Nice folks…

My good friend, Lim, contacted me and asked me and my family out for dinner with him and his. I asked him what occasion it was but he said it wasn’t in conjunction with anything special, just that we had not all gone out for dinner together for quite a while now.

So, there we were here at this restaurant that evening and it got me wondering if there actually was a special occasion, just that they would not tell us. They had booked a table there and it was a good thing that they did for the ground floor was packed and many had to go upstairs…and it turned out that they had already ordered the dishes. Hmmmm…nothing special? I wonder.

This special dish…

New Capitol pek chio 1

…of white pomfret (ikan bawal putih) was served first and my girl exclaimed, “My favourite!!!” Too bad that fish costs a bomb especially one that is this size so we would not order it, save for some significant event or celebration.

They had filleted the fish…

New Capitol pek chio 2

…so it would be easier to eat and yes, I did have  a few slices myself but eventually, I dived in with my hands and enjoyed the head and cleaned all that meat still stuck to the bones…and boy!!! I sure enjoyed myself. I love fish…and I sure would not want any of it to go to waste, not even a bit! Ok, I’m done! So full already and that sure was very nice. Let’s go home!

However, this was just the tip of the iceberg! We also had their signature dish – the very nice checker board duck…

New Capitol checkerboard duck

…and this dish of spare ribs…

New Capitol spare ribs

…and salad sotong (squid)…

New Capitol salad sotong

…and then, there was this tofu dish…

New Capitol tofu

…and this plate of kai lan

New Capitol kai lan

– I think I heard them saying that this was their Hong Kong style or something…and we also had another plate of vegetables…this one with mushrooms…

New Capitol veg with mushroom

Good grief!!! 7 dishes for just 5 adults and 3 kids, and their servings were by no means small…and they said this was not for any special occasion.

We had this…

New Capitol dessert

…for dessert, mango wrapped with something made of rice flour or whatever, something like chee cheong fun and everybody loved it.

I don’t know how much Lim paid for that very scrumptious and sumptuous dinner – I asked him, saying that I would like to mention it in my blog but he would not disclose how much he had to fork out that night. My guess is it is definitely around RM300, at least, or more.

We sure enjoyed the dinner to the max, thank you so very much, Lim and family…and as always, we always enjoy the company – they’re such nice folks really, what with all the stories to share and all that catching up with everyone’s lives. We really must do this again, my treat next time.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “Nice folks…”

  1. Wow, every single dish looked amazing and appetizing. And again, the chequerboard duck!

    …and the best part is it should be around AUD100 only, wouldn’t able to get something like this at this price there. 🙂

  2. Awesome dinner. Every single dish looks great & the dessert too. 7 dishes for 5 adults & 3 kids????…& you did mention that the servings aren’t small, thus I doubt whether all the dishes are sweep off clean & clear.

    Yes, they did tapao quite a bit home but not the fish, nothing left-just the bones. 😀

  3. Yum! Yum! Yum! Good choices all. Me too would not like to waste any part of the fish. Sometimes when fried crispy, even the fins and some bones are crunchy and edible.

    Yes, bet that is an excellent source of calcium. 😉

  4. Lovely dinner treat by your friend. Love all the dishes you had.

    Fish! My favourite too. I could “sapu” the whole fish. Haha.

    Yes, we really enjoyed the dinner…and of course, the company too.

  5. That definitely feels like a special-occasion feast indeed! I like bawal putih too, though it’s been ages since I had it! 😉

    I don’t mind, black or white. I love fish, fresh fish.

  6. Nice, I love those deep fried foods specially that fish with that sauce, looks so yummy.

    Yes, they really do it very well here, but of course, that does not come cheap here…for us. I guess it would be a lot worse over where you are.

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