Once, twice, three times…

SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI to all my Muslim relatives and friends, God’s abundant Blessings be upon you all and all your loved ones this festive season and the whole year through.

I did not go to the Ramadhan Bazaar all that many times this year – I think I did mention in my post the other day that the older I get, the lazier I become. However, I did stop by this one here that day on my way to the airport to pick my girl and the mum when they flew back from Korea via Kuala Lumpur.

Last year, everyone was telling me how good the nasi kerabu here…

RASCOM Ramadhan Bazaar nasi kerabu
*Archive photo*

…was so I simply had to buy and try but no, I did not think it was all that good, nowhere near our favourite one here, and there was all this talk about this nasi kak wok at the time so when I saw that the lady at the next stall was selling that, I bought a packet to try. Nope, I did not think it was anything I would want to buy again…unfortunately. I did buy her laksam for my girl though and she liked it very much, a whole lot nicer than what she had here…and anyway, that place has closed down already and let’s just say I am not in the least surprised.

I was quite disgusted, however, by the fact that at least 75% of the stalls there were using polystyrene containers even though the use of those not-environment-friendly things is banned here in Sibu. Never mind whether what they were selling was nice or not nice, I simply refused to buy from any of them. For one thing, I do think that to get to the root of the problem, the authorities should go round and nab the suppliers – I have seen them being blatantly sold at some supermarkets in town. Otherwise, why bother passing the ruling when everybody seems to be flaunting it openly right under your very nose…and you just turn a blind eye? I certainly hope all that campaign is not like most other campaigns we have had at one time or another, only just for show – NATO, no action, talk only! Tsk! Tsk!

Then, on Tuesday last week, I had to drive to my girl’s school in the jungle to get her back to town so she could fly off to Kuching early the next morning to attend a course there. That was why we did not cook that day and that was a good excuse to drop by the Ramadhan bazaar that I went to quite a lot last year – the one at Bandong here to pick up some things for dinner…and of course, I told them specifically not to buy anything in polystyrene containers. Period.

It had been almost a year ago when I last had satay and that was in Kuching and I cannot even remember the last time I had the ones here. I would order some very nice ones from this stall everytime we went for the ayam penyet around there but we had not gone there for quite a while now…ever since my missus heard people talking about some dengue cases in that area at one time, dunno whether there was any truth in it or not. I saw on Facebook some friends/ex-students enjoying the ones from this stall but no, I never did get the chance myself to go and try.

Now, this one…

MUC satay 1

…goes back quite a long way, actually. People were telling me that the best satay in town would be the ones at MUC, short for Malay Union Club. I did drive there once but it was kind of dark and we were early – they did not look like they had started their business for the day so we just drove away. Right now, that place is undergoing renovations – hopefully, it will be nicer once the job gets done. According to the very nice and friendly guy, it should be ready after Hari Raya.

I placed my orders and waited for them to be done…

MUC satay 2

– RM10 lamb (10 sticks) and RM10 beef (20 sticks), RM20.00 altogether so that would be around USD5.00 or AUD 7.00 for 30 sticks…

MUC satay 3

The lamb was very good, very nice and tender but the beef was a bit hard so that took away a bit of the enjoyment, unfortunately. I was rather disappointed that they did not have any ketupat nor did they give any complimentary cut cucumber and shallots that one might get elsewhere.

They were selling these barbecued chicken…

MUC BBQ chicken

…at the stall too but no, I did not buy any of those.

Here, you can catch a glimpse of one section of the bazaar…

Bandong Ramadhan Bazaar

…and this…

Mail Olen

…was right across the road at the proper designated stalls along the revamped and upgraded Bandong Walk. It has been around like…forever so obviously, business must be good to keep it going all this while. Incidentally, if I am not wrong, they are open even on ordinary days, not just for this Ramadhan bazaar.

Here, you can see some more chicken being barbecued…

BBQ chicken

…and these grilled sardines…

Grilled sardines

…were ready for sale at RM8.00 (USD2.00) each.

These were the packs of ayam berempah (spiced chicken) with rice and pickles…

Ayam berempah packs

…all ready for anyone thus inclined and my girl did buy one (RM7.00, less than USD2.00)…

Ayam berempah pack

…home for her dinner. I thought the chicken was nicer than the ones my missus bought for me and for herself (RM8.00)…

Ayam berempah nasi bryani

…with nasi bryani and I did not think the rice was all that nice since we have been enjoying the authentic Indian one all this while but with the dhal curry that came with it, it was all right.

