Last Saturday, we went back here for lunch and incidentally, if you are thinking of doing so over the next few days, they are open during the Gawai Dayak Festival and also the public holiday this coming weekend…

Cafe IND notice

…as usual which is a good thing unlike in Kuching where many places, coffee shops especially, would be closed as all their employees would have gone home for the celebration. Ooops! There is an error in the notice – the 2nd of June is a Thursday, not Tuesday…and I don’t think they only have one Dayak customer. Hehehehehehe!!!! No worries, as long as the message is clearly understood.

I guess everyone would know by now the uniqueness of this place – there are two cuisines, Indonesian and Indian so as soon as you’ve taken your seat, the sweet and friendly staff would give you three menus – one for each plus one more for the drinks. This time around, we went for our individual favourites.

My missus had hers, the kalio ayam

Cafe IND kalio ayam

…with a special request for the beautiful chicken curry in a “boat” made of banana leaf…

Cafe IND kalio ayam, chicken curry

…to be extra spicy, served with rice and mixed vegetables by the side…

Cafe IND kalio ayam, rice & mixed veg

The vibrant colours would surely whet one’s appetite, don’t you think?

I had no second thoughts about picking my favourite, also from the Indonesian kitchen, their opor ayam

Cafe IND opor ayam

…and boy, they certainly were so very generous with the huge chunks of the most delightful chicken in thick and rich santan (coconut milk)-based gravy…

Cafe IND opor ayam, chicken

…and also the potatoes plus one whole egg by the side…

Cafe IND, opor ayam, potatoes & egg

…along with the rice. The serving is so big that I would think it would be enough for two not-very-big eaters…or one can ask for an extra plate of rice – there would be enough to go round!

My girl stuck loyally to her favourite here, the awesome lamb curry…

Cafe IND lamb curry

…and the perfectly done bryani rice…

Cafe IND bryani rice

…from the Indian menu and being not a very big eater, she could not manage to finish all of it…

Cafe IND lamb bryani

…and I had to help her with it so you can imagine how full I was after all that I had.

I forgot to take the receipt back with me but the total I paid came up to only RM48.00…and looking at my old posts, both orders from the Indonesian menu were RM14.50 each and the lamb bryani was RM19.00 – the nice boss was so kind as to waive the charges for all the drinks that we had.

So locals and those in town for the holidays can grab this chance to drop by here sometime over the next few days for the very nice stuff that they serve and to whom it may concern, this place is certified halal by the religious authorities concerned which certainly gives the assurance and confidence that some may seek, unlike those SERVES NO PORK places…and if you do not know the exact location, you can click the above link to the Facebook page where a map is given for your reference – it is at Lai Chee Lane, first turning to the left after the Central Police Station along Jalan Kampong Nyabor, first shop in the block immediately behind the Bank Simpanan Nasional branch in Sibu. Enjoy yourselves, bon appetit!!!


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “Favourite…”

  1. i see that a lot in most notices in Malaysia, small errors here and there. Oh well.

    Thats a meal on its own, the lamb curry and briyani combo. I wouldn’t mind having that too.

    Looks like it’s everywhere, not just here. That’s the way things are going, I guess, now that the language has taken a back seat.

    Yes, enough to go round and I loved how flavourful the curry was and the thinly-sliced lamb was so nice and tender – absolutely perfect for old toothless folks like me. 😀

  2. All looks nice. Love the vibrant colours of the vegetable. The opor ayam looks too rich & creamy. I would feel uncomfortable if I take too much of it.

    Yes, for people not into very lemak stuff, perhaps it would be best to go for something else on the menu…or share. I love it! Like all those lovely nyonya kuehs or ang tao peng/cendol, not lemak = not nice.

  3. I’ve never seen a more beautifully presented chicken curry. Kudos to the chef. The gravy in the opor ayam had me salivating!!!

    The opor ayam is something like a cross between or chicken korma and Thai green curry, I think. They do it really well here – I love it!

    Yes, they even went through the trouble of presenting the curry in that boat-like thing…and one thing that I like is they use toothpicks. I’ve seen people using staples for those steamed nyonya/Malay kuihs in similar “boats” like this but very very small ones…and that’s a no-no!

  4. Anyonghaseyo! I’m back…. to hell. Sorry for not dropping by lately!

    If you are talking about the heat, yes, it is so so so hot here too but we do get a bit of rain sometimes. You missed the big storm in Penang, eh? Read that in the news. But if you’re talking about things and food, it is heaven here – so cheap and so very nice…but maybe for you, so very rich, you did not feel a thing there?

  5. Oooh. I loved it when my mom is cooking Opor Ayam and Opor telur. Love the khurma taste in it. xD

    Yes, it does taste quite like our kurma, eh? Very nice. This one here is extra lemak, extra nice – don’t miss it if ever you come back to Sibu. Janganlah buang batu, ya!!!

  6. Seems like everyone in the eateries know you by now, Arthur! You always get something waived now and then… 🙂 Yes, the meal portions are so enormous, for me, I think I can only finish half of the one plate portion.

    Not all but those that I frequent regularly perhaps. Yes, you will have to share with somebody…even though you have grown “bigger” now. Retirement life is so good, eh? Muahahahaha!!!!

  7. If i were to eat it, that will be for lunch, as will feel filling after that and skip dinner, hehe…

    Yes, we skipped dinner…but we went for supper after church that night.

  8. They certainly spent some time in presentation, looks lovely.

    Our orders came out pretty fast so I guess they were very quick with their hands…unlike our locals – they take ages even it is just putting together a plate of nasi lemak, so lemah lembut, so slow.

  9. The serving portions are very generous. I won’t be able to resist the lamb curry and bryani rice!

    Looks like you and my girl share the same taste – she would always go for the lamb bryani without fail everytime we drop by this place.

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