real thing but yes, it is a nice change from the usual – just don’t come here and order this and expect it to be the same as what one is accustomed to.

Mary gave me this chicken rice chili dip…

Flavous Thai Kitchen chili dip

…to go with it but I only used a little of that. It was nice enough on its own.

I also ordered the kampung eggs with toast (RM5.90)…

Flavours Thai Kitchen kampung eggs with toast

…as I have seen people sharing photographs of those on Facebook and I was kind of attracted by the orange colour…

Organic kampung eggs

…of the yolk. I’ve tried those supposedly healthier organic eggs before and no, I did not like them. They do not have that chow chor egg smell or taste that I enjoy. I wonder if they also serve this using regular eggs but anyway, I did  not think that was butter on the toast so I did not get very excited about it too. It might as well have been plain, plain toast to dip in the egg and eat.

Now you would not believe this! Mary said that the eggs were very fresh, just delivered fro the farm, and insisted that I took a tray home. That was so nice of her, thank you so so much! My girl likes these kampung eggs so of course, I would let her take some to her jungle school to enjoy. Normally, she would buy those at the shops and supermarkets or the Omega-3 ones…but of course, those, if truly organic, would not be as fresh as these from Mary.

There are other things on their breakfast menu, one being porridge which I did not try, but I don’t think I will be back here for breakfast again all that soon because normally, I would not be out and about jalan jalan cari makan (looking for things to eat) that early – usually way after 10, by which time they would be about to close, and they will reopen for lunch every day (except Wednesdays) at 12 noon till 2.00 p.m. and dinner will be from 6.00/6.30 onwards (also except Wednesdays).

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

13 thoughts on “Start the day…”

  1. The eggs look delicious, and your Oreo cookies are packaged differently than those here in Canada. 🙂

    They’re a different version – not the black ones with the white cream in the middle. I never liked those – these are very nice! Vanilla.

  2. I much prefer the original Tim Tam – not fond of all of the new versions. 🙂

    I’m ok with Tim Tams – will eat when people give me, nibble….nibble… Too sweet so I should not be eating too much of those.

  3. We use that Chux cloth at home and I don’t find it absorbent at all. My wife buys it and I don’t know if the ones she buys have that “Super Absorbent” claim on the packaging. I must get her to check that out next time we have to buy some.

    Yet to use so I wouldn’t know yet. Usually we will just use those face towels – the Good Morning ones are very good for the purpose, cheap and efficient.

  4. I like eggs in any form. The half-boiled egg looks awesome. Slurpppp…& let it slides down the throat. Yummsss!!!!

    Yes, same here. I love eggs in any form too!

  5. Long time didnt take the eggs like that. Not that good, some people said.

    Hmm. The kampua does looked different.

    Dunno, good or not good, some people will only buy and eat kampung eggs. For me, I prefer ordinary eggs – nice eggy smell, these, no smell at all so don’t feel like eating eggs.

  6. The color of the kampung egg yolk is very intense. Some of those commercial ones are pale yellow, so unhealthy looking.

    Not into the colours, more into the nice egg smell. 😀

  7. Some familiar brands in here! I love those TimTams

    We have the Australian ones here but they’re very expensive. On the other hand, the cheap Indonesian-made ones are really horrible, not worth buying.

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