Give me…

Not too long ago, I blogged about my enterprising ex-student, Stephanie, and her little business venture here making mushroom pies and cheese tarts and she gave me some to try. I loved the former so much that I wasted no time at all in ordering some to give to my friends.

Well, she made some chicken pies…

Stephanie's chicken pie

…soon after that and of course, she gave me a couple…

Stephanie's chicken pies

…to try. Indeed, they were very nice but I still prefer the mushroom ones – this one has a lot more pastry…

Stephanie's chicken pie, inside

…so if you are thus inclined, you probably would love it more. I can’t remember how much she is selling them for but if you are interested, you can always click the above link for her contact number to get in touch with her and ask.

I also got these…

Serimuka from Stephanie's mum

…from Stephanie’s mum. No, she was not making them for sale and was just trying it out to see if she could make some really good ones. Well, at least, she has tried – I’ve been saving this link for years and years now but I never got down to doing it. As they say, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak…and the older I get, the worse it becomes. Hehehehehe!!!!

Well, needless to say, hers was anytime better than any sold in the town here – they are all not worth the calories at all and I never bother to buy them, not at all. The pulut (glutinous rice) was perfect, not too hard, not too salty but I would not mind a little bit more egg and santan (coconut milk) in the custard top so it would be a bit more wobbly and lemak (rich). That would be just perfect!

In the meantime, my good friend, Lim, dropped by my house to give me these mini-burgers…

Mini-burgers from Lim

Mini-burgers? I thought they were all quite big and far from being mini, I must say.

He did not know where they were from though – he said that the teachers in his school were raving about them and placing orders to buy so he just followed them and bought a few, including the ones he gave to me.

Yes, they were very nice…

Mini-ubrger from Lim

…and I loved the homemade patty in each of them. I think it was pork…or chicken, not beef.

Then there was Alex who went and got me the chicken curry and daging masak hitam

From Alex

from here and some pulut panggang…

Pulut panggang

…to go with those for our very delightful dinner that evening. No, they do not have those on their menu usually – they just cooked those for sale during the Ramadhan month so they would not be available anymore now that the holy month has gone past.

The ladies loved the curry more but my vote would go to the daging masak hitam

Daging masak hitam

Yes, both were rather oily, quite typical of Malay cuisine as they needed a lot to tumis (fry till well done) all the pounded ingredients that go into their dishes but that was not much a problem. I just let the thick gravy settle and all the oil would be on top and I could easily pour the latter away into the kitchen sink before sitting down to enjoy eating.

I did blog about the goodies that Mary got me all the way from Bangkok the other day and if you think that is all, think again. Stick around! There is more to come in tomorrow’s post. LOL!!!