A little too much…

This was two Saturdays ago when my girl was home for the weekend from her school in the jungle and as always, we went round looking for some place and something nice for lunch. She said she did not want anything too heavy and would like to go for something western.

Well, we do have a lot of fusion and wannabe western cafés in town but I would steer clear of those with squiggles of mayonnaise all over or worse, those with those miserable cheap and not-at-all-nice mini-keropok (prawn crackers) by the side…which, of course, does not leave me all that many around to pick and choose. In the end, we decided to go to our favourite Italian restaurant here.

My girl did not feel like having pizza nor lasagna that day and she and the mum ended up picking the teriyaki chicken chop (RM16.00)…

Bistecca & Bistro teriyaki chciken chop

…that they had had before and liked a lot, and they also asked for the BBQ chicken chop (RM16.00)…

Bistecca & Bistro BBQ chicken chop

…to share.

We did not expect the chops to be that big and there really was a bit too much for us three to handle so it was quite a struggle to finish all of it, talk about not wanting to eat anything heavy, eh? LOL!!! Had we known that when we were ordering, we would have opted for just one chicken chop and something else like their fried calamari (RM16.00), for instance.

My missus insisted that the teriyaki chicken chop was very much nicer when she had it before but I thought it was all right just that the general consensus was that the BBQ chicken chop with its stronger, slightly spicy gravy, had an edge over it. Yes, we did enjoy both and finished everything including the fries and coleslaw by the side.

We also had this spinach and beef bacon pasta (RM18.00)…

Bistecca & Bistro spinach and bacon pasta 1

…but we thought it was rather watery…

Bistecca & Bistro spinach & bacon pasta 2

…and we remember when we had that before, it was a little to the creamy side and we would prefer it that way…but it seemed to have a different name then and was priced differently too.

For dessert, we had their chocolate fondant (also known as molten lava cake) and ice cream (RM8.00)…

Bistecca & Bistro chocolate fondant & ice cream

…which was very nice indeed except that the “lava” did not flow out all that readily…

Bistecca & Bistro chocolate fondant

…so they probably would have to work on improving that.

All in all, it sure was a delightful lunch. Iced water was on the house and the bill came up to only RM58.00 for the three of us, exclusive of GST.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “A little too much…”

  1. I think I will like the chocolate fondant , especially the hot lava didnt flow out so much …lol

    Actually I did too! Even though that was not the way it should be, the chocolate was kind of thick and sticky, not all that runny. I do like it this way compared to it being in liquid form, like melted chocolate – not so watery like melted ice cream.

  2. Wow i want all of those too.

    Come, come. Very nice Italian restaurant, menu not too elaborate but quite a lot to pick from and most importantly, very nice!

  3. Oppsss!!!…I think that is quite a heavy lunch. Love both the chicken chop. Yummsss!!!

    It was!!! Didn’t expect the chops to be THAT big!

  4. All the above foods makes me crave for it…

    Lots in Singapore, I’m sure. In fact, the chefs here worked there before they came back to open this place.

  5. “Squiggles of mayonnaise” …. oh no – the worst!

    Puts me off instantly too – not so bad if it is their own-made very nice mayo or salad dressing.

  6. I did try to make that lava cake once – wasn’t successful at all!

    They say it’s the timing – the inside is just the batter that has not been cooked into cake texture yet. My girl tried once too, not successful as well.

  7. Rm 58 for 3 person… pretty good deal I must say, especially with the amount food you guys had

    Yes, pretty good for an upscale cafe and all, would have been less if we had just ordered one chop…and maybe a salad instead.

  8. The chicken chop looks very delicious… juicy and succulent..

    Very…but the BBQ one was nicer, the marinades. The other one was just teriyaki sauce, nice also but paled in comparison.

  9. Back in university in Penang, I used to be a big fan of chicken chops, and I’d had it at least twice a week. Just realised after reading your post today that it’s been months now since I last had a chicken chop!

    I prefer fish but here, they all use dory so I hardly ever go for that…unless I go for salmon which I can’t afford to eat all that often. I’m ok with chops, chicken, pork or lamb but somehow, I seem to have lost the liking for steaks. Don’t mind it in beef soups, stews, noodles and such though – maybe our beef is not all that fresh, not as nice…and I can’t afford the expensive air-flown wagyu or whatever either.

  10. They sure are generous with the chicken chops! I don’t think I have seen such big ones over here. Never mind that the lava didn’t flow, I would still love the soft center of the cake 🙂

    Yes, even though it did not really flow, it was soft and very nice. We loved it!

    Indeed, we were taken by surprise – normally the chops would be so small, can’t even be shared by two – this one was enough for three especially if with some side orders.

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