Wake up…

I must have a really good breakfast, the most important meal of the day, the first thing in the morning when I wake up…and of course, nothing beats having it all ready…

Grand Margherita Orchid Garden 1

…for you, no need to go through the chore of having to prepare your own…

Grand Margherita Orchid Garden 2

This was what I had on the first morning…

Garnd Margherita breakfast 1

…of my 3-night stay at the Grand Margherita in Kuching – the fried noodles, the nasi lemak – the whole works…and the very nice lemang plus chicken curry and potatoes. I had something else though I can’t exactly remember what now other than their very nice bread pudding but I did not take a photograph of that.

I had porridge the next morning, and probably something else – not much as I was going to go out and I would be eating some of the stuff I could get outside.

On my final morning in Kuching, I made sure I had a good hearty breakfast as I would be flying at noon, lunchtime, so I did not think I would have time for that. To start off, I had some fruits…

Grand Margherita breakfast 2

Surprise! Surprise! LOL!!! By the way, how do you usually peel your papaya? Blame it on my OCD, but I would always cut away that white inside after removing the seeds till I do not see any trace of it anymore.

I had these next…

Grand Margherita breakfast 3

They have a chef at the egg station…

Grand Margherita egg station

…ready to do your eggs in any way you want them. Oopsss!!! That doesn’t sound quite right, does it? Muahahahahaha!!!!

The very nice and friendly chefs, ever ready to attend to your beck and call, work behind these glass panels…

Grand Margherita chefs

…and I did notice the ventilating fans right above them inside so you do not get the smoke nor the smell all over the coffee house.

 I also had these…

Grand Margherita breakfast 4

– the croissant came from this section…

Grand Margherita cake & bread section

…and I toasted the thick slice of bread myself on the charcoal grill here…

Grand Margherita charcoal grill

…before adding kaya to one half of it and peanut butter to the other.

Oh dear!!! I was about to leave and head for home and I did not have the chance to go out for a bowl of Kuching kolo mee…so I asked this tall and handsome chef…

Grand Margherita handsome chef

…to make me a bowl…

Grand Margherita breakfast 5

Well, it was nice, good enough – beggars can’t be choosers and that would have to do till the next time I fly over to Kuching.

It certainly is very much better now than years ago when it was the Holiday Inn and every school holiday, my family and I would make a trip to Kuching and stay here…and I do recall those times when I had a bone to pick with the people at this coffee house then. I loved how nice and friendly everybody was this time around and I must say that I was quite impressed by their excellent service. I sure enjoyed the breakfast there every morning.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “Wake up…”

  1. Thats one lovely breakfast! missing them a lot~

    One thing about hotel food – it is nice, lots to choose from – their buffet, always good but during those days before I retired, on my working trips, I had it so often…for so many days, sometimes a whole week or more…that after a few days, I was running outside to a nearby coffee shop for some decent hawker stuff. Can just have so much of that. This trip, I was only there for three mornings so it was all right.

  2. I often have fruits and eggs for breakfast and yours look wonderful! 🙂

    Yes, fruits are good to start off the day and we would have them after every meal too – papayas or bananas. I am not really into the rest.

  3. Nice breakfast. I like hotel breakfasts a lot. I’ve stayed at the Hyatt in Kota Kinabalu and they had a very good breakfast too. But for me, the prize for hotel breakfasts go to the Raffles d’Angkor in Siem Reap. They had a huge variety and very nice too when I was there a few years ago.

    Hyatt in KK, their ox-tail soup is the best in the world, so so so nice. So far, I like Concorde’s Melting Pot’s and all the rest, generally they are all good – those giving full buffet breakfast, the whole works, not those watered-down ones or those breakfast sets at the smaller hotels…but Cititel in Penang – the nasi lemak is the best I have had ever, so so so lemak.

  4. True. breakfast is the most important meal of the day hence I make sure the hotels I book for holidays includes breakfast. Having a chef to do our eggs as per requested is an added advantage 😁

    How do you like your eggs done? Hard? 😀 😀 😀

  5. I usually skip breakfast in KL, but if I’m staying in a hotel, then the buffet breakfast seems like a must to check out! The spread here looks like it could fill me up for the whole day. And I’ve never seen a hotel buffet brekkie with a real charcoal grill for their bread before! 😉

    They have had the charcoal grill for sometime now even when it was the Holiday Inn, the last few times I stayed here on my working trips – I guess it has become a permanent feature here. Wahhhhh!!! You’re such a small eater? 😀

  6. Lovely breakfast with great choice. Dragon fruits & papaya are my favourite. For papaya, I just remove the seeds but not much of the white thingy.

    I guess you don’t have OCD, not like me. Hehehehehe!!!

  7. What a good selection for breakfast! I also cut away the white parts of the papaya but I heard that that part is good for us. Dunno true or not. I love papaya with lime juice squeezed over. Very nice.

    Yes, I’ve tried that – papaya with a squeeze of lime. Very nice but usually I don’t bother. Nice enough on its own, the really sweet ones.

    I tried googling but I could not find anything about that white part of the papaya but I did come across this about the seeds:
    “There is also some animal research suggesting that eating papaya seeds may temporarily but greatly reduce a man’s fertility to the point that would make pregnancy unlikely.” So, all you men out there, watch out!!!

  8. Seems like a lot of choices for breakfast… normally I will take plain porridge with the condiments… two bowls at least.. salad… fruits… Bread is definitely out. hahaha…

    Two bowls? Those would be very small ones, I guess? Otherwise, you will be busy all day – it’s all water.

  9. Usually, my breakfast nowadays will be fruits, to help me go do business..

    That’s a very wise thing to do. Go for papayas, lots of health benefits.

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