Familiar place…

If you think the name of this place (2.313204, 111.846992)…

Mei Le Cafe Sibu

…at Jalan Gambir here sounds familiar, I am not surprised as I have blogged about it many times before.

We like, in particular, the stall selling the roast meat and stuff and that morning, I noticed that they had ngor hiang (meat rolls) but they did not come cheap, RM4.00 each, if I remember correctly and I bought two to take home and try. Yes, they were very nice unlike those sold at other places which may be cheaper but you would not catch me buying those a second time.

The kampua mee from the stall here used to be very good a long time ago but it has since been taken over by some other people from this chain of stalls around town. I am not sure but it seems that some elsewhere have closed down but this one is doing o.k. and I did get to see the man himself there once.

The people from one of my favourite restaurants around town sometime ago took over the place at the back and they are still here…

Mei Le chu char restaurant

We had lunch here once and it was nice and cheap and the food came out very fast! I wonder whose artwork that is but I would say that it was indeed very well done – you can see it hanging in front of the kitchen right above the window.

My missus had their Foochow fried mee (RM4.00)…

Mei Le Foochow fried mee

…that day and she said it was nice.

I do frequent this stall…

Mei Le stall

…right in front of the right section of the coffee shop quite regularly and I’ve enjoyed most, if not all, that I have had here. though there was one occasion when we did not really like what we had. It is very obvious from how faded the photos are, except for the hung ngang (big bihun) in traditional Foochow red wine chicken soup, that this stall has been around for  a very long time.

I do not recall ever trying their Sarawak laksa though and I think it was because a friend of mine had that when it first opened and she cursed and swore at how horrible it was. I don’t know what got into me that day but I decided to order that, the special at RM7.00 a bowl and this was what I got…

Mei Le Sarawak laksa special 1

For one thing, I was thinking that they should sieve the broth a lot more to get rid of all the flotsam and jetsam so at least, it would look a lot cleaner and more presentable.

It tasted all right, perhaps a little milder than the better ones around town and other than the usual prawns, shredded chicken and sliced omelette (which I thought could have been cut into strips a little finer than this)…

Mei Le Sarawak laksa special 2

…there was some minced meat (balls) and I loved that poached egg on top! I don’t know what belacan (dried prawn paste) they used but for sure, it wasn’t our Bintulu ones so I did not like the sambal dip given at all. I did try a bit and left the rest untouched.

Well, despite my being not too impressed by the laksa I had that day, we would still be coming back here again for all the nice things available…and of course, one point in its favour is the fact that it is round the corner from my house, very near and parking is easy though not free, except on weekends.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

13 thoughts on “Familiar place…”

  1. Ngor hiang is very nice, and not difficult to make. I often crisp mine up in the oven rather than fry.

    Yes, my missus makes the best. That is why I seldom buy from outside, usually RM2 last time. This one, RM4 so I thought it would be extra special. Nice…but no, I don’t think I would want to buy again. Hmmmmm….will try when my missus makes anymore. She deep fries it all the time.

  2. HAHA! Gambir-ian sure can relate to this! Yup! The old kampua stall owner made very nice kampua! Garlicky! Unique! And the bbq pork! Yum yum!

    Yes, his kampua was very special, with garlic. Too bad he decided to give it up – now he runs the coffee shop, selling the drinks. You stay around here too? My house is very close by.

  3. The laksa broth?…is it due to unsieve or too much santan added. As what I know, too much santan added & keep on boiling will make the broth look like in the photo. So far, I have never come across poached egg. I still prefer shredded omelette to poached egg.

    It does look like the broth with santan added and you keep boiling it and all the froth will float on top – we get that when boiling meat also. I would use the seive – a bigger one, not the small one for tea to tapis and remove all those unsightly stuff on top. I asked a restaurant owner why his soup was clear like water and yet tasted so good and he said he did that…and simmered using a low fire for a long time.

    Yes, ini ciplak punya laksa, with poached egg…and minced meat some more. Sarawak laksa, where got that?

  4. Wahhh… all looks delicious. The Sarawak laksa broth sure looks kaw. hehe

    Didn’t taste so, milder than some elsewhere. I would not go back for this again, the tom yam is very much nicer.

  5. The Foochow fried noodle’s portion is big!! Your missus finished it by herself?

    The laksa looked so red. I agreed that they should sieve the broth well to be more presentable. Pity it is not there yet.

    No, it was not really great, will not be having it again. Surprisingly, she did finish that huge plate of noodles…but that was brunch, we did not have lunch after that.

  6. The curry does indeed look a bit messy with all the dark spots.. whatever they are called but it looks fiery red enough for those spicy lovers… hahahaa… I rather stick to your wife’s choice of foochow mee… 🙂

    Just the colour was red, not spicy at all. Best to stick to their tom yam here, forget about their laksa – we do have many people selling, all over town but most aren’t great and many are not even quite the same as what Sarawak laksa should be.

  7. Oh…the foochow fried noodles! I love it , put some drops of vinegar onto it and it’s so delicious!

    Is it? I don’t think so – I would prefer it unadulterated. Some, they added our traditional Foochow red wine which may be a little sour too – changed the original taste of the dish, nice too but not the same anymore. Some things are best left unchanged.

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