Getting old…

Old folks need a lot more attention but of course, if you’re young, it does not mean that you can throw caution to the wind. The same applies to old cars so if there is anything that does not feel quite right, one should seek expert help immediately. On my weekly drives to my girl’s school in the jungle and back, I would see cars, some very new ones even, breaking down by the side of the road or having a puncture…and I wonder how they can just simply drive without making sure that their vehicles are roadworthy and safe for themselves, everyone in the car and other road users as well.

Well, it so happened that I spotted a drop of oil in my car porch…

Oil leak

…which, of course, was an indication that there was a leak somewhere and I wasted no time at all in driving to my regular workshop to have the engine checked and the problem fixed…and at the same time, I told the guy to check everything else to make sure that everything was all right and to replace anything that was not in tiptop shape anymore.

In the meantime, I decided to go for breakfast at this coffee shop…

Uncle Lau Corner

…a stone’s throw away. If you are wondering where this is (2.328072,111.840428), you can turn right after the traffic lights past the Sungai Merah bazaar, opposite this Methodist church…

Methodist church, Sg Merah

…on the left. This coffee shop/restaurant is located in that white building and there is a secondary school too in the vicinity, behind the church.

I’ve had their kampua noodles from the stall here…

Uncle Lau Corner kampua mee stall

…before and blogged about it even but I’ve yet to go and check out the chap fan (mixed rice) at the stall at the back of the shop like I said I would. There is a Malay stall there now and according to the guys at the workshop, the food served is pretty good but it was not open that morning when I was there.

I had the kampua mee

Uncle Lau Corner kampua mee

…again, white with a special request for it to be tossed in chili sauce and hence, the red colour.

I also asked for pian sip (meat dumplings)…

Uncle Lau Corner pian sip

…instead of the few miserable thin slices of boiled meat, coloured red to pass off as char siew (barbecued meat) and yes, it was all right – not the best in town but good enough and sitting there, enjoying the noodles and a glass of kopi-o-peng (iced black coffee) sure beats standing around the workshop waiting for them to finish their job.

While I was there, I could detect the fragrance of the cooking from the stall at the back, something like egg being fried. Probably somebody had ordered their fried noodles – I sure would consider ordering something from there the next time I drop by.