This place (2.305207, 111.863536)…

Fortune Corner Sibu

…to the right of this mega mall here…

Star Mega Mall Sibu

…has been around for a while now and I had often noticed quite a lot of people there each time I drove past and even though I kept telling myself I would stop by to check it out, I never did get down to it.

There is a kampua noodle stall in front…

Fortune Corner kampua stall

…and a Malay stall selling nasi lemak and stuff but we did not order anything from those.

My missus opted for something from the people at the back…

Fortune Corner chu char stall at the back

– their fried kway teow with a special request for it to be extra spicy (RM4.50)…

Fortune Corner fried kway teow

She said it was good but I would think that was kind of pricey considering that there was hardly anything in it other than some barely visible bits of lap cheong (Chinese sausage) and ONE small prawn.

I decided to go for something from this stall…

Fortune Corner stall

…instead and as you can see in the photograph, they sure have a whole lot on their menu but no, I had no intention of trying any of their nasi goreng, not even the gila (mad) one…

Nasi goreng gila

I do think that I have had enough of fried rice of my own at home.

However, according to the Indian guy at the stall, married to a local – a Sibu Foochow who’s a teacher at a secondary school here…

Indian guy at Fortune Corner stall

…those were things that they started off with but most did not go down so well with the customers, mostly Chinese, so they have stopped serving a lot of them. Hmmmm….they should delete those from the elaborate list then.

Anyway, I ordered the mee mamak (RM6.00)…

Fortune Corner mee mamak 1

…from him and no, I did not think it was all that expensive considering the fact that there were prawns and a whole lot of sotong (squid) and even a portion of a chicken wing…

Fortune Corner mee mamak 2

…and I sure liked it a lot more than those I had elsewhere, the very sweet ones with all that bottled chili sauce added.

I asked for it to be extra spicy but I really liked the sambal

Fortune Corner mee mamak 3

– that little bit of it by the side – it really brought the taste to a whole new level and I sure would ask for a lot more should I be having this here again.

The guy said he has nasi bryani on Sundays with one’s choice of curry to go with it so I probably would drop by there again at a convenient time to give it a try.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Fortune…”

  1. RM4.50 for the fried kway teow is not worth at all. Look like fried kway teow kosong. What an amused name – nasi goreng gila. Anything special? Mee mamak looks nice.

    Definitely not worth it. Other places, to the most, RM4.00 and there would be a lot of ingredients, not the one here. I did not ask the guy about the gila fried rice, since I am not into nasi goreng outside.

  2. The name of this place has a nice ring to it.

    The Chinese would love names like this, anything that may bring good luck and fortune.

  3. The price of the mee mamak is okay. Not expensive considering all those ingredients.

    Ooohh. Briyani. Now I am craving for it. Haha.

    Yes, ok, with all the prawns and squid. I have yet to go and try his nasi bryani, guy from India…should be real authentic.

  4. The mee mamak does look like it’s more value for cash than the fried kuey teow. I wonder what’s in the nasi goreng gila!

    Must remember to ask him the next time I drop by here. Slipped my mind when I managed to get to chat with him that day.

  5. I am curious what the nasi goreng gila is like 😀 Your mee mamak sure looks loaded.

    It was, so much in it and I enjoyed it to the max. The sambal was so very nice. Will ask him about the gila fried nice next time.

  6. First time I see mee mamak with fried chicken wings besides the prawns and sotong…. nice.. the more the merrier…

    Yes, sure brings the taste to a whole new level, a whole lot nicer than the usual.

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