Want to try…

We were so full after that heavy lunch on Saturday afternoon that we decided to go without dinner and went for supper here instead.

My friend, Robert, told me that the Thai green curry was very nice and said that I should drop by to try. The previous Sunday when my missus and I did that, they were sold out so we did not get to sample it. We were luckier this time around and we had that (RM25.50)…

Flavours Thai Kitchen Thai green curry

…and butter (chicken) rice with it.

The choice of the rice over plain white rice turned out to be not a really good idea as there was this some kind of clash of flavours. Of course, with all the ingredients that went into it, lots of lemon grass and everything blended together to make the special paste, the curry was very nice, bursting with flavours, but I did feel that it came on a bit too strong, not quite for the faint-hearted, and the gravy seemed a little sweet, plus there wasn’t any terung pipit (pea eggplant) in it either, a must-have in Thai green curry and for me personally, I would say that I prefer the milder but no less tasty one here.

Having said that, this one here is so very much cheaper – I don’t know if that was the extra special special or what but there were all those huge chunks of meat, no less than six, at least and all the potatoes while at the other side, you will get three pieces of the chicken plus rice for RM16.00 so if you double that, it will come up to RM32.00. At the end of the day, it’s all up to one’s individual taste, some may like it this way, others prefer it a little toned down – the choice is yours!

We also ordered the cangkuk manis (RM10.50)…

Flavours Thai Kitchen cangkuk manis

…and as they were running out of the vegetable, they added all that black fungus instead. We did not mind that one bit as we do enjoy eating that and I think I read somewhere that it is very good, has some health benefits though I cannot exactly recall what now. It was nice, different from our usual simple Foochow style, fried with garlic and egg and a little bit of seasoning but if I am not wrong, there was some sauce added so it wasn’t quite the same. Sometimes, there is beauty in simplicity…but with the black fungus, I was thinking that it would be nice fried with udang kering (dried prawns) and/or with a little bit of santan (coconut milk added), masak lemak style – the way they do it with their paku or midin here. That would probably bring the taste to a whole new level.

My girl heard that we went and tried their pad thai and loved it so she wanted to try too. Actually, that was the main reason why we went back there that night – so she could get to enjoy it (RM13.90)…

Flavours Thai Kitchen pad thai 1

…as well and yes, it was very nice this time around…

Flavours Thai Kitchen pad thai 2

…but not as nice as when we had it previously. That night, it was slightly sourish, just a faint hint of it, like that tom yam kind of sourish taste. Don’t get me wrong – it was nice and some people may actually prefer it this way but we would prefer to stick to the regular.

Oh dear!!! And we thought we were going for a light supper after our sunset church service! We could not finish the green curry so we asked for it to be tapao-ed for us to take home and you would never believe what happened! Mary had cooked some of her so-very-very-nice chicken rice again that day and she had set aside one big bagful of it, plus the steamed white chicken and the sauce and the chili dip for me so she was delighted that I had dropped by and she could just pass it to me – otherwise, she would have to call me to come and collect. Gosh!!! She really is so very nice, so thoughtful, so very generous, bless her!

Thank you so much, Mary – you’d better stop giving me all those freebies or you’ll be seeing me knocking on your door again…and again…and again! LOL!!!

I shall be away for a few days but scheduled posts will appear on a daily basis as usual. I may or may not respond to comments in the meantime but do keep them coming. Will reply to all of them whenever I get the chance or as soon as I get back. Cheers!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “Want to try…”

  1. I love a Thai green curry, once in a while I make them at home. Such a nice blend of flavours

    Yes, very nice. I would prefer it in small doses, with rice – not something to eat on its own, or not to me, at least.

  2. Good change from the usual curry to green curry. Wow, butter chicken rice sounds nice to go with the green curry. As for the cangkuk manis, I still prefer it without the black fungus. Old habits die hard. Happy holidays & have fun….lalalala….😊😊😊

    No, not really. The lovely fragrance and taste of the butter chicken rice was not all that compatible with the strong green curry, tidak ngam – it would have been nicer with plain rice. Of course, at most chicken rice places around town, the rice is so bland that adding the curry gravy would bring it to a whole new level – the more the better, that’s a different story altogether.

    As for the cangkuk manis, they only added the black fungus as they were running out of the vegetable that night – pretty good idea, I must say. If it had been me, the most I would do would be to add a lot of eggs.

    Sometimes, it is good to try new ways, new things – what we are used to may be good but who knows, we may come across something much better…or at least, something nice for a change. I am very flexible, ever ready to try anything new.

  3. Supper? Light dinner should be healthier. What time did you eat for supper?

    The church service ended at around 8 something, so that would be around 9. We usually have dinner at 6 and if we are going to church, we may have it earlier 5-5.30. Couldn’t eat anything that early that day, so very full. Why? A late supper is bad? What if you’re so hungry that you just can’t get to sleep?

    1. I actually feel better to to bed in hunger, I’d be wondering if i lost any weight the next morning 😀

      To go to bed, you mean. Good luck to you…but frankly, shouldn’t energetic active young boys go to the gym and work out – get rid of the fat and build some muscles? This starving oneself, not eating this and not eating that is more for cissies and wimps.

  4. The black fungus is very nice – I like it. I hardly ever go to Thai restaurants, and as a result have never had pad thai! It’s on my to do list, though.

    I like the pineapple fried rice too but I’ve had some that are not as nice. I love ASEAN cuisines.

    1. I must add, that after placing the above comments, I googled for Thai restaurants near my place. There’s one just 1 km from me, and I’ve always assumed it was a Chinese restaurant because of its name (Hot Wok). So we went there for lunch and I finally had a pad thai. Very nice, like char kuay teow, but with more varied and complex flavours.

      Yes, something like char kway teow but with a bit of difference, nice!

  5. I do agree. To enjoy the true taste of Thai green curry, one must go with plain white rice.
    The green curry looked so pretty and delish.

    Pad Thai. Something different from the usual kampua and kolo mee. Lol!

    Thai version of our char kway teow. I like this finer, thinner and translucent rice noodles but I hear some people prefer our Sibu ones. To each his own, I guess.

    The fragrance of the Thai green curry will surely sweep you off your feet, just that perhaps we are not so used to the strong taste…like how I do not like things with too much lengkuas or daun kunyit, stuff like that, prefer the milder version.

  6. That’s a new style to cook cangkuk.

    Would have been nice if not for the sauce used, dunno what. I’ve fried with mushrooms…and of course, anak jagung, all nice.

  7. Wow..you are blessed with glorious food from Mary again… so nice of her to think of you and your family… The green curry indeed looks very appetizing.. can easily go with a big bowl of rice… must be very fragrant because of the butter… 🙂

    Yes, truly blessed. Nope, the green curry did not go well with the chicken rice…like eating Chinese steamed herbal chicken with satay sauce, both good on their own but not quite so when eaten together.

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