Third time lucky…

I went there the first time but it was not open so I went to another place two doors away and when I went again the second time, it was closed and there was a notice on the stall so I went again the third time after those dates mentioned in the notice and yes, it was open!

I asked my missus to go for the Penang har mee (prawn noodles) insisting that she would love it a lot (RM8.00)…

Bus Terminal Food Court Penang har mee 1

…and she did, especially when they seemed so generous with the very nice sambal dip…

Bus Terminal Food Court Penang har mee sambal dip

…that day.

For some reason or other, the lady asked whether I only wanted noodles or noodles mixed with bihun (rice vermicelli)…

Mee & bihun mix

Perhaps they read my blog and they saw Ken‘s comment on my post the other day and he sort of implied that they serve it like that in his island state so I went with the suggestion. After all, I was not the one eating it and since my missus did not complain, I guess it was all right that way.

My ex-student in Kanowit, now a teacher herself in her own right, saw my post on this and dropped by to try. She was sceptical at first as she thought it was a little expensive but after enjoying it so much and seeing that they gave such big prawns with it, she was glad she did and said in her post on Facebook that it was truly worth it, value for money.

I could not remember if I had ever tried their mee sua (RM6.00)…

Bus Terminal Food Court mee sua 1

…before – I think I did but I had forgotten whether it was any good or not so I ordered a bowl of that to try. It was not very nice, very much lacking in the traditional Foochow red wine so I asked for some and the guy gave me half a bowl of it and I poured all of it in! Yes, it was very nice after that, as nice as the one close by at that same price and you get two chunks of chicken here…

Bus Terminal Food Court mee sua 2

…plus one whole shitake mushroom cut into three and an egg…and as always for mee sua, you will get the regular dip, the sliced chili in dark soy sauce…

Sliced chili in dark soy sauce

Of course, that wasn’t my intention in going there that day – from the photographs at the stall, I saw that they had a new addition, the kway teow th’ng (flat rice noodles soup)…

Bus Terminal Food Court kway teow th'ng 1

…and that was my main purpose that day – to give it a try.

Again, the dip was different – for this, they gave sliced chili in light soy sauce…

Dip for kway teow th'ng

…and yes, it went very well with it (RM5.00)…

Bus Terminal Food Court kway teow th'ng 2

…and never mind that our kway teow here is not as fine and translucent as those in the peninsula, I actually liked it very much! After all, I’ve always enjoyed anything in very nice and refreshing clear soup. Phong Hong, who doesn’t like meatballs where the meat has been slammed and pounded until they have that fishball-like texture would love the ones here – minced meat rolled into balls, no more no less.

We certainly enjoyed our brunch that morning and rest assured we would be back for more.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

13 thoughts on “Third time lucky…”

  1. You two having those 3 bowls?? Wow! All soupy and each has their distinctive taste. Haha. A very hearty brunch but must be warm after taking all those soups.

    Surprisingly, it was all right. Been so so so hot here these few days, but no, I’m not complaining. Thankfully, no storm here like in Kuching that day. So scary.

      1. Raining heavily in the morning over here on Hari Raya, and then afternoon, it’s super hot again… Yesterday was a sunny day and now, it started to rain heavily here….

        Rained a bit yesterday afternoon, just a bit so it was cooler last night. Today, so so so hot again. 😦

  2. Usually, if i eat will be noodles mixed with bihun….

    So that is how this is served in Singapore too? I know the Singapore Hokkien fried prawn mee, they do mix noodles with bihun, the usual way.

  3. Nice photo of the sambal. Looks most tempting.

    Yes, it was really good. Great as a dip and when mixed with the broth, it sure brings the taste to a whole new level.

  4. The prawn noodles and the chicken in wine noodles are something to drool for… Even the sambal dips for the noodles look appetizing!

    All good, even the pan mee – that seems very popular, I always see a lot of people ordering that but it’s not my favourite. Maybe I will try the dry version next time, saw somebody eating that the other day. So far, the prawn mee is my favourite but at RM8.00, maybe I will not eat it too often. Poor old pensioner, not all that much money to throw. 😉

  5. All looks so so tempting, even the dippings. For me, I never know how to eat noodles mixed with bihun. If I want noodles, it must be noodles only & vice versa. Like durian, I only eat it on its own & never taken with rice or make into tempoyak. Indeed a very nice brunch.

    I am ok with fried noodles mixed with kway teow – they do that at some places or even with bihun, but fried – not too sure about the combination in soup. Should be ok, I guess as we went back again the other day and my missus wanted the combo again.

    Well. we’ll never know unless we try but of course, there are some of us who are fixed in our own ways, not receptive to change. My girl would not want her pasta cooked Chinese style, pasta would have to be pasta, Italian style…not a make-shift version of char kway teow. I quite like it actually – macaroni, fried kway teow style – they have that at Sugar Bun.

  6. I love soup, and my favourites are chicken rice soup and vegetable soup! 🙂

    Chicken rice soup? I wonder what that is like. Here, we would have chicken soup…and we have it with rice. I guess it is not one of those western creamy soups like cream of chicken or cream of mushroom or pumpkin or broccoli or whatever? I loved those when overseas – very nice, served hot on cold winter nights.

  7. Do you have a favourite type of noodle, or does it really depend on what else you’re having at the same time? I love the flat noodles used in char kway teow and the fat Japanese udon noodles too.

    No specific favourite, I think I am into all kinds of noodles – the Asian ones, the Italian pasta…as long as they are noodles. 😀

  8. Ohh it early morning here and now I am craving for noodle soups, it would be nice to have since it so cold now

    Yes, I heard that it is very cold this winter, very cold in Australia too. Was 6 degrees that day, how many degrees tonight?

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