Go our own way…

Some of us had left earlier, the day after the wedding but there were some of us who stayed on for one more night before we went our own way and on our last night in Kuching, those of us who were still around were invited by an aunt and a cousin of ours to dinner at the exclusive Sarawak Club

Sarawak Club Kuching

…right across the road from the Dewan Suarah (Civic Centre)…

Dewan Suarah Kuching

…in Kuching. They even had some decorations put up…

Gawai decorations, Sarawak Club Kuching

…in the lobby for the Gawai Dayak Festival, ain’t that nice?

I can’t remember the last time I had dinner at the Chinese restaurant…

Hornbill Restaurant, Kuching


Table setting, Hornbill Restaurant, Sarawak Club

…but I am pretty sure that it was quite a long time ago.

No, this wasn’t what we had, the plate of fried rice…

Fried rice

They specially ordered that for a cousin’s two little kids who seemed to enjoy that very much but the parents had to tediously pick every carrot and sweet corn out and put them aside. LOL!!! Don’t we all love little kids? Muahahahaha!!!! They had that with the creamy corn soup…

Creamy corn soup

…that we all had as well.

One of the two children, the boy, loved the signature dish of this place, their creamy butter prawns…

Sarawak Club butter prawns

…except that for some reason, the two-year-old kept saying it was curry.

We also had this very nice dish of tofu

Sarawak Club tofu dish

…and midinΒ (wild jungle fern) fried with traditional Foochow red wine…

Sarawak Club midin

…and I loved the Chinese-style beef steaks…

Sarawak Club Chinese beef steaks

…but everyone kept complaining that it was tough. All right, I would not say it was all that tender but no, it was not really tough either. Even I could manage, despite being quite toothless…so since everyone had a slice each only, I had the pleasure of feasting on all the rest. Hehehehehe!!!!

There was also this plate of fried noodles…

Sarawak Club fried noodles

– I think this is what is commonly known as the Cantonese style with the wat tan hor egg gravy. If it had been the Kuching style, the noodles would be deep fried till crispy this same way and the gravy would be the same except that there would be tomato sauce added as in their tomato kway teow, something very popular there too alongside their kolo mee and Kuching laksa…but no, there would not be all that sliced Chinese cabbage usually.

It sure was a very nice dinner that night, thank you so much to my aunt and cousin…and that, more or less, marked the end of my really enjoyable trip to Kuching.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “Go our own way…”

  1. Waaaa… The prawn and the beef steaks looks yum.

    Children! Amanda only likes the chicken rice at SCR. Only the rice. Otherwise when we eat out, she only eats plain rice with fried chicken. Sometimes only plain rice if fried chicken isn’t available.

    LOL!!! The rice at SCR is very nice…but I’m a meat person, gotta have that with rice, can’t eat it on its own. πŸ˜€

  2. Anything yellow or red, it is chili, according to my kids! Haha.

    Love the food there. I tasted the beef before. Very good.

    Yes, I loved it, tasted like there was some Chinese wine used in the marinating, very nice. Oh dear! So no tomato kway teow for your kids? It’s so red. πŸ˜€

    1. Funny thing is Jamie like tomato noodle. He does not complain about that. Maybe he likes the crispy noodle. Lol.

      I think I tasted the prawns before. Very tender and tasty. Couldnt stop picking on them. Haha. Been to the club many years ago.

      Same here, have not been for a long time, can’t even remember that last time though I did drop by the karaoke pub a few times on my previous visits, not this time.

      The creamy butter prawns at the Hilton were very good too, had those at the wedding banquet. Not exactly the same, but very nice as well. I also love Kuching tomato noodles – must get to eat that the next time around, didn’t have the chance this trip.

