No time, no space…

Well, I would not say we did not have the time but we were not all that keen to waste it going round and round the block looking for a space to park the car and giving up in the end after a futile search for one.

We were here…

Dragon Restaurant & Cafe Sibu

…twice only before – here and here and we loved the food and yes, we did try a few times but because of the parking problem, we ended up going some place else instead. Well, I could not find a space either that day but there was ample space for another car (especially a small one like mine) in front of the last parking space along the back lane…and it was a public holiday, no parking fee and all…so I just left my car there and walked to the restaurant. Shhhhhhh!!!! Hehehehehe!!!!

Gee!!! I never noticed these beautiful colourful butterflies…

Sibu street art butterfly 1

…on the wall at the end of the block…

Sibu street art butterfly 2

…before. These lovely street artworks sure help to brighten up the place, don’t you think?

We got to the coffee shop, placed our orders for the food and drinks and waited. The kopi-o-peng (iced black coffee)…

Dragon Restaurant & Cafe kopi-o-peng

…was o.k. as always, not all that sensational but it was good enough.

My girl wanted the braised pork belly with preserved vegetables (RM15.00)…

Dragon Restaurant & Cafe braised pork belly & preserved vegetables

…that we had the first time we were here and yes, it was consistently good…and she also asked for the cangkuk manis fried with egg (RM7.00)…

Dragon Restaurant & Cafe cangkuk manis with egg

I felt like having fish so I ordered the sweet and sour ikan bawal hitam or black pomfret (RM28.00)…

Dragon Restaurant & Cafe sweet & sour fish 1

…but of course, I knew that it was not going to be cheap. I did ask for a small one but the one that we got was not all that small, after all. It was very nicely done, so crusty and crispy on the outside that I could even eat some of the bones and yet, it was still soft, sweet and moist…

Dragon Restaurant & Cafe sweet and sour fish 2

…on the inside. Normally when we fry fish till that crispy at home, it turns hard and loses its sweetness. We used to do that as my girl liked her fish that way so everybody else would have to eat it like that. Thankfully, she has got over that phase and no longer insists on it these days.

It was past noon when we finished eating and by then, the lunchtime crowd had come in and the whole place was packed! The overall total came up to RM60.10 but the lady boss waived the 10 sen so I did not have to dig for the coin in the end. No, it wasn’t all that cheap, not with the fish especially, but it sure was a delightful lunch and we did enjoy it a lot. For sure, we would want to come back again…if only it isn’t so difficult to find a parking space around here.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “No time, no space…”

  1. you are always ordering cangkuk manis w egg. one of my favourites and have not been having them 2 years now 😦

    My girl’s favourite. She will ask for it everytime…or the mixed bean dish, the Four Heavenly Kings. I don’t mind midin…or sweet potato leaves sometimes for a change.

  2. Beautiful artworks. I like all your orders except……..but never mind I take the preserved veg. & the rest is for you. Price is reasonable consider you have fish which is not cheap, RM 24/kilo which I bought last weekend.

    Yes, and white is at least over RM30 a kg but it is not as meaty and so not as heavy. I prefer black for its stronger taste.

  3. The colourful butterflies on the wall is very very nice…

    …and I would agree with you on this.

  4. Very beautiful butterfly on the wall.

    I know how you feel. It is hard to find parking there. I never been to that restaurant.

    Yummy. Braised pork belly. The best in Kuching is in Batu Kawa old town. I think it is the best I have ever tasted.

    Cangkuk manis. Anytime for me.

    So busy during my weekend trip to Kuching, so many things to do, places to go…so little time. We’ll catch up the next time when I go over for a longer stay on a slow and easy trip, no schedule to keep.

    My girl’s favourite – the cangkuk manis.

    1. It is a deal!! ^^ Look forward to you dropping by here.

      I sure am looking forward to it too! 😉

  5. Reasonable lah, fishes are not cheap these days. It does look good on photo.

    It was very good…and yes, fresh fish and prawns don’t come cheap. They say some places serve those “phak hong” ones, whatever that means, not fresh and not nice. I would rather pay more and eat something truly good – otherwise, might as well go for something else.

  6. Your kopi-o ice looks really black and thick! I always go for Milo-peng only, haha.. The mui-choy pork belly looks so so good. When my mil cooks this, I can eat 3 plates of rice, really! And if she gives some to tapao home, it always taste nicer the next day…

    My girl loved it the last time and she wanted it again. Otherwise, I would surely order something else, never mind how nice, so I would have something different to blog about.

  7. The braised pork belly looks amazing, and I love the colourful sign and decor. 🙂

    All good, the fish too. Enjoyed it to the max.

  8. Well, price is slightly expensive but most importantly you guys enjoyed la!

    Taiping SOOOOO cheap??? Gee!!! Gotta make a trip there one day.

  9. Wah…I like that Sweet & Sour Black Pomfret! Once in a while is alright to spend a bit more on something good like this.

    Yes, much nicer than the usual sweet and sour fish fillet, so fresh the fish, very nicely done, value for money.

  10. The black pomfret looks great… coincidentally, I also ordered the same type of fish and it was sauce steamed, as recommended by the shop captain. I was having some doubts, how could a black pomfret be steamed, normally it is cooked a curry, sweet sour or fried… and my doubts were put into rest when the steamed fish came out… it was wonderfully done, there was no fishy smell.. and we ought to trust the captain next time for more recommendations. hahaha… Too bad no photos were taken, my friend always complain about me taking pictures… 😦

    I did steam a few times – the black pomfret must be very very very fresh, no smell. It was nice too. Oh? What nice friends you have! Hehehehehe!!!!

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