I had arranged for another cousin of mine to pick me up at 2.00 p.m. but at that time, I was still having cakes and coffee with my other cousins so I asked her to pick me up where I was and off we went to the Green Road shops where this lady would set up her stall to sell her nyonya kueh and chang in the afternoon but unfortunately, she wasn’t there. What a disappointment!

Well, at least we did find some consolation here…

Swee Kang

…where I had their super delightful ang tao peng

Ang tao peng

…with just the red beans…

Red beans

I am not all that fond of the wriggly slithering cendol.

Boy!!! The place was packed…


…but thankfully, turnover was high and there were always people coming and going so it was not all that difficult to get a table.

I heard that the belacan bihun here was good – people seem to love it so much but I had never had it before. I did see a lot of people eating that at one place here but I was kind of put off by the smell so I did not give it a try then. Having heard so much about it, I ordered a plate…

Swee Kang belacan bihun

…but wait a minute! That was rojak paste – I think in its raw form, it is called otak udang or something like that, not belacan…and that certainly was not the smell that I detected a long time ago at that other place. No, I did not think it was all that nice and no, I did not think it was anything I would want to have again…ever.

My cousin went across the road to this coffee shop, formerly known as Peterson

Goh Cafe aka Peterson

…to buy some of the hay peah (prawn fritters) and everything else…

Hay peah and everything else

…and the fried tau kua (bean curd cake)…

Fried tau kua

– I wondered why they had packed this separately…when we were going to eat it all up right away, anyway….with their special chili dip…

Chili dip

…with lots of crushed peanut in it.

When we were done, I decided to walk over to the shop myself and yes, the young and handsome boy that I saw last year was still there…

Frying 1

…busy frying…

Frying 2

…all the stuff…

All the stuff

…and of course, the hay peah

Hay peah

…as well.

If you’re wondering why I went over, it was because I wanted to buy some of the hay peah home so I could fry them myself to enjoy as and when I would feel like it. Gosh!!! There were so many customers here too so I did have to wait for quite a while for my order to be packed to take it away with me. They were so very busy that they did not even have the time to put away all the money properly and they simply stuffed it under the trays in the glass cabinet…

Money money money

– just imagine that!

We went back to the Green Road shops once again but to no avail – the lady was nowhere to be seen but at least, I had the hay peah and that sure was consolation enough. The nyonya chang would have to wait till the next time I hop over to Kuching then.

My girl was absolutely thrilled and delighted when she came home from Korea and I fried those hay peah for her to enjoy – she loves those too. Well, what wouldn’t a dad do for their kids, eh? And talking about dads, Happy Father’s Day to all…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “Consolation…”

  1. Happy father day uncle arthur…you seem like the most dotting of dads and your girl is one lucky lady

    Thanks. She’s such a sweet girl, I’m so lucky too.

  2. Indeed the place looks packed, but it is a good thing you didn’t have to wait to long to get a table. Happy Father’s Day to you. 🙂

    Thank you. Yes, we did manage to get one right away as some people were leaving when we arrived.

  3. Happy Father’s Day to you!!

    Your belacan mihun is so special with the century egg. I never seen such before. Usually just plain old belacan mihun. With mihun, sliced cucumber, squid and the belacan paste. The best is at the Song Kheng Hai Hall, Padungan or in Lumba Kuda but not sure how they taste like after all those years. Long time I did not have one.

    Thank you, and wishing the same to your hubby too!

    I saw the Song Kheng Hai one is somebody’s blog and I did go there last year in the morning but it was not open – it seems that all the stalls there open very late, round lunch time, the people at the parking booth nearby told me. The Lumba Kuda was the one with the very strong smell and that put me off right away.

  4. Maybe they packed the cili separately as some may not like to eat with cili.

    Not the cili, the fried tofu. Cili, I would not want it mixed together with everything, prefer it as a dip.

  5. “wriggly slithering cendol” – your description reminds me of the rumours going round when I was a child that the chendol man keeps a packet of worms in his santan to keep it from going bad. I never found out if that was true or not.

    Oh my! So you’re not a fan of cendol too then? They’re actually quite tasteless.

  6. All my favourite there. I like the belacan bihun at Song Kheng Hai & Lumba Kuda. For the dessert, I always had mine at Haji Taha branch but never try this new branch. Owh, they do sell the hay peah, I never know.

    Happy Father’s Day to you, Arthur.

    Thank you.

    Never tried the belacan bihun at those two places but if they are anything like this one, no, thank you very much.

    This Swee Kang was at Hj Taha, at the house but DBKU said not allowed to do business there so they moved here – the shop one is still there, they said this one at the house before is much nicer. I’ve tried both and I would agree too.
    No, no hay peah – hay peah was from the former Peterson, coffee shop directly opposite Swee Kang – much nicer than Old Rex. The beef noodles in the morning, also nice – the last time I had it.

  7. Happy Father’s Day!!!

    The 4th picture, at first, i thought your cousin took candid shot of you, and was looking out for you, hehe…

    Thank you.

    So did you manage to spot me in the photo? 😀

  8. The belacan bihun is rather unusual. I don’t think I will like it. So strange with hae koh.

    Looking at the photos I saw in some blogs, I did not think I would like it…and I was right. Others did not even have the century egg, just the cucumber strips and bihun in some belacan sauce or whatever. Well, at least I have tried and my opinion on it has been confirmed. Tak kenal maka tak cinta. 😀

  9. Happy Father’s Day to you, Arthur… everyday is a joyful day when we wake up alive and kicking about, right? hahahaha….

    Thanks. Indeed, we are so blessed, give thanks and praise to the Lord.

  10. The rojak looks interesting, not like what we have here.
    Happy Father’s Day to you STP.

    Thanks. Where? Where? I ain’t see no rojak?

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