Bag full of money…

No, no…I am not talking about my bag, unfortunately, but that is the name of this place

Wang Full Kuching

– Wang Full, wang meaning money in our Malay language…and it actually reminded me of this movie – I loved the songs in it! LOL!!!

That morning, seeing that the popular Kuching laksa place in the city was closed and we had no intention of going over to Anthony Bourdain’s favourite where the crowd, I heard, was spilling over onto the road, my cousin took me here instead.

There is a kolo mee stall…

Wang Full kolo mee stall

…but we did not order anything from there.

We did have something from the kueh chap stall…

Wang Full kueh chap stall

…though and yes, it was very nice…

Wang Full kueh chap

…no smell at all, unlike what I had here once but I do think the one we have here in Sibu has an edge over this one plus I am not all that fond of those slices of whatever with the hard white thing – if I am not wrong, those are the ears, anybody cares to enlighten me on this?

Of course we ordered the Kuching laksa from the stall there…

Wang Full Kuching laksa stall

…and it sure did look good…

Wang Full Kuching laksa 1

…and I guess this was the large, RM6.00 only with all those big prawns…

Wang Full Kuching laksa 2

…unlike those at some places in Sibu.

I read a review complaining about the level of msg but no, I did not feel a thing and these days especially, since I have been staying off the stuff at home, I am ultra-sensitive to that white stuff and any lingering taste of it after eating something outside would put me off instantly…but this one was fine, very nice, no problem at all. The chicken feet/claws seemed mighty popular but no, none for me, thank you very much.

For one thing, I really liked the very nice and friendly lady at the laksa stall, a far cry from some of the grumpy, not-at-all-friendly ones especially at those very popular shops here, there and everywhere. With people like that, I would much sooner go and eat elsewhere, never mind that I would have to settle for something a little less. I would not give any of my money, the little that I have, to anybody who treats people like dirt…and I just cannot understand why people are more than willing to put up with this kind of disrespectful attitude.

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15 thoughts on “Bag full of money…”

  1. Been there once; hubby loves the laksa and chicken feet.

    I think they should do something with its faded signboard. But am pleased the place looked clean and the laksa lady was friendly.

    I saw the sign and the name when we got there, no problem at all but somehow it did not come out clearly in the photo – I even had to PM my cousin to ask before I noticed it. So clear in your post, poor quality paint perhaps…and too busy making lots of wang till very full to bother, I guess. 😀

    They did serve us the chicken feet but we said we did not order that and they took it back, no, thank you. Eyewwww!!!! LOL!!!

  2. SMELL ?! I would not even walk near to any stalls selling pork innards. I had the famed Jeju Black Pork during my korea trip, nearly throw out, the pork-stench was so strong!

    Did you have the barbecued ones? My girl and the mum had it fried with a whole lot of ingredients, not at all impressed either – just like pork, they said. Maybe it is like those exotic meats, wild boar and all the rest, here – they fried with lots of ginger, serai, lengkuas, chili…of course, that would drown out whatever taste there is and it all comes across like…meat, can’t tell the difference between one and the other.

    I am not fond of black chicken either. Like kampung chicken, it has a certain smell that I am not even of, never mind how nutritious it is and I am not fond of the colour either.

    You went to that Sin Po Po in Kuching – can’t remember what you had there but the kueh chap I had there had that offensive smell, not nice. They say it is the result of not cleaning the innards well.

  3. I think I’ve seen that particular Anthony Bourdain show. But I haven’t been to any of the places he’s mentioned.

    I never got to watch the show. In fact I never watch tv, dunno if it is available on youtube or not. If I’m not mistaken, other than the laksa place, he ventured outside of the city to check out the ethnic attractions. I have never been to any of those either.

  4. Oh, I love the kueh chap & chicken feet there beside the one at Poh Kwong Park (business only at night time). For laksa, I still prefer the one at Fat Cat. Different people has different taste buds.

    Yes, Fat Cat is one of the most popular ones in Kuching – different people have different favourites. I’ve tried most, if not all, of them (except one Madam Tang or whatever) and I find they are all good but I have yet to come across one that I would say THIS is the one.

    Dunno where the good kueh chap is in Kuching – long ago, there was one at Padungan market but all kinds of rumours went round – there was a rat in the broth…and the guy chopped off his finger and they found it in the broth…bla…bla…bla… Here, my favourite is the one at Noodle House, my missus would order it everytime we drop by there. No chicken feet for me, thank you.

  5. I still don’t know how to eat kueh chap though I have tried taking a bite or two… there is one famous stall at Kimberley Street, Penang, people lined up to take… but goodness me, like Ken, the smell is pushing me away.. hahaha… but give me a kolo or kampua noodles anytime! 🙂

    What??? You mean that Penang kueh chap has a smell and people still line up for it? Eyewwwwww!!!! If it has a smell, that probably means they do not know how to clean the innards properly, the intestines and especially the kidneys! Otherwise, It will be all those innards in very diluted, watered down…something like five-spice soy sauce stewed pork soup.

    I know of two popular places here that may be better than what I had in Kuching, all no smell…and wait a minute!!! There wasn’t any liver in that one! No wonder I was not all that impressed…plus I am not all that fond of the ears. Hehehehehe!!!!

  6. hee..hee..I remember that movie To Wong Foo, yes the songs are very nice. Those sliced things with white center are pig ears. They have those cooked in black sauce at the chap fan stalls here. But they don’t clean it well and there’s a very strong smell.

    Yes, I love I am the Body Beautiful…makes me wanna get up and move to it! “…Don’t hate me ’cause I’m beautiful. Everybody’s beautiful in their own special way, yes…” Hehehehehe!!!!!

    Oh? The ears have a smell too? We do not have those at our kueh chap places here in Sibu or none that I can remember…but the kidney is the culprit they say – not cleaned properly, you’ll get an offensive urine smell.

  7. The Kuching laksa is so tempting…

    I prefer this to curry laksa…and Penang laksa, anytime.

  8. Ooo, you don’t like chicken claws? I tend to find that a lot of people I know over the age of 50 enjoy chicken claws … Though I guess there are exceptions everywhere. I’m not a fan, but I would still eat it 😉

    Oh? My mum loves chicken claws, she’s over 80. I guess I’m below 50 then…at heart. Hehehehe!!!! I did hear the collagen will keep people looking young and that probably explains partly its popularity. 😀

  9. So this was the Laksa place you were talking about! The famous Choon hui was brimming with people when I was there on Tuesday but tbh it’s not as packed as it used to be nowadays thanks to the economy downturn in the country 😛 I have never got the chance to try out the laksa at Chong Choon because it’s closed every time I was in Kuching! PHEWWW!

    Choon Hui, everyone says it is not so good anymore, not like before – maybe that is why it is not as crowded as before, not because of the economy – when it comes to eating, nothing else matters.

    Still, I guess there are many who are die-hard fans of Choon Hui. Chong Choon, many say is better…and then there are others who prefer others like Fat Cat, Golden Arch, Madam Tang… Generally, I find they all all good, though I haven’t tried Madam Tang – none that I feel stands out above the rest – the must have, must eat one.

    So you’re in Kuching right now. Saw your blogpost, you were in Canada.

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