No promises…

I’ve driven past this place (2.295876, 111.886387)…

Lontong Cafe Sibu

…ever so often, everytime I had to go to the airport and at least once a week when I sent my girl back to her school in the jungle and I often wondered if they really served lontong there and if they did, I sure would want to stop by and give it a try. I had it here not too long ago but it looked like they had closed down the place – my, my…it did not last very long, did it?

Well, if you have never noticed it before and haven’t a clue as to where this is, it is to the left along the road to the airport, past the traffic lights junction to the Sibu General Hospital before the traffic lights junction where you turn right into the bypass to Salim. The Jabatan Kimia Malaysia building…

Jabatan Kimia Malaysia, Sibu

…is right across the road.

It’s just a coffee shop, nothing fancy and I noticed that there were two other stalls by the side but they were not open so I would not know whether they are still in business or closed for good or perhaps they only open at night. I saw these at the counter…


…and for the initiated, those are sago pellets, toasted sago balls or what we call saguk.

I was very eager to check this place out because I saw the photograph of the lontong somebody had and he shared it on Instagram and it looked very good. That was why we made our way there last Tuesday but it was closed! Tsk! Tsk! I asked the girl at the shop and she told me that they normally close on Mondays but that day, they had a catering job to do so they replaced their off day on Tuesday instead.

A couple of days later, we went all the way there again but we were not all that lucky this time around either…

Lontong Cafe menu 1

They were out of lontong so it was not available. Sighhhhhh!!!!!

I decided to try their nasi lemak ayam merah (RM5.00)…

Lontong Cafe nasi lemak ayam merah

…which was good enough and to my liking though I was wondering what happened to the egg (yolk).

The ayam masak merah

Lontong Cafe ayam masak merah 1

…was very nice and if not for the distance, I would not mind dropping by again for this. I must say it is more or less like the nasi lemak that I enjoy here but this one is cheaper.

My missus picked something from their other menu…

Lontong Cafe menu 2

– the nasi lemak daun pisang which turned out to be nothing more than the regular nasi lemak served on a banana leaf (RM2.50)…

Lontong Cafe nasi lemak daun pisang

…and I guess it would be exactly like what I had plus the leaf but minus the ayam masak merah. For one thing, I would say that it was very cheap, cheaper than a plate of kampua mee at many places.

They did seem very popular, Imust say, as they had a catering job again that day and probably, the nice ayam masak merah that I had came from here…

Lontong Cafe ayam masak merah 2

…just out from the kitchen, freshly cooked. They had a tray of daging masak hitam but it was already covered with cling wrap so I took a photograph of the little bit of extra in a bowl…

Lontong Cafe daging masak hitam

…on the table. How are you getting on with yours, Phong Hong? It sure doesn’t look like the one you cooked following somebody’s recipe sometime ago, right? Yours looked very much nicer but I would give them top marks for their pumpkin dish…

Lontong Cafe pumpkin

…which certainly appeared rather pleasing to the eye.

I asked the girl when they would be serving lontong again and she said she did not know – it would depend on the boss…and she did say that they do not have it every day, so I would just have to take the chance and drop by again sometime in the hope that I would be luckier, no promises…but considering how out of the way this place is, I think I would just give it a miss.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “No promises…”

  1. The pumpkin dish is quite colourful!

    Yes, certainly looked very attractive. Pumpkin is good, has health benefits – read the article on it the other day.

  2. Now I’m anxious to see the lontong! You must return. 😉

    Its location is a little out of town. Hopefully, I’ll get to catch it someday. I love lontong!

  3. The name got lontong, unfortunately they didn’t serve lontong. Hmm…

    Such a disappointment! I was looking forward to trying theirs. 😦

    1. Hi. We do serve lontong. Do drop by on weekends. Maybe you will be lucky!!

      Noted, thanks again.

  4. I had a really good lontong in kl in March, and ever since then I’ve been craving it from time to time, but I’ve tried not to think about it. And now you’re making me think about it again! 😉

    I love lontong! Wish I could find a really very good here. The search continues… Go, go…go and enjoy yours!