  3. Oh yes, same here, fried rice and fried noodles can never go wrong with kids.. When we eat out in restaurant to “kiu soong”, we also ask the fried rice/noodles to be served first, for the kids.. Ehhh, same here! The kids don’t like seeing anything with colour in their food – corn, carrots, vege, tomatoes, beans, arrrggghhhh 😦 😦 😦

    LOL!!! Can request for those to be omitted when ordering then. Will save you the chore of picking them out one by one. My girl did not like fried shallots, called them “ka-ka”, dunno why and dunno what that meant. Imagine having to pick those tiny things out of her plate of kampua noodles. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  4. So where’s your next holiday destination?

    Where somebody’s getting married and I”m invited, KIV KL at this point in time. When is yours? Good excuse for me to hop over to Penang, I’ll book my tickets right away…if you’re inviting me, that is. πŸ˜‰

  5. The tofu dish looks very good. I’m not sure what the midin is like. Looks like they use the shoots of the fern?

    Yes, midin is wild jungle fern, it’s crunchy and sweet, very tasty…like maybe a thin version of asparagus in texture. The other better known one would be the paku – they make kerabu, something like Thai salad, with it. I hear they export midin to Singapore.

  6. All the food looks great. I can have plate after plate of fried noodles & don’t mind the cabbage. My kids also don’t like carrot & corn especially the frozen veg. in fried rice. They prefer to have long beans/ french beans, luncheon meat/lap cheong & egg only.

    Long beans? You’ll get that at the Malay stalls and shops, kampung style. At the Chinese places, more likely than not, you will get those frozen peas, corn and carrot, not my favourite either, with bits of char siew or lap cheong. One fried rice with long beans coming up real soon! Stick around!

  7. The food looks good, I was eyeing the beef steaks yum! yum! Lucky you, had extras πŸ™‚

    Yes, since nobody else wanted seconds, I feasted on the rest. No point letting good food go to waste, right? Hehehehe!!!!

  8. Phong Hong eyeing the beef steaks, i eyeing the prawns, haha….

    Too bad everyone loved the prawns, gone in no time at all. Hehehehehe!!!!

  9. Sarawak Club’s butter prawns.. oohh.. I’m drooling… Ops, fasting month. Hehehe.

    Can go evening, sungkai/iftar buka puasa there… πŸ˜‰

  10. The parents are kind enough to pick those colorful vege aside from them..Hahahh..Mine have to pick themselves since it’s their problems.

    That’s very good, will teach them to be independent. These two are small, one is 2 and the other is 4, I think but yes, some doting parents will go on doing it even though the children are all grown up already – I know one. 😦 Another thing is some difficult kids may simply refuse to eat and the parents will be in a fix trying to feed them. Sighhhh!!! Bringing up children! My time, the rotan by the side said it all, no questions asked, no complaints, nothing, end of story.

  11. I like all the dishes above.. seems like a very high class and posh restaurant here…

    It’s an exclusive club, public may attend dinners and functions here but if I am not mistaken, the hosts must be members. No payment by cash, the members will sign and it will be charged to their account – I think they pay monthly.

  12. I love it when the prawns have no shells. Also, can they call it hornbill restaurants and not allow hornbills to go in?

    In Sibu, they call those prawns prawn balls (in Chinese) and the uninitiated will think they will get something like fish balls. No, they’re prawns, shell removed.

    Not sure if they name all their outlets after things Sarawak. If I am not wrong, the bar is called the Badger Bar. Are there badgers in Sarawak? Well, there are all kinds of names given to restaurants – Phoenix, some golden some more, Dragon…like Dragon-i, and what have you and you do not see any of those in them, do you?

  13. Ooo Kuching also has midin! I thought it was only Sibu, hehe πŸ˜‰

    Yes, it is available all over Sarawak now…and word has it that people in Kuching export it to Singapore some more. So very popular.

  14. What a delicious spread – tofu and midin for me please!

    Those, we can get everywhere here, more or less similar, all nice. My picks would be the prawns and the beef, the beef especially – have not had that elsewhere there nor here.

  15. wow, Sarawak club, like a place for the elite.. gentlemen’s club?

    For the rich and famous like you…but unfortunately, you will not find what you’re looking for there. Hehehehehehe!!!!

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