Somebody’s watching me…

We have not been here for a while now, not since the end of last year so we were not even sure if they still had their chap fan (mixed rice) lunch at RM6.80 per head for 2 meat and 3 vegetable options with a free flow of orange cordial or Chinese tea, available only on weekdays, and we sure were glad to find that they are still doing it and yes, the price has remain unchanged which is something commendable considering that just about everything else is getting more expensive.

As before, the spread looked very nice…

One-o-One chap fan spread

…that day and of course, we wasted no time in helping ourselves to what we wanted. You may take more than the 2 + 3 set but of course, you would have to pay for whatever extra you help yourself to.

It always makes me wonder how or why this dish of egg and lap cheong (Chinese sausage)…

One-o-One egg and lap cheong

…is categorised as a vegetable dish but on the other hand, I have heard people grumbling that tofu is considered a meat dish at some places. Well, I guess it is protein so it is meat, despite the presence of some vegetable like that one in the next tray. What do you all think?

We helped ourselves to what we wanted and this was what I had…

One-o-One my chap fan platter

– stewed pork leg, red wine chicken, the aforementioned tofu and the egg omelette with lap cheong plus a generous serving of the cangkuk manis. They let you help yourself here and they did not seem to bat an eyelid should you decide to pile everything onto your plate…and other than that, if you do not like everything on top of your rice like that, they will give you plates to take your 2 meat and 3 vegetables. We were fine with the typical chap fan way so we did not bother.

I was about to start eating already when I noticed that my girl had only taken 3 types of vegetables, no meat – like what I’ve always said, she’s such a small eater…so I went back and helped myself to another serving of the stewed pork leg and this bowl of chicken curry…

One-o-One chicken curry

I did tell the very nice and friendly older guy there that I was taking those because my girl did not take any meat and he said it was all right and told me to go straight ahead.

However, when I went to pay the bill, I was charged RM4.00 more for the two extras that I took. I brought it to the attention of the guy I spoke to and of course, he subtracted that from the total. He said that the younger guy did not know and he saw me taking the extras so he added those to the bill. Hmmmmm…it sure looked like somebody was watching me, eh? Hehehehehe!!!! But come to think of it, RM2.00 for any extra meat that you take does seem a little bit pricey, no? I would just stick to the set/package if that is the case.

We enjoyed everything – they most certainly do it very well here…

One-o-One fried long beans with egg

…and the best part would be how there is no msg overload unlike many/most/all other chap fan places around town. We certainly would want to drop by here for lunch again.

For the uninitiated, this (2.305791, 111.848365) is located in the Sibu Bus Terminal area on the other side of the shops and the big supermarket where the terminal proper is located, at the corner opposite the market there.

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9 thoughts on “Somebody’s watching me…”

  1. Nice spread. I like your choice of food. The 2 pieces of stewed pork leg looks very lean indeed. Yummsss!!!!

    I picked all the lean, did not want the actual trotters… Look so young already, no need for all that collagen. 😀

  2. So many different variety of choices to choose from, sometimes hard to choose want to eat which one…

    Yes, and when they look so good, you will want to take everything. Will have to pay extra though. 😦

  3. I had to laugh when I read that you got to eat your daughter’s share of the lunch. I would never get such an opportunity with either of my 2 sons!

    That explains my shape and size – waste not, want not. LOL!!!

  4. Your girl prefers vegetables than meat this time, I guess… sometimes I feel like eating all vegetables too instead of meat and more meat… If you had not checked the bill, then you would have been charged RM4 more…

    It was ok, not much. If RM40, then I would jump up and down. 😀

  5. I always love chap fan. Can take what ever you want. Luckily you were not charged unnecessarily.

    Just RM4, not so bad. I asked because I wanted to know the individual charges so I could mention in my blogpost, not the check on the billing – did not expect the extra charges.

  6. Hey I am so surprised that there’s Chap fan spread at one o one! I have only dined in their once like 3 or 4 years back and had their kampua! The spread sure looks very appetising in the photos but just one thing: isn’t it a bit unhygienic to leave the dishes open to the air?

    It was all covered. They only took off the lids when we got there, just a bit earlier than the rest. After that, they did not have the chance to cover again as the people kept coming and coming. I know Ming Ming Shi leaves theirs open as well, just that they have an air-conditioned place…and so do most of the rest at all the coffee shops.

    The things on their regular menu are good too, a little pricier than the regular coffee shops though but the environment is a whole lot nicer. If you check my earlier post on this place, they won the Sarawak Hornbill Tourism Award…once.

  7. I don’t usually go for chap fan since I cook most of the time. The spread certainly looks mouthwatering. I don’t mind tapao the dish and cook rice at home. Hahaha

    Not sure if they will allow that, didn’t ask but I do know of some who will not let you buy the dishes without the rice. My guess is they probably make a lot out of the rice.

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