The old courthouse…

Gee!!! I didn’t know there actually is a song by this name…but thankfully, unlike the one in the song, they are keeping this beauty, this precious heritage of colonial architecture…

The old courthouse, Kuching

– the old courthouse in Kuching with the Brooke Memorial right in front…

The old courthouse, monument

If I remember correctly, there was a Lebanese restaurant here once but now, it has been taken over by some people and they sure are putting it to good use and at this point in time, it is an outlet of one Penang franchise.

This is the courtyard…

Old Courthouse, courtyard

…surrounded by all the buildings around it…

Old Courthouse, one of the wings

…filled with all kinds of antiques and stuff like this intricately-crafted table…

Old courthouse, antique table

…for instance, or these old suitcases and drawers…

Old Courthouse, old suitcases and drawers

…and this display cabinet…

Old Courthouse, antique display cabinet

…and all the things inherited from the state judiciary that once had its offices here in these buildings.

It looks like they have live entertainment at one of the sections…

Old Courthouse, live entertainment

…but probably only at night as there was nothing on when I was there at around noon that day. However, if you are musically inclined, I guess you are more than welcome to go ahead and make your own music here…

Old Courthouse, music corner

…with your own group of friends.

After my breakfast plus our brunch that morning, I did not want to have any lunch that day but my cousin insisted on taking me here…

China House, Kuching

…where we met up with another cousin…for cakes…

China House, Kuching cakes & stuff

…and coffee.

I wanted their scones, RM12.00 for a set of two, but they were out of fruit jam and were in the process of coming out with freshly-made ones and I did not want to wait so I went for a slice of their quiche…

China House, mushroom quiche

…instead. It was all right…

China House mushroom quiche, slice

…as nice as a mushroom quiche could be, just that I would prefer those with lots of ham or bacon or both.

I can’t remember what cake this was now…

China House, cake

…but this…

China House apple, rum & raisin

…was their apple, rum and raisin (contains alcohol) and yes, it was very nice and so was their ginger cake…

China House ginger cake

Well, I would say they were all very nice…sweet, of course, but nice.

Then two more cousins and the daughters of one of them joined us so we had more cakes to sample. Somebody ordered the carrot cake…

Carrot cake

…and I remember this was what they called the lumberjack…

China House lumberjack

…and if I am not wrong, this was the lemon curd pistachio…

China House lemon curd pistachio

…and this one, the passion fruit lemon sponge…

China House passion fruit lemon sponge

I had their coffee, black with a special request for it to be extra strong but unlike the cakes, I’m afraid it did not impress me much.

Yes, there is definitely more than just cakes and coffee here so if you do not have a sweet tooth, perhaps you would want to drop by here for lunch or dinner instead and enjoy looking at all the interesting things all over the place and be part of Sarawak’s illustrious history.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “The old courthouse…”

  1. I will go for the apple, rum and raisin…

    I am not fond of ginger but I think I liked the ginger cake the most, not as sweet as the rest.

  2. This sure would make a very nice venue for afternoon tea.The apple, rum and raisin cake looks good!

    Yes, quite a nice place. The cake was good, just that I am not all that fond of things that are sweet. I would prefer savoury pies & quiches, puffs and tarts…and scones, rich buttery fragrance and at least I can control the amount of jam so it will not be so sweet.

  3. Sister cafe of China House, Penang? If so, the cakes would not cheap. A slice of Tiramisu could cost up to slightly more than RM 20 but yea, they do have their fans here.

    That expensive there!!! I did take a few photographs of the labels with the names of the cakes and prices but I have deleted all of them now, all slightly over RM10, none anywhere near RM20. I think I did see a Tiramisu, did not take note of the price – should be around the same as the rest here.

  4. I myself never drop in there. Haha. But am happy the colonial buildings still been taken care of.

    Yummy pastry and cakes.

    Can drop by, check the place out.

  5. Is the architecture of the old courthouse Dutch? Looks like that to me.

    British, no Dutch influence here though we did have quite a few Catholic priests in the past from Holland. Sarawak was a British colony and before that, the White Rajahs – the Brookes. Maybe there is some Dutch influence in Malacca – they ruled it for a while, after the Portuguese, and then they exchanged it with the British and took over Batavia (Java) while Malacca with Singapore & Penang became the Straits Settlements under Britain. Indonesia was a Dutch colony.

  6. Glad that these precious heritage are still well preserved. Yes, I remember that Lebanese Restaurant called “the Little Lebanon”. Had been there once for a Malay wedding. But now, no more in existence. All the cakes look great, very rich.

    Never been to Little Lebanon but they were catering the breakfast at 360 Hotel, Hock Lee Centre. Had that when I stayed there, breakfast buffet, but not as elaborate as the one at Grand Margherita.
    Lovely cakes but sweet – ok in a group, like us, order a few and each person gets to try a bit.

  7. Wow…so many cakes to sample… all the cakes look very quality like, nice… drooling over them…

    Book your tickets yet? Promo going on right now. My Terengganu friends are booking for sometime next year, fly 2017.

  8. The courtyard is lovely with those plants and flowers. And oh! So many lovely cakes to sample. Yum! Yum!

    Yes, we barely tried half of what they had. Nice place, eh? Very nice.

  9. I was looking at the photos of the courthouse and was like, oh that’s nice. Charming. And then I came to the photos of food and I was like OH. MY. GOSH!!! Yummmm!!!

    We only had the cakes, did not get to try the food…so I am not in the position to say anything about it.

  10. I’m not sure why, but the courtyard reminds me of the Jln Duta hockey stadium. Perhaps it could’ve been designed by the same architect, who knows? It definitely has the antique look to it.

    I’m known among my group of friends to be the fussiest with her choice of cakes and quiches. I only prefer the Aussie-made or NZ-made quiches because I feel that there’s something unique to it (or maybe I’m just wanting to relive the memories of my first time eating it in a country town New Zealand).

    I am not a fan of the cakes there or overseas in general – ours are sweet, theirs are a whole lot sweeter. same thing with their other desserts like the Pavola and what not. I love quiches…as long as there’s lots of ham and bacon and cheese and of course, the pastry must be good, rich buttery fragrance. That is why i prefer my own home made ones but then I am so so so lazy. Sighhhhh!!!!

    I guess there’s this thing about British architecture – they all look quite similar, all white, columns and everything. Can see lots in Penang, not too sure about KL.

    1. Reading your description is making me hungry. It’s true – nothing like the homemade versions where we can whack whatever ingredients we want to inside. 😉

      I’ve not seen many white buildings in KL – it’s mostly developed buildings. =S

      I guess the British colonial influence there wasn’t as much as in Penang or Kuching, a lot of Moorish architecture – so far I can only recall the clubhouse at Padang Merdeka…and the Coliseum at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, shadows of the past. The Majestic Hotel is very British, dunno if it was built to look like that or whether it is a heritage site. Maybe like in Sibu, they’ve all given way to development or they’ve painted them in other colours and not retained the original white.

  11. Wow, this is a beautiful venue indeed. Full of charm. If I were a tourist, I’d definitely be happy to visit and spend an hour or two here. The cakes look scrumptious too … Love how you can see they’re really well-textured 😉

    Yes, the cakes were all very nice just that they were all sweet so can’t take too much – good thing we were a big group so we could share and try so many at one go, just a bit of each. I would love to go check it out at night.

  12. If I remembered it correctly, I think I have visited the old courthouse before. So many cakes! They look so yummy! 😀

    Very good, great place to drop by for tea and a nice long chat.

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