  5. Hahaha!!!…the egg yolk, looks like someone has nibble it. Ayam masak merah looks good, unfortunately I am not fond of it. I like the daging masak hitam & pumpkin. Btw, which type of pumpkin is better, round or long?

    Yes, I can’t say I am a fan of masak merah but I do not mind having that once in a awhile for a change. Pumpkin? They say the uglier it is the better, never mind what shape. The nice smooth ones aren’t as great.

  6. It seemed like they did not have many customers everytime I passed by their shop on the way to the airport. It was quite empty tbh. Do they have better nasi lemak than colourful cafe?

    Not better, but I would say it was around the same standard and it was very much cheaper – at Colourful, with curry chicken, I think it is RM6.00 and with curry beef or masak hitam, it is RM7 or 8. I do not mind the higher prices but quality and quantity must be maintained. My friend’s wife was telling me that she used to go there and would share her plate of char kway teow with her kid but when she went recently, she got so little that she had to order another plate. That is very very bad and looks like it is not only on Sundays:
    If that is the way things are going, I must say that I am not at all keen to go back there again…ever. You can increase the prices – everything else is getting more expensive but you do not go and shortchange people like that. Customers will feel cheated!

    Yes, not many customers here most of the time – it is so isolated, so out of the way but I do see a lot of cars once in a while. Maybe they get a lot of business sometimes from the university students next door?

  7. think i haven’t tried these sago pellets before.. sagok huh..

    Some people love them, the toasted fragrance – the good quality well-made ones, my mum is one…but no, I am not crazy about this. Will hardly ever go for it.

  8. Look forward to see the lontong if you catch it someday, wonder if the lontong in Sibu is the same as in Singapore…

    You know any good place in Singapore now? There used to be The Lontong House at Orchard Road, 1973 – now I think it is the Peranakan Place or something unless they have turned it to something else. Not been to Singapore for so long.

  9. I know this place. Never check it out.

    Glad you did and you enjoyed what they offered.

    Yes, what we had was good but it is so out of the way. Can get stuff like that anywhere so would not be all that keen to go so far just to eat. If it’s lontong, that’s another story. Dunno of any other place in town selling that.

  10. I think I saw this cafe when otw to and from airport. Definitely not near to the town right. I don’t know they have cheap and yummy nasi lemak too. Next time can eat there before heading to airport.

    Anyone going to the airport would have seen this – can’t miss it. Would be quite convenient to stop there for a bite if on the way to the airport but not really, if one has to go out of one’s way to stop by.

  11. I tried lontong once, but was not impressed because I don’t like the compressed rice. As for the masak hitam, I haven’t had much luck with beef at the supermarket. Quite disappointing. I was so looking forward to using the masak hitam paste. Hopefully with Ramadan around the corner, the supermarket will stock up on more beef!

    You can’t get fresh beef there too? We can’t get any here – only the frozen ones at the supermarkets, imported and very often, all turned black already. I would not bother to buy at all. That is why I will not bother eating steaks outside, never mind even if they claim that theirs are air flown.

    I love the ketupat-like rice in lontong with the masak lemak-like soup. Not hard to cook one’s own actually.

  12. Those days while I was still working, lontong and sato are regularly served in the canteen. I seldom order for those, most of the time I prefer their laksa and nasi goreng kampung. These days I like to eat nasi lemak, that explains my figure.. hahahaa… and yours and your wife’s NL certainly looks appealing to me. Yes, the pumpkin too… I love that dish!

    Wahhhhh!!! So easy to find lontong there, not here. If I can get it every day here, I would probably not be all that keen to eat it – maybe once in a while for a change only. Yes, if those things were for their nasi campur, I would probably go for that. Just cooked some more, still steaming hot, I’d like that!

  13. The mention of lontong takes me back to Sunday mornings in my childhood, when I had to go to the local shops to buy lontong and take back to the family for breakfast.

    Yes, I had that in Singapore and had not had it since quite recently. Not something we can find very easily here, very rare so that was why I was rather keen on giving the one here a try.

  14. Dear writer & hi guys!!!!Actually we do serve lontong but only during weekends and sometimes for special request. So…do drop by any weekends & you might be lucky!!!

    Weekends only, eh? The girl did not say anything to this effect. Thanks for the tip off, hope to drop by one of these days.

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