Nothing ventured, nothing gained…

*This is not a paid post.*

She and her brother were my students in my English tuition class some years ago and both have graduated by now. Her brother is presently working in Singapore while she is pursuing her post-graduate studies after she obtained her TESL (Teaching of English as a second language) degree. In fact, she attained such outstandingly excellent results that the ministry had waived her PTPTN loan. Ain’t that great?

Well, she is home at the moment and puts her time to good use baking tarts and pies for sale…and the other day, she shared some photos of the fruits of her labour on Facebook. I jokingly asked if there were any free samples and before I knew it, I had these delivered to my doorstep…

Stephanie's homenade mushroom pies 1

…her mushroom pies…

Stephanie's homemade mushroom pies 2

…and yes, they were indeed very very good!

The filling was so very tasty…

Stephanie's homemade mushroom pies 3

…but it was the pie crust that won me over. The chicken quiche here, that a friend told me were very nice, would come nowhere near and the crust was hard! I love the coconut tarts here and though the crust is not so hard, it sure pales in comparison as far as the texture and taste are concerned. Hers was so good that it crumbled at even a light bite and as for the taste, I absolutely loved it!

Good luck comes in twos, they say, and the following night, I got these…

Stephanie's homemade cheese tarts 1

…her cheese tarts…

Stephanie's homemade cheese tarts 2

Yes, they were very good too! Like what I told her, they were so pretty and delicate just like the person making them. Wink! Wink!

I may have bought these cheese tarts from some bakery before but I don’t think I ever went back to buy some more so that speaks volumes, I guess. If I remember correctly, I may have had those at the dessert section in hotel buffets too. For one thing, the pastry would not be as nice and for another, I seem to recall the filling being on the hard side, kind of crusty while hers is actually soft and creamy and very much nicer. However, these are sweet – not very sweet, just a bit…and I am more into savoury things so between the two, I would prefer the aforementioned mushroom pies. In fact, I thought they were so nice that I wasted no time in ordering some to give to family and friends to try. So far, feedback has been more than positive – everyone that I gave some to loved them a lot!

Well, if anyone else in Sibu is interested in placing an order, the contact number is given on the labels – the mushroom pies are 6 for RM9.00 only and for orders of over 50, there is free home delivery…but I hear that even if you are getting fewer than that, it may be negotiable. The cheese ones are more expensive though but of course, that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise considering that cheese is so expensive here – they are RM13.50 for 6.

Good luck, Stephanie, in your little home-based venture! Ummm…trying your hand at making some chicken pies this Friday? *cough…cough* LOL!!!

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23 thoughts on “Nothing ventured, nothing gained…”

  1. Mmmmmm…..the mushroom pies and cheese tarts look scrumptious!

    Yes, they are. Gave some of the mushroom ones to some friends to try and they all loved them!

  2. Both looks absolutely great. She fully utilise her time into baking tarts & pies. One good way to pass time & make some pocket money but I guess most youngsters won’t do that. Thumbs up, Stephy. All the best.

    I would agree with you on this. Most would just laze around, play online games…sleep late and wake up late and grumble and grumble and grumble. Life is what you make it, that is something I always believe – you work for it. Nothing will fall down from the sky and gets served to you on a silver platter.

  3. At first, i thought Stephy is in Singapore with her brother, and she selling it in Singapore, and i could support support…

    That’s nice of you. Hopefully, the people here will do that – give some encouragement to these enterprising young people.

  4. OMG Drooling. THe pies. the tart. Oh my. No words for it.

    Very nice. So far, there is only one chicken pie here that I like, and the coconut tarts too but they are not half as nice. The chicken quiche at Aloha in Kuching are nice but very very expensive and I still think these mushrooms ones are a little bit better.

  5. Oh my! Her pastry is good and delicious-looking. I am sure she would do well. I known few home-based baker here who are successful in their little business. They made great cakes and pastries. Expensive but good quality ingredients.

    Good luck to Stephanie.


    Yes, lots in Kuching and yes, expensive…but value for money. All so very very nice, the serimuka a cousin gave me once, so extra lemak…nothing like it outside but no fridge in the small hotel where I was staying so the next morning when it was time for me to fly back, I found it had gone bad. So so so angry! What a waste!

  6. so delicate ya? just like the person making it.. wow, you are a sweet talker aren’t you?

    the tarts and pies look scrumptious indeed, sweet too. Nice *This is not a paid post.* post.. hehe

    Me? Sweet talker? No leh? I am always very frank, will say it as it is. You? Hehehehehe!!!!!

    The tarts were not as sweet as those outside and my guess is those are hard from all the sugar in the filling – this one’s soft and creamy, very rich with the cheese…and not too sweet for me – I am not really a fan of very sweet desserts.

  7. Wow..they look pretty and delicate. I bet it must be very delicious and comforting knowing is 100% homemade.

    Yes, nothing beats homemade, always the best.

  8. This kind of cheese tart is one of my favorite desserts. Im too lazy to make them myself so I usually just buy them from the shop when we crave them. 😛

    I’ve tried those at the shops and maybe at the hotels too but they never really turned me on. These were really nice, rich and creamy but I prefer the savoury mushroom pies.

  9. Aiyah.. Ipoh is too far.. otherwise sure will order and try! 🙂

    When are you coming? I will order to welcome you!

    I hear that orders are pouring in, lots of people keen on trying, probably after seeing my blogpost and that is very good. So happy for her.

  10. I like the cheesy ones at the top. Is that bacon strips on them?

    No, no meat. I think that would be thinly-cut strips of cheddar slices. Some brands do not melt so easily.

  11. Very talented, this young lady. Her pies and tarts are so dainty and they look perfect. If only I could have a taste!

    Glad and so thankful that she passed me some to taste – I hear she’s been getting quite a lot of orders. Good for her.

  12. Those mushroom pies look really good, If I can order from here then I will 🙂

    That was what I did – to give to friends to try and I did keep some for myself and my family. Very nice.

  13. Cheese tarts looked nicer. But I wouldn’t mind having mushroom pies too. Nice for teatime. hehe…
    Are these mini sizes about 5cm diameter?

    Yup, that size. Very small, quaint little things.

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