Last week, we went back to this place (2.305823,111.84837)…

One o One Cafe

…in the Sibu Bus Terminal commercial area because my girl wanted to have the chap fan (mixed rice) again but they said, sorry, they were not having it that day. As a matter of fact, they were not having it the whole week as it was the school holidays and there were also the public holidays in conjunction with Hari Raya Puasa.

It must be very popular, I think, as when we were there, there were other people who came in groups, probably colleagues, from the office but they all went away, disappointed. It did not matter so much to us as we did not mind ordering from their regular menu and while we were waiting, I was kind of tickled by this…


I don’t think I saw that before.

You can help yourself to all the sauces and freshly-cut chili you want here…

Sauce & chili corner

…and of course, my missus made a beeline to the corner to help herself to her heart’s delight.

She had the Foochow fried noodles (RM4.00)…

One o One Foochow fried noodles

…and yes, it was very nice. It actually surprised me somewhat that despite being a much nicer place, definitely not your regular coffee shop kind of place, the price was the same as many around town and unlike many of those, this one had a lot of meat and vegetables in it.

My girl wanted the salted fish fried rice (RM7.50)…

One o One salted fish fried rice 1

…that had, other than the bits of salted fish, chopped char siew, sausage and what not in it and it was served with a bit of cincaluk (fermented shrimps)…

One o One salted fish fried rice 2

…but the serving was too big for her to manage so she only ate around 75% of it – she’s such a small eater, she is.

I ordered the liver soup (RM9.90)…

One o One liver soup

…to share. It came in a huge bowl and I was quite put off by the sight of it. There was minced meat in it and egg that probably made the soup kind of murky unlike the very nice one that we had here so I did not expect it to be any good. However, we were all pleasantly surprised when we tried as it was very very much to our liking – very strong on the ginger and with lots of the traditional Foochow red wine, just as nice as the one at the other place – one little bowl for RM3.50 – or maybe even nicer and my missus declared that it was so good, just as good as when she cooked it. Hmmmm…I guess she meant her egg drop soup with the red wine for mee sua – we never have liver at home. Hehehehehe!!!

I asked for the kolo mee (RM5.00)…

One o One kolo mee 1

…and the young and handsome waiter asked if I wanted the flat noodles (mee pok) and I said ok and then he asked if I wanted it red (with char siew oil) and again, I said yes. Sometimes I can be quite a good customer, not at all fussy or difficult. Wink! Wink!

Like all our other orders, it was very nice…

One o One kolo mee 2

…though like the fried rice, the serving was a bit too big even for me but with a little bit of effort, I did manage to finish it all.

We certainly enjoyed our brunch there and yes, we will be back again…and if you are interested to know what else they serve here, you can click this link here or this one here to have a look at a few options other than those mentioned above.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “Sorry…”

  1. LOL! I couldn’t help but laugh at the “I’m drunk and you’re still ugly” sign. 🙂

    LOL!!! Yes, that’s funny! 😀

  2. Quite difficult for me to make my choice this time round. What not, all are my favourite & looks so appetising. Guess what I like?….Of course, the fried rice (all for the love of cincaluk) & the liver soup. Indeed every serving is huge in this place.

    Yes, I wish they would reduce the size of the servings, cut the price a bit too. Too much for one to finish, not enough for two to share. Maybe if three persons order two things, that would be just right but then again, not everybody wants to eat the same things. 😦

  3. Everything was nice. I personally go for the fried rice. It did looked a lot. I am sure I couldnt finish it too.

    Cincaluk for fried rice? Hard to find such dipping here. Usually sambal or sliced chilli in dark soy sauce.

    They have that at CafeCafe here, I think it’s the same in Kuching too. They call it cincaluk fried rice but if I am not wrong, it is just fried rice with cincaluk dip by the side. Nice also.

