Playground in my mind…

This used to be my playground – the Holiday Inn, Kuching…

Grand Magherita, Kuching 1

…now the Grand Margherita

Grand Magherita, Kuching 2

…named after the historical fort on the other side of the river which would date back to when Sarawak was under the rule of Charles Brooke, the 2nd White Rajah.

The hotel was opened in 1976 and I was there every Saturday night at what was called The Bionic Disco with Singapore deejay, Bernard Salosa at the helm…and on other nights, I would drop by The Rejang Bar where a Singaporean duo, Adam and Ben, would entertain the crowd every night. In fact, I had seen them before in Singapore, 1973, at hotel lounges – either the King’s or Apollo at Havelock Road or Grand Continental around Orchard Road. Those were my regular watering holes at the time but I can no longer recall exactly who I saw where or when. I do remember vividly though how, in their repertoire, they would do excellent covers of songs by the Stylistics, if you are old enough to know who they are. LOL!!!

They have refurbished the rooms…

Grand Margherita, room 1
*I was wondering about that artwork on the wall though – that one on the right looks like somebody’s pants with the fly open and…*

…in what we used to call the old wing…

Grand Margherita, room 2

…so they are very nice and new and a whole lot more comfortable now…

Grand Margherita bathroom

…a far cry from what they used to be during the later days of the hotel as the Holiday Inn so there is no need to put in a special request for a room in the new wing anymore, should anyone plan to stay here when in Kuching.

Breakfast for two per room is served at the hotel coffee house…

Grand Margherita Orchid Garden coffee house

…but that will be in a later post and no, you will not get the morning papers delivered to your room first thing in the morning. However, these are available at the lift lobby…

Complimentary newspaper

…so you can pick up one on your way down to the coffee house.

This is one section of the lobby…

Grand Margherita, lobby 1

…and this is another…

Grand Margherita, lobby 2

…and there is another seating area on the other side, the “old wing”, not facing the reception counter.

This is their swimming pool…

Grand Magherita swimming pool

…and I must say that I am not all too fond of its location. I can imagine me in my sexy red speedos a la Baywatch…approaching the pool in full view of everyone sitting around in the lobby and they would all exclaim, “Die lor! Die lor! All the water in the pool would be gone the moment he jumps in, in one big mighty splash!!!” LOL!!!

From the poolside and also from your room, if you request for a river view, you will see this picturesque scenery…

Grand Margherita Sarawak River view

…and sometimes, you may be able to spot the tambangsΒ crossing the river or these boats carrying some folks on a river cruise…

Sarawak River boat cruise

I stayed here for three nights when I went over to Kuching to attend my nephew’s wedding and he was so thoughtful and generously paid for the accommodation for all the guests from out of town. Thank you so much, Nicholas – not only did I have a great time at your wedding and all but I truly enjoyed my stay at this hotel as well.


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “Playground in my mind…”

  1. Wow, your nephew is so generous to pay for all the rooms for his guests. The hotel looks nice so it is worth it.

    Yes, and not pricey. RM200 per night under the wedding package, dunno the government rate but I hear you can get it even cheaper sometimes on agoda. For that kind of money, at best, you can stay in one of those shophouse lot hotels in KL.

  2. I just can’t stop laughing at your statement by people at the pool. hahaha

    The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. 😦 πŸ˜€

  3. time flies and definitely lots of changes. can’t even wonder how i felt everytime i went back to malaysia.

    btw the place seems very lovely. so much greens! nice.

    Yes, Kuching is very nice, nicer than many of the rest in the country. Stick around, more posts coming up on places in the city.

  4. Nice review of the hotel. ^^

    I remember the pool. Like you said, unless you want to be seen, then you would expect those who dine there to peep at you in and out the pool. Lol.

    Very generous of your nephew to pay for your accommodation as well.

    Yes, he was so kind as to insist. I said I could manage on my own, was planning to stay at some place cheaper but he said he had booked 40 rooms and I could take one…and I did.

  5. Beautiful hotel and room, of course.. and so much nicer when it is all paid for… so thoughtful of your nephew..

    Yes, very nice. For RM200, I wouldn’t mind staying there again the next time I go over to Kuching Dunno the current government rate – used to be around RM180 but that was a long time ago.

  6. Hotel Grand Margherita, right in the town centre. Easy access to every corner of good eating places. Hahaha!!!… I like the statement of the mighty splash. I would prefer the river view.

    I didn’t mind whatever view as I was not in the room most of the time, not sitting there enjoying the view. Maybe for longer stays, I may request for that.

  7. *Die lor! Die lor! All the water in the pool would be gone the moment he jumps in, in one big mighty splash*
    This made my day mate!! Hahaha! I am so fond of this kind of self-depreciating joke!

    One guy once stopped me at a seminar to tell me: The greatest people are the ones who know how to laugh at themselves. Life is too short to take things too seriously, laugh all your cares away, be happy!

  8. hah..hah…you made me laugh out loud in the kitchen this morning! Oh…disco kaki when you were younger eh? And yes, I do remember the Stylistics πŸ˜€

    Glad I did! Laughter is the best medicine, hope it made your day. Yes…I was already swinging away long before Travolta came along. πŸ˜€

  9. The grand margherita …. What a regal name! Though if it had been margarita, that would have been a cocktail! πŸ˜‰ the place looks nice – I like how the room has character, with lovely colours and artwork πŸ˜‰

    Yes, I sure love its new look and all. That would be the one with the salt all along the brim of the cocktail glass – that’s Mexican, right? Like vodka is the the Russians.

  10. Regarding the artwork… have you seen those tests of mental health where they ask you to interpret blobs of paint? Some people see happy things, other see disturbing things… you see trousers. πŸ˜‰ Hee hee!

    Oh dear!!! Now I’m exposed, the inner me has been revealed! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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