Long time…

It sure had been a long time since I dropped by here (2.304404, 111.849343)…

Bus Terminal Food Court & Medan Hotel

…for the Penang har mee (prawn noodles)…

Bus Terminal Food Court Penang prawn noodles

If I am not wrong, that was in 2013 with my very dear friend, Jimmy, since deceased, may he rest in peace.

Well, if anyone is interested, it is located right across the road from the Sibu Bus Terminal, below the Medan Hotel there, near this huge supermarket…

Everwin Supermarket, Sibu Bus Terminal

They have this outlet of one of the popular KL bak kua (barbecued pork) companies there now…

Loong Kee bak kua stall

…but I have never bought any from them to try so I can’t say whether it is nice or otherwise.

The stall…

Bus Terminal Food Court Penang prawn noodles stall

…is closed on Mondays and according to the hubby, they also close for a few days sometime towards the end of the month, around the 20th thereabout, as he would have to go to Tanjung Manis to see to his business there so there would nobody around to help his wife at the stall.

It was RM6.50 then, RM8.00 now, but you sure get a lot of good stuff in the bowl, including four big prawns…

Bus Terminal Food Court Penang har mee 1

…a few fish balls, half a hardboiled egg and I asked for the fried wantons to be served separately…

Fried wantons

…for me to dip in the soup and the sambal provided…


…and enjoy. Usually they would serve the wantons in the bowl and immersed in the hot soup, they would turn soft and soggy and would not be all that nice.

Add a bit of the sambal to the soup and that would bring the taste to a whole new level…and it was so very nice, good to the last drop…

Good to the last drop

…take my word for it!

I sure would want to go back for more…

Bus Terminal food court Penang har mee 2

…but I noticed that they now have something new, in addition to all the good stuff that they have to offer – the kway teow th’ng. I wonder if theirs is as good at the ones that I had had in Penang. Let me go and try it first and I’ll get back to you on this…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “Long time…”

  1. I think I can smell the aroma of that wonderful prawn mee from here, look at that beauty. I bet it would be so flavourful based on the result of the empty bowl.

    Yes, the prawn stock soup was very nice – could be a little stronger though, just a bit. If it is too strong, the smell would be overpowering and that would put a lot of people off, I think.

  2. The empty bowl shows how good the prawn noodles is. Does the fried wanton comes in a set with prawn noodles or you order it as a side dish? Curious as I never see prawn noodles served with wanton.

    No, the wantons come with everything they serve there – the curry mee, the pan mee…but they serve them in the soup and they get soggy, not nice. I only asked for the wantons to be served separately, not a side dish.

  3. Considering that bowl is packed with ingredients RM8 seems very good value.

    But it was only RM6.00 and then RM6.50 just a few years ago. Sighhhhhh!!!! Prices of everything shooting up. Pretty soon, my measly pension will not be enough to make ends meet. πŸ˜₯

  4. But that’s not Yellow Noodles + Vermicelli Noodles right?

    Nope, but you can always ask them to mix if you like it that way. They have Sarawak laksa here so they would have the bihun, pre-soaked and softened, ever ready. I do not mind bihun in stronger soups like tom yam soup or Sarawak laksa broth but not in clear soup or milder tasting ones like in prawn noodles…especially the made-in-China ones that have a rather unpleasant smell.

    If I am not wrong, they use their own handmade noodles here – the ones they make for their pan mee. Anyway, our yellow noodles here are not like those over at your side, not as firm…as no alkaline, so none of that repulsive smell…but the thing is in soup, you have to eat quickly as it may turn too soft and soggy very fast. Not for slow eaters like my girl.

  5. I loves Har Mee, but to find nice one, not many places…

    Never mind, in Singapore, lots of other nice things to eat and enjoy.

  6. The har-mee’s prawns very big, looks juicy and nice, but the soup looks thin.. I like darker soup colour πŸ˜›

    It was just right or maybe can be just a little bit stronger – if too strong, it may have an offensive smell…like when they use the huge freshwater prawns (udang galah) for Sarawak laksa, the smell is so strong that it actually ruins the taste. Not the same anymore. Dunno, maybe you people will like it but not me. Once in Penang, the guy was closing for the day, and he poured away the rest of the soup in his big cauldron, prawn heads, shell and all into the drain – the prawn smell was so strong I felt like throwing up…and of course, I was quite pissed off that he poured everything into the drain outside the shop. Tsk! Tsk!

  7. That prawn mee looks loaded! and RIP Jimmy.

    Thanks, gone a few years now but fondly remembered and dear missed always.

    All good, the prawn mee but I do think RM8.00 is a little on the high side. Would be inclined to settle for something less instead.

  8. You definitely devoured the broth to the final drop (though I think there may be a final quarter-drop in the spoon, heheh). And look at that thick sambal – it looks like the kind of fiery sambal they also use for pan mee πŸ˜‰

    Probably the same thing, one size fits all. Ah yes, forgot to lick the spoon too. Hehehehehe!!!!

  9. Wahhh… looks good, the hokkien prawn noodles… 4 big prawns too.. no need to go Penang if the ones sold in Sibu are much nicer, finished till the last drop some more… The seller must be very happy to see the empty bowl, that shows his food is great!

    Yes, I’ve had the ones in Penang…and one in Kuching but I do not recall any that I enjoyed so much. This one’s good.

  10. Fly to Penang for the authentic har mee la!! :p

    Add the SBW/KUL/PNG air fare return, throw in the taxi and hotel charges, that would be around RM1K already and that would make it the most ridiculously expensive har mee in the world…unless some kind soul in Taiping would be generous enough to give me a donation? Wink! Wink!

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