Goodbye and hello…

My girl had planned to go to Korea (Busan and Jeju) with her colleague and her colleague’s friends since last year and they started making the air ticket and hotel bookings way back in January…and she specially wanted to take her mum along seeing how she is so hooked on those Korean dramas and Korean food which explains the ever ready supply of kim chi in all those jars in our fridge at home. Thank goodness she is not into K-pop – well, for that matter, she is not really into any kind of music and songs…and no, I am no fan of kim chi or anything Korean and I had heard of people going on their own and all that walking and climbing and running here and there to visit all the attractions…and losing weight more from the lack of nice (and affordable) food than all that exercise –  no, thank you!

They were leaving that very same day when I was flying off to Kuching for my nephew’s wedding. I had booked my ticket on the evening flight at 6.30 p.m. just so we could go to the Sibu Airport together…

At Sibu Airport

…and I would be able to say goodbye to them and wish them well – they departed earlier at around 3.

Once they had left, I dropped by here…

Sugar Bun, Sibu Airport

We had noodles for brunch that morning, no lunch and with  3½ hours to kill, I decided to do what I do best – eat!

The fish fillet…

Sugar Bun fish fillet 1

…seemed to have shrunk by at least one-third and I prefer the coarser bread crumb coating they used to have before. This one came across like one of those fish fillet sold in boxes at the supermarkets in town. Well, if it was any consolation, I thought it was all right…

Sugar Bun fish fillet 2

…and so was the broasted chicken…

Sugar Bun broasted chicken

…that came in the plate along with the pickles…

Sugar Bun pickles

…and the savoury rice…

Sugar Bun savoury rice

…but I thought RM16.50 for that plus one free drink was somewhat on the high side.

I went for one round on one of those Rest & Go massage chairs, 30 minutes and I did go online on my laptop to reply to some comments on my blogpost that day…but no, I don’t think there is free wifi at the airport – I had brought my girl’s wireless modem (that she uses in the jungle to go online) along. Then I went outside for a bit of fresh air a few times and I walked around – really, time does seem to stand still when you’re waiting! It actually seemed like forever, going by so so slowly…so to kill time, I decided to check this place…

Aero Kopitiam


It’s a nice small eatery…

Aero Kopitiam counter

…right beside the arrival gate and these are the things on their menu…

Aero Kopitiam menu

I had a glass of pretty decent kopi-o-peng (iced black coffee) and this plate of mee goreng (fried noodles)…

Aero Kopitiam mee goreng

…which was all right too – more or less what one would get when eating at many Malay shops and stalls in town, nothing really to shout about but at RM9.00 for the drink and the mee, I thought that would be a much more preferred choice should you be at the airport in Sibu and are hungry and looking for a bite to tide you over till the next meal. Something there smells really nice – I had noticed that every time I landed and was walking out of the airport but I never did go and check. Maybe it was the dishes for their nasi campur…but it sure would not be the mee, that much I can say.

If you would like something lighter, maybe this snack shop…

HS enroute cafe

…would be an option or maybe you can pick up something from the convenience store…

Sibu airport convenience store

…but I did check out their Walls’ Magnum ice cream once though and I found that the prices were a lot higher than what you would need to fork out at the shops and supermarkets in town.

There is another café…

Sibu Airport departure lounge

…in the departure lounge and a convenience store beside it. I learnt something that day – one can’t take nice photos while shakin’ all over sitting in a massage chair. Yes, I had another round of that – 30 minutes…before I boarded the plane and flew over to Kuching.

The Air Asia flight was on time, a little early, in fact and a cousin of mine was there waiting for me to take me to my uncle’s house – he was hosting a pot luck party, all the aunties and cousins in Kuching bringing something and all those of us from out of town were invited. Hello, everybody!!!

There was this kaki babi pansuh (pork leg cooked in bamboo)…

Kaki babi pansuh

…and this attempt by my cousin at cooking Foochow fried noodles…

Cousin's fried noodles

…which was not quite there but very nice, much nicer than the real thing at some of the shops in town here, I would say…and I think she made this salad too…

Cousin's salad

…and somebody brought this roast chicken and duck combo…

Roast chicken & duck combo

…and there was suckling piglet, babi masak hitam, chang (dumplings) and so on and so forth but unfortunately, most of the photographs came out blur.

Gosh!!! There was so much food, all over the tables all over the house that I was wishing I had starved and saved all my tummy space while waiting for my flight at Sibu Airport. Thank you so very much, everybody. It sure was nice to see everyone again and what can be better than a happy get-together with so many of one’s much loved and dear ones all at once. We really should do this a lot more often…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

13 thoughts on “Goodbye and hello…”

  1. Wow! Eating while waiting. That is the way! 😉

    I just had fish burger yesterday. Ooh. The pansuh looked good. I personally prefer chicken than pork.