My missus bought this tub of bamboo shoots (RM5.00)…

Rebung masak rebus

…cooked masak rebus kampung style and of course, I did not touch it for fear of a gout attack.

My girl also bought some of these vadai


…a deep-fried lentil snack, an Indian delicacy made with kacang dhal and a whole lot of spices and the mum bought these kacang kuda (chick peas)…

Kacang kuda

…with curry leaves added. That sure brought the taste to a whole new level, very nice!

So, at the time of writing, I had gone once…and I had gone twice. Let’s see whether I did go a third time or not this year. Stick around!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “Once, twice, three times…”

  1. It has been donkey years since I last visited the Ramadhan Bazaar. As you know I don’t like crowded places, be it Ramadhan Bazaar, supermarkets or shopping malls (especially when there are sales going on) is out of the question. Same over here, most of the sellers are turn a deaf ear on the ban of polystyrene containers. The spiced chicken looks great.

    Is there a ban in Kuching too? I did hear of it being implemented in a couple of states in West Malaysia, just a few, not all. Maybe those army wives at that camp out of town did not know of the ban here?

  2. I also lazy this year, i like the otah sold at the Beach Road area Ramadhan Bazaar, they sold it once a year only, i went once only this year, so have to wait next year to eat it again…

    Beach Road? That’s very far from Jurong! I stayed there in 1973, the HDB flats across the road from Golden Mile after I moved from Teluk Kurau in Katong..

  3. Nice selection of food at the bazaar. I’d have a hard time making a choice!

    We would know more or less the good ones so we would just go to those, and give the rest a skip.

  4. I really love chicken…and lamb, too!

    But when it comes to satay, somehow I am not all that fond of chicken. That was why I did not buy any, just beef and lamb.

  5. This year I went to the Ramadan fair only two times.. did not buy anything specific, just a few kuehs as desserts after dinner. Seems like you tried a fair bit… the nasi your missus and your girl bought, they look good! 🙂

    They were ok – we had a very much nicer one last year but no luck this year, it was not open when we dropped by. Had to give it a miss then.

  6. Oh, those polystyrene containers are banned in Sibu. In Penang too I think. Over here in PJ, I’m not sure if it has been banned yet because I see many stalls still using them. I have now made it a habit to bring my own container when I tapau food.

    I am not sure if they will mind or not…because our containers are not all that halal, maybe not here – they’re not so strict about such things, mostly but I never remember to bring. Sighhhh!!!! Like I put recyclable bags in the glove compartment in my car but when I go shopping, I never remember to take them out and use. Real hopeless lah, me!

  7. My childhood snack, Indian kuih and chickpea. Had an Indian neighbour staying nearby and whenever I passed her house after tuition, I will buy the snack. Now I know it is called vadai.

    Just few weeks ago I bought some vadai and chickpea from the lady (maybe the daughter) in Kenyalang commercial centre. Getting smaller and no longer that nice, the vadai. But Jamie did ate 2 of it. I did posted his picture eating the vadai in FB. ^^

    I only been to the Ramadhan bazaar once this year. I also lazy to go as need to bring kid(s) along. Troublesome.

    I thought I was bad, you’re worse. At least I went more times than you, not like in previous years – went again and again.

    Here also, some vadai not so nice – must know where to go to buy, and the chick peas also so expensive. One little cup, RM1.00, I think – just a handful inside.

  8. Quite a lot of delicious looking loot from the stalls … I’m actually way lazier than you – I didn’t visit any Ramadan bazaars at all this year! 😉

    For one thing, other than being lazy, I was quite put off by the hot weather we are experiencing too. The mere thought of having to get out of the house, aircon full blast all day, and walking around in the heat, me dripping in my perspiration, sure did not appeal to me.

  9. Quite a lot of delicious-looking loot from the stalls … I’m actually much lazier than you – I didn’t visit any Ramadan bazaars at all this year!

    Oh? How did you end up having to await moderation this time around? 😀

  10. With it occurring at different dates every year I’ve completely missed the whole lead up and all of the bazaars because of summer travel. Thanks for a reminder of what delicacies await when I return to Malaysia. 🙂

    Yes, it has been in the summer these few years – I wonder when it will be next year. I do recall once, it was around November when I would be in KL for meetings over a week long, staying at hotels and I got to enjoy the Ramadhan buffets every evening. That was when I got my first gout attack – after an overdose of lala (clams) and lamb….

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