  4. My favourite – that bowl of liver soup! I don’t mind murky soup, the way I cook at home is also murky, I don’t know why, I think I put too much oyster sauce (yes, I put oyster sauce, sesame oil, ginger and garlic).. And oohh, kidneys too.. So maybe the blood mixed into the soup already, becomes dark red and murky.. But I can see a lot of ginger and liver pieces in your soup, looks good..

    Oh? Our Foochow style liver soup, only ginger and lots of red wine. This one’s murky because of the minced meat (the froth-like thing will float up when boiling – I asked at one place where the soup is so clear, the guy said they would have to sieve it away and also use low heat) and the egg, I think.

  5. Serving cincalok just like that? Not “chao choe”?

    I didn’t try so I wouldn’t know – it looked so pale, like the West Malaysian ones which would be so very salty, not so fragrant and tasty unlike our Bintulu ones. Just a squeeze of lime and chopped cili padi and it would make an awesome dip, eaten with cut cucumber chunks…or with fried pork. Best!

    You were in Korea recently, I guess you did not touch their saeujeot – same thing, fermented shrimps…an essential ingredient in kimchi. You’re not into kimchi either, are you?

    1. I like Kim Chi but no, didn’t try that fermented shrimps, didn’t spot any too. Now i have a regret, gives me another reason to go back 😀

      Go, go! Make sure you don’t miss it this time.

  6. the kolo mee looks fab.. but you had me at RM5 for big portion which u could hardly finish.. wah, you can’t get that i KL 😛 The liver dish price is more like KL prices! And finally, I wish more places would serve that cincalok sambal with fried rice here la.. bet it’s the bomb.

    It’s catching on here, it seems. Fried pork with cincalok dip is available at many restaurants these days, very nice. There is an upscale cafe/restaurant here, their cincalok fried rice is one of their best sellers but it seems like fried rice served with the cincalok dip to me – still, it is very nice though…and the serving is huge – many would go in a group and order and share…and hang out there, enjoying the free wifi.

  7. The noodles look very nice with the red oil. Salt fish fried rice is another favourite of mine.

    Yes, I would order that when I see it, salted fish fried rice – used to enjoy one at one hawker centre in Penang.

  8. Wah, I’ve never heard of liver soup before … Being a liver lover, I’d like to order that. Wonder whether it’s specifically a Sibu speciality or something 😉 btw, that signboard about being drunk is pretty mean! 😀

    LOL!!! Whoever it refers too, so kesian! In Malay, they say jatuh, ditimpa tangga.

    Oh? Liver soup is not a common thing, is it? It used to be very popular here, good for health – they said…and then there was this talk about innards being high on cholesterol so the fad stopped. Maybe it is a Foochow thing – all that ginger and the traditional red wine is definitely Foochow. I love the char siew liver too, with a little piece of fat inside…have not had that for a long time now. We do not have it here, used to get it in Kuching.

  9. The liver soup does look terrible but luckily it was good. Your missus likes Foochow fried noodles, eh? Saw her order that a few times in your previous posts.

    Yes, she will stick to the same ol’ things that she likes. I wouldn’t mind Foochow fried noodles or kampua or pian sip all the time, the really good ones…but I would not have much to blog about then. Sighhhh!!!!

  10. Agree with you, if order two items, not everybody wants to eat the same things…

    On the other hand, if everybody wants the same thing, then there is only one thing to blog about.

  11. All looks good and everyone is happy, that is what life is all about! Don’t worry, be happy! By the way, I have not drank liver soup with ginger for a long long time.. remember my mom used to add hot water to the liver in a metal container and that was it… of course, got ginger shreds inside… and they tasted so nice!! Those days, the meat was definitely different from now…

    Liver was cheap a long time ago, fry with ginger, red wine and soy sauce…and then it got so very expensive because people believed it was good for health…and then word went round about all innards being high cholesterol, so we never ate that again at home nor outside. Here, I think there is the “organic” pork – those fed on natural stuff, not the fast-fattening chemical feed and they say the liver is nicer. Dunno, never buy to cook, just have it outside once in a blue moon.

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