To love and be loved…

(Taking a brief break from my Kuching posts to blog about this happy event that I attended on Wednesday last week, the 8th of June…)

Aaron & Ling Hie's wedding - door gift

I certainly was most delighted to receive an invitation to the wedding of an ex-student of mine, the son of a friend and a very distant relative by marriage…

Aaron & Ling Hie's wedding - flower girls & page boys

I was at the church that morning…

Aaron & Ling Hie's wedding - father & bride

…to witness the happy couple exchange their vows…

Aaron & Ling Hie's wedding - handing over the bride

 I always make it a point to do that when I get invited to any wedding as I consider this…

Aaron & Ling Hie's wedding

…the most important part, not to be missed.

That evening…

Sunset view from Kingwood carpark

…there I was at a leading hotel in town for the wedding reception…

Aaron & Ling Hie's wedding reception

The ballroom was packed and it sure was nice to meet many of my ex-students and friends at the dinner. This is one thing that I love about such events – the opportunity to meet familiar faces and catch up with one another’s lives.

The food was generally the usual when one opts to hold the function at this hotel…


…so there was this favourite of mine, their signature dish…

Stuffed duck

…the duck stuffed with glutinous rice and whatever else…

Stuffed duck, inside

…and there was this steamed fish as well…

Steamed fish

…and all the rest. I did not take snapshots of all the food as I would rather spend my time chatting with my ex-students and friends at my table and I really appreciated those who took the trouble to come over to my table just to say hello.

Congratulations, Aaron & Ling Hie…and to the proud parents too, Peter & missus. Thank you so much for the invitation. God bless, all. Cheers!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “To love and be loved…”

  1. another lovely event. oh my. i want to try their signature dish!

    Only place in town serving this, just like one other place serving their signature checkerboard duck, only place where one can find that.

  2. Congrats to the newly wed.

    Stuffed duck! Would want to try that.

    Thanks on their behalf.

    You never had that when you were in Sibu? Any wedding at this hotel, they would be sure to have this dish, their specialty.

  3. That duck!!! Would certainly like to try that.

    Yes, bet you would love to try the checkerboard duck at that other place too, both very nice.

  4. Very nice combination of colours for the flowers arch. The stuffed duck looks really good. Congrats to the newly wed.

    Can’t say I am all that fond of the arch. It’s from one of those shops – they take it away after the wedding and the next one, they’ll bring the same thing again. I hear they are not cheap, or some of them, at least. May cost a few K. I’d rather spend that kind of money for better food.

    The duck’s consistently good. Thanks for your good wishes.

  5. So cute those little kids with the sign “Uncle Aaron, here comes your bride” 🙂

    Yes, that little girl on the right is so pretty. Very restless though, the mum had a hard time getting her to toe the line. Kids!!!

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