Better choice…

This place

Warung BM

…has been around for a while now and though I did drive past a number of times, I never stopped by to give it a try.

Well, if you’re wondering what the name means, warung, according to wikipedia, is a type of small family-owned business — often a casual shop, a modest small restaurant or café in Indonesia so I guess it means more or less the same thing here as well. As for the BM, to teachers and students, that would be the Malay Language or Bahasa Malaysia and to the people up north in the country, they would think it is Bukit Mertajam. Well, actually, it refers to the name of the farm where they rear organic chickens…

Boh Ming organic chickens

…no hormones, no antibiotics which I guess, would make it the better choice when it comes to chicken.

This used to be here but it did not last very long and they closed down the place after a while. It sure looked like the new owners not only took over the place but the furniture as well, so those chairs sure do look familiar…

Warung BM inside

They’ve torn down the walls in front and by the side, therefore, it is quite open now and very airy, non-airconditioned which is to my liking. I do prefer that and as long as there are ceiling fans above my head, I am fine with it.

I ordered the smoked chicken (drumstick) rice (RM5.00)…

Warung BM smoked chicken with rice

…and I thought the chicken was very good and I particularly loved the skin. The rice was good too, better than a lot of other places in town but no, it was not as good as Mary’s. I liked the chili dip as well and also the complimentary soup…

Warung BM complimentary soup

…that came with it. I did think I could do with a bit more chicken…

Warung BM smoked chicken

…though and since they had chicken curry with rice on their menu, I was contemplating on ordering a bowl of that without the rice to try but unfortunately, it was not in their list of side orders…

Warung BM side orders

…so I just made do with what was on my plate.

My missus had their teriyaki chicken with rice (RM8.50)…

Warung BM teriyaki chicken with rice

…which is more expensive and came with plain white rice instead of the chicken rice that I had but they certainly were more generous with the meat…

Warung BM teriyaki chicken

…and it sure looked like that was more than what I got and yes, I would say it was pretty good too.

Drinks were a little bit pricey here – my kopi-o-peng that would cost RM2.00 or less at the regular coffee shops was RM2.50 here and my missus’ iced lemon drink was RM2.70. However, considering that we did enjoy our orders, we would want to come back here again and try what other stuff they may have to offer, including their western dishes.

Service is good – the sweet little Malay girl that waited on our table was friendly and efficient and if you are thinking of dropping by, they open every day from 10.00 a.m. in the morning onwards right through till 9.00 p.m. at night.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

23 thoughts on “Better choice…”

  1. Haha. I also noticed the price of 1 ekor ayam. Not that expensive.

    Smoked chicken. I love that.

    Yes, cheap. Will go back one of these days to grab one, see how big and how nice.

  2. The chicken looks moist, tender and delicious. 🙂

    Yes, very nice – the chicken here. Sure would not mind going back there again.

  3. Your plate of roasted chicken looks nice… so this time, no side orders? For that price of one whole chicken, it is pretty reasonable.. one family of four or five can have their dinner below RM30…

    Have to see how big the chicken is. These days, those that I see at the stalls seem rather small, enough for one or two only, I would think…including me. 😀

  4. The first chicken photo looked like the chicken had nice crispy skin. I think the teriyaki chicken would have been better with real chicken rice.

    Yes, I would think so too, anytime nicer than plain rice.

  5. where is this place located? if its sibu seems like there’s so many food chains opening nowadays. When i still live there its so limited. I would love to give this a try when transit to go back to kch this coming raya.

    Click their link on “This place” to their Facebook page – there is a map there for you to refer to. It is to the right of Medan Mall, along Jalan Wong King Huo, back to back with the Italian restaurant, La Vino.

  6. The chicken skin really does make the dish, ya … If the skin isn’t great, then the dish also won’t be satisfying 🙂

    Yes, my favourite part of the chicken – paper thin and crisp, so very nice. I love the skin in duck too!

  7. Great to see a focus on more sustainably raised poultry.

    I guess with the current trend, we would be getting to see a lot more of these. Just about everything is going organic these days.

  8. Both looks equally good but I would choose the smoked chicken rice. Chilli dip is important too.

    The dip was very nice though I would not mind a bit of cili padi in it to give it a lot more kick!

  9. The XXL Fried Chicken on the menu, wonder how XXL is it?

    I haven’t the slightest idea. Maybe it is one whole extra extra large chicken, fried…or a large serving of fried chicken? Will ask next time.

  10. The price seems really reasonable, especially for the whole chicken. Organic at that too! I don’t think I will be able to buy an organic raw chicken at that price even. One kampung chicken can cost Rm30-40 nowadays at the market, depending on the size. I would buy a few every week to make soup for my kids and I do notice the price increasing drastically. Looks like I must drop by one of these days to buy the chicken to try (saves me the trouble of cooking for the day) 😂 Thanks for the review, Mr STP, wouldn’t have know about this place if it weren’t for you.

    Yes, kampung chicken does not come cheap. My missus used to buy till I told her not to – I am not fond of the smell/taste. I wonder how they can sell it so cheap here, the organic ones – maybe it is because the farm people own this place, hence the name, BM so they can get the chickens direct, no middlemen and no third party chicken sellers, no extra costs? Most welcome – I am glad I dropped by to try and happy to find that what we had was good, would surely go again.

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