Love is a many splendoured thing…

The wedding reception of the newly-weds, my nephew, Nicholas and his wife, Jeanette, was held at the Kuching Hilton…

Kuching Hilton, door gift

…no less, with all its grandeur…

Kuching Hilton Grand Ballroom

…and splendour…

Kuching Hilton, ice carving

There were fresh flowers, white roses and lilies, all over the ballroom, outside in the foyer where drinks and tidbits and light finger foods were served prior to the dinner – I loved the egg with bits of bacon and whatever else and I so loved the cream puffs that I just had to have my fair share of those…and of course, there were lots of those lovely flowers inside the ballroom as well…

Fresh flowers

This was the setting at the main table…

Main table

…and this was the wedding cake…

Wedding cake

…on the stage.

This was a group photo of some of us – the grand-aunties, uncle and aunties and cousins…

Group photo
*Photo taken by one of my cousins or the hubby of one of them*

…from the groom’s side of the family, taken before the dinner started. No, no, this was just about 25% of those of us present there that evening – not everybody was in the photograph…and no, I wasn’t the only rose among the thorns. There were others, not that many…but yes, there were a few more. LOL!!!

The food was great – we certainly enjoyed all that was on the menu…

Kuching Hilton, banquet

…but I did not bother to take a snapshot of each of the dishes on the menu as it was quite dim and I was pretty sure the photographs would not come out too well. In fact, I did not take many photographs that evening, just one of the toast…

The toast

…using the zoom feature in my camera – I was too lazy to walk to the front (I was seated at the back beside one of the doors, just perfect for me to step outside once in a while for a bit of fresh air).

There was a jazz band in attendance…

Jazz band

…so there was dancing towards the later part of the night.

It sure was a lovely evening, lots of smiles and cheer…and indeed, I was glad to be part of it all.


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “Love is a many splendoured thing…”

  1. Beautiful flowers & ice sculpture. A lovely evening with much joy & love to celebrate one’s wedding.

    Indeed. It’s not the Hilton for nothing. Food’s good too – I hear it’s not so nice at the one nearby.

  2. I always enjoy weddings, etc, as relatives hardly gather, this is the time, where we gather and enjoy each other presence…

    My sentiments exactly especially us – we are scattered all over, different towns and countries.

  3. I miss the old Chinese 10 course wedding dinners. Haven’t been to one such for a long time.

    My cousin came back from her son’s wedding in Perth, western dinner and she said, “Ciak bay pa!” (not filling) I bet it was mighty expensive too.

  4. Form the flowers alone I can tell it was a grand wedding indeed! Mmmm…that platter of starters sure look good especially those things that look like popiah.

    Yes, everything was good except the fish lips soup (in place of the not-to-be-named) that came next – it was kind of bland but with added black vinegar and a shot of whiskey, it was very very good! I would prefer brandy though but there wasn’t any around. Looks like the trend these days is more towards scotch rather than cognac.

  5. Very grand reception.

    I do agree mostly those hotels are not brightly lighted and mostly photos turned out yellowish.

    That will be those places with the very yellow lights. The worst would be the ones with the changing colours – you are ready to take a photograph of say, the fish…and the lights change to green and you end up with one weird snapshot of a very green fish. I hate those!

  6. So you flew alone to Kuching to attend the wedding? Nice wedding dinner… Nowadays I feel paiseh to take photos of the food especially with those sitting at the table not our own friends or family…

    Yes, the ladies went off to Korea…with my girl’s colleagues and friends, all female. They had planned it for a long time already and since I was around because I did not want to go, I just hopped over to Kuching for this all by myself. Too bad they had to miss it, sure was a lot of fun…but I guess they had fun in Korea as well.

    I’m ok with taking photos of the food – many others are doing it as well…with their smartphones. Everyone is used to it already but of course, I would make sure I do it very very very fast – just click, and it’s done!!! Not very nice to keep people waiting.

    1. Wow… so nice… sure a real shopping spree when they are there.. even my son did not come home empty handed, he bought so much of the ladies’ stuff for us… masks, cleansers, snacks… hahahhaaa… now only waiting for us to go JB to claim them…

      Ok lah, not really. They say things are too expensive…but for your son, ok lah…earning SGD, lots of money. πŸ˜€

  7. Looks like a lovely dinner! But gosh, I have to say, I think you attend more wedding dinners in one year than I have in my entire life, heh! πŸ˜‰

    Oh? Your friends all stay single or they never invited you, poor thing. Muahahahahaha!!!!

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