Much to my surprise…

This was last Saturday night, the evening before Father’s Day.

Actually, we were planning to go to that new Thai place after the sunset service in church – my girl wanted to check it out and at the same time, give me a special dinner treat that night. We could not do it on the actual day, Sunday, as I would have sent her back to her school in the jungle before classes resumed the very next day. However, it was raining that night and the air-conditioning was extra cold and my girl, who is not so well-insulated like me, felt somewhat unwell by the time the service ended so we had to head straight home.

It so happened then that coincidentally, I got an unexpected call from Peter, the boss of Payung Café, asking me to drop by to collect some things that he had cooked and packed nicely for me to take home and enjoy. That sure was a pleasant surprise! I thought it would be some new dish that he had created, nothing really substantial, nothing to get excited about but boy, how wrong could I be!

There was salmon…

Salmon from Payung Cafe 1

…two thick slabs of it…

Salmon from Payung Cafe 2

…with the special dip for it…

Dip for salmon

…but it was good on its own so we did not really need that.

No, that wasn’t all! There was also the salad…

Salad from Payung Cafe

…celery, tomato and sliced Bombay onions on one side and potatoes and egg on the other and the dressing that came with it was so very nice as well.

As if those weren’t quite enough, there were also these delightful wedges…

Potato wedges from Payung

I could not really figure out what went into the cooking but my guess was there was garlic and a lot of herbs. They tasted really good and I did mention to Peter that he should add it to their menu – that should go down well with the regulars, I’m sure…plus it would be something parents could order for their kids to enjoy.

That sure was a lot for the three of us – we only managed to finish one slab of the salmon and had to save the other for the next day and there was at least half of the salad left as well. Of course, we did not get the nice plating that they had at their café, he and his staff that night…

Salmon platter at Payung Cafe 1
*Karan’s photo on Facebook*

They’re really so creative and I do feel that such nice presentations sure go a long way in making something taste a whole lot better…

Salmon Platter at Payung Cafe 2
*Karan’s photo on Facebook*

I wonder if they are going to have this as a permanent feature in their menu – that big platter would be enough for 4 or more, at least, I think.

That was indeed a pleasant surprise, a truly delightful dinner and an unexpected Father’s Day treat, thank you so very much, Peter.

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “Much to my surprise…”

  1. Wow. Peter will put some of the eateries here in KL to shame. I like his plating and the salmon and potato wedges he gave you looks so good. Yes, I agree those should be put into the menu as parents like me will always order those for the kids.

    I’ve heard complaints that this is one of the places in town that are not kid friendly, the dishes on their menu, all nice but not suitable for kids, like some are spicy, for instance. So far I can only think of their garlic bread, for kids who like bread…and garlic. Would be good to have some well-marinated chicken wings too. Kids love those!

  2. LOOKS GOOD TO ME. Salmon was one of my favourites. The cooked one.

    Love the plating, impressive. My girl loves salmon…but of course, we do not buy it all that often, so expensive here. May order at restaurants once in a long while, not cheap, of course, and just a small thin slice…or order pasta with salmon flakes, good enough to appease the craving. 😦

  3. That was a very nice gesture of Peter. What a pleasant Father’s Day surprise. At least you got a special treat. We did not do anything special this year. Lazy. Haha.

    Only for Mother’s Day, eh? Hmmmm…poor dads, always sidelined. Hehehehehe!!!!

  4. Indeed a pleasant surprise for you on Father’s Day. The 2 huge slabs of salmon & wedges looks great. Love them to bits.

    A real treat indeed, sure wouldn’t mind such surprises…anytime!

  5. What a lovely surprise. That salmon sure looks nicely cooked – browned on the edges and I’m imagining juicy within.

    Yes, my girl loved it. She’s very fussy when it comes to her salmon – when the mum fried it a little overdone, she would not want to eat it anymore.

  6. Aiyoyoyo!! Such abundance in blessings! Two big pieces of salmon that look so good. And so generous with the lemons too. I saw some more in the salad. And those potato wedges, wow, I can sit down and eat the whole lot 😀 😀 😀

    Truly blessed indeed! My missus did say that lemons are getting very expensive too these days – I wouldn’t know, never bought, fat people not into sour things. Hehehehehe!!! Don’t mind a squeeze or two here and there though. 😉

  7. The salmon is cut in my favourite way. The thinner belly part part is very nice to eat. I also like tengirri cut in the same way.

    They say that real fish lovers would go for that part, the best!

  8. Waaaah.. so lucky! I wish more bosses of restaurants would call me up and drop off food at my place haha 😛 Anyway, happy belated Father’s day too.. hope you had a good one ! 😉

    Thanks, well, it was good all right, especially after that special dinner treat. 😉

    Not the bosses here, most of them, I’m afraid…and no such thing as free tasting. You want to come and blog, you do like everybody else, pay for what you eat. Good in a way, not obliged in any way to them.

  9. That is very kind of Peter indeed! Those thoughtful touches show how he’s the kind of restaurant owner who really cares about people. And the salmon looks delicious!

    Yes, very nice guy and his staff too, always make me feel at home. That is why I keep going back.

  10. Wow.. so nice and thoughtful of Peter to think of you on Father’s Day… such a special treat from Payung boss himself….

    Yes, very much appreciated indeed, a dime a dozen, that’s for sure!

  11. Wah. So lucky! Got special treat on Father’s Day. I like Salmon.

    Lucky indeed. I’m ok with salmon, my girl’s favourite. Give me buris, terubok…anytime – me, anak kampung. LOL!!!

  12. Such a fruitful one!

    Well, like they say, the best things in life are free. Hehehehehe!!!!

    Hi, Nicholas, thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting. Welcome, do come again. Cheers!!!

  13. I love salmon regardless of how you cook them but the best I guess will be a simple pan fry with a bit of butter. I cant remember are salmon expensive there in Malaysia? here it is expensive running around $25 a kilo so thats roughly RM 50.00

    NZD25 is definitely more tan just RM50.00, over RM60.00 but it is probably a lot more than that here – one whole salmon can set one back over RM100.00. My girl feasted on it when in Wellington – I think they had special offers at the supermarts on weekends or at the end of the day so she could get them cheap. Not having it all that often now that she’s back here.

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