    More out of boredom, and that’s one thing bad about me. When I am bored, I eat. Hehehehehe!!!!

    I don’t mind either or even fish or prawns as long as it is pansuh but I do not like those ethnic ones sold at some places where they use those old mother hens, tough and not nice.

  2. I like the restaurant facades, and the chicken and fish look quite good. 🙂

    It’s our Sarawak’s own fast food franchise. Pretty good stuff, just not really cheap.

  3. Wah, so nice can go Korea for vacation! With 2 toddlers and 1 baby, can’t go anywhere in the meantime.. The only place we go is AEON only (for grocery shopping), and trust me, I feel so excited+happy 100x when I could go to the minimart alone to buy things *sounds pathetic*.. hahahaha.. Can’t wait for Mel+mum to come back, and see what they ate there..

    Nope, not going to blog about their trip. On the whole, they did get to eat some nice stuff, but we can get more or less the same here and my missus insists her kim chi is just as nice, the same…and yes, they did get to visit a few places of interest but a lot of time wasted walking and going from one place to another…and also travelling and waiting at airports – one and half days to go from here to Busan and to Jeju, another day wasted from Jeju to Busan…and another day Busan back to KL…and then there was the waiting, one waiting for the other, shopping and what not. On the whole, they thought the trip was ok – they did have a good time but they would prefer New Zealand a lot more, everything is just as expensive (and from all the things they brought back, I did not think anything was all that nice) – they managed to buy a whole lot more things at KLIA2, communication problem, the people not very nice bla…bla…bla… It would be impossible to bring toddlers and a baby to such a place.

    I did bring Mel to Singapore and Kuching by air when she was just a toddler but we only had one, could cope quite easily…and we did drive to Kuching, Miri – she would sleep all the way in the car, not a problem at all.

  4. Babi masak hitam sounds wrong

    Why? No rule that says it has to be what, is there? Pork satay, for instance, is very popular in Kuching, dunno over at the peninsula.

    Having said that, the masak hitam pork was actually very very nice – I sure would want to try cooking it one of these days. I’ve tried cooking pork curry, pork with satay sauce…but no, I did not think they were great – much nicer with chicken or beef or lamb. Maybe the strong taste of the gravy made up for the somewhat lighter taste of pork and that made it so good.

  5. I got eat pork, but nowadays, i same with Rose, prefer chicken to pork…

    I don’t mind both.

  6. You’re not blogging about their trip to Busan and Jeju? Why not get your daughter to be guest blogger for a few posts? I haven’t been to Jeju, but have been to Busan. Great for seafood.

    They did not really have a good time in Jeju – I think it rained all the time they were there and my girl did say it was not really worth it, should have just stayed in Busan, all that time wasted waiting at the airport especially when flight delays seemed to be the order of the day.

    Oh no!!! She is already buried in her work – she takes everything too seriously, her work and everything, very particular about every small detail, and if I tell her to write a few posts for my blog, that would mean unnecessary extra stress for her – not a good idea, that’s for sure. She blogged before, two blogs – both did not last very long.

    Actually, a lot of people have been to Jeju and blogged about it. Here’s Ken’s recent post on it, if you’re interested:

  7. Wah…I like the food at the potluck party. I was eyeing the kaki babi pansuh hee..hee…

    I love that, can cook without the bamboo, maybe a little bit lacking but also very good – been wanting to cook it for so long now but so so so lazy, have not got down to it.

  8. I am neither into Korean food nor dramas. So lucky you get to join them for the potluck party. All the dishes looks so yummy. Sugar Bun?….as always, I like their fried tilapia, savoury rice & pickles.

    My favourite is the fish sandwich but I do enjoy the fried tilapia with the very nice savoury rice. Just ok with the chicken.

  9. So food kept you company while waiting at the airport! If I have a laptop, I am sure I would be occupied for hours till my leg screams for Help Help!! Otherwise I could sit for hours just like in the office last time… Korea is indeed more for the young people and for ladies… so I guess it won’t be fun for you unless food attracts you there… hahahaa…

    …and I’m no fan of kim chi nor Korean food in general. I prefer western countries or places where everyone can speak English. I am not too comfortable on my laptop, prefer PC so when travelling, I would just do what I need to do like replying to comments, check Facebook and that’s about it. Will not spend a lot of time online.

  10. You are too cute, Arthur! To try taking pictures while shaking on the massage chair. LoL!

    I find airport food really expensive. Well KLIA I mean. Changi Spore is still ok. McD there is really cheap.

    The chairs were right in front of the shops mah…so I thought I could take a photo from the one I was sitting on. Goyang goyang, all tak jadi. 😀

    Yes, the Malaysia Airports people charge a lot in rental, I think. KLIA, I would go McD or KFC – cheaper than the rest, my missus bought the nasi lemak almost RM25 – I almost fainted! I would have returned it if I were the one buying. Ridiculous!

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