Spoke too soon…

I said I would not want to go back there again and I guess I spoke too soon as it so happened that I had no choice and was at that same restaurant with my family for dinner the very next evening! Tsk! Tsk! LOL!!!

Well, my niece (my brother-in-law’s daughter), the one working in Singapore, flew home to vote and also to celebrate Mother’s Day with her grandma and mum and my missus (her aunt)…and also the latter’s birthday. They wanted to book a table here but it was full and it was full here too – the boss said we could go and wait at around 7.00 p.m. Those who had booked for 6.00 p.m. might have finished by then and we probably would be able to grab a table. My brother-in-law was not keen on the idea especially with my mother-in-law coming and she is not all that mobile at this point in time. So, that left them with no choice…and there we all were that night but my mother-in-law had a last minute change of heart and she did not join us.

For my missus’ birthday, my niece brought home this assortment of cakes from Cedele in Singapore…

Cakes from Cedele, Singapore

…but it fell apart in the course of all that travelling – from Singapore to KL and then to Sibu. The one with the candle on top was the banana something which wasn’t banana cake actually. It turned out to be just chocolate cake and in the cream in between the top and bottom halves were slices of fresh bananas. The green one next to it, anti-clockwise, was the gula Melaka and I loved that one – I think the cake was pandan and it kind of reminded me of nyonya kuehs which I have a soft spot for. Next was the double chocolate, the same chocolate cake with lots of chocolate cream and chocolate all over, followed by two big slices of the carrot cake that we had the last time and the ones with the yellow stripes on top were the sea salt and again, it was the chocolate cake but this time, the cream on top had sea salt in it so it was very lightly salty and not all that sweet. Generally, I found that they were all too sweet and/or too rich with all that cream that I could barely manage one slice if I were to eat it on my own – but sampling a bit of each was fine.

Ok, so there we were back at “that restaurant” and since it was partly a birthday celebration, we had their fried mee sua (longevity noodles)…

Ming Mei Shi fried mee sua

…which was all right, a little moist – just a little and no, it was not anything to get me jumping up and down with delight.

This, however…

Ming Mei Shi braised pork belly

…has been my favourite ever since they first opened their doors and started this restaurant – their signature dish, the braised pork belly served with these steamed buns…

Ming Mei Shi steamed buns

…and yes, it was as good as ever…

Ming Mei Shi braised pork belly in steamed bun

…and I just could not resist having one…and another…and just one more! Forgive me for I have sinned…but I had been good all this while and had not had any for quite a long time now. Hehehehehe!!!

We also had the hot and sour (Szechuan)  soup…

Ming Mei Shi hot & sour soup

…but I just had a sip before I realised that those thin strips could be bamboo shoots so I just left the rest untouched. I did think, however, that what we had here was nicer, more sourish and tastier.

The sweet and sour fish fillet…

Ming Mei Shi sweet and sour fish fillet

…was not nice – especially since the batter coating had gone all soggy and other than the aforementioned, we also had these two dishes that we had the night before – their bean combo, the Four Heavenly Kings…

Ming Mei Shi bean combo

…and the butter prawns…

Ming Mei Shi butter prawns

I guess they just ordered it like that and did not request for the creamy version so this was what we got.

We did not order any rice and when we got there, the waitress said that there were so many people and therefore, we had a choice of either plain water or Chinese tea and those were the drinks we had that night…and the bill came up to a whooping total of RM180.00, double of what we paid for our dinner here not too long ago…but no, I shall not say it again as with my mulut masin, I might just find myself back there again sooner than I thought I would.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “Spoke too soon…”

  1. Cannot do much with the cakes fall apart as travel by air miles away. But they looked beautiful.

    Nice dinner. So, never say something outloud first and you may end up doing it. Lol.

    Yes, I’d give that to them – they do look very nice but I think I prefer some of Secret Recipe’s. Too rich and too sweet for my liking.

    Yes, I am not going to say anything anymore. Hehehehehe!!!!

  2. All the dishes looks good except that the braised pork belly is too fat.

    Hehehehehehe!!!! Been over a year or more since I last had that, so it’s ok – craving appeased and I hear it is not cheap so I guess I would never have that again…unless got people belanja 😀 😀 😀

  3. Very nice looking food. I would like some of that pork belly!!!

    Heavenly!!! But no, I would need to exercise a bit of control – will save it till somebody comes to town, something special…or only when it’s somebody’s treat. I do have a fair amount of discipline, must not indulge too much. 😉

  4. Tsk Tsk Tsk, those fatty meat, watch your cholesterol!

    Too late! See! See! It is shooting right through my head like fireworks. Muahahahahaha!!!!

  5. Aiya, I thought got butter cake again, hehe.. But assorted cakes delicious also, more choices, and people can choose what they want..Wasehhh, my favourite gotta be that BIG slab of braised pork belly, full of collagen goodness, ngap !!!

    Yes, collagen! Keeps you looking younger? You see how I look so young, now you know my secret. 😀 😀 😀

    There was a butter cake…in a box but my niece did not take it out – I think she took it back to Singapore with her to enjoy it all by herself. That will give you an idea as to how nice it is!

  6. That braised belly .. The cakes .. You have sinned indeed … I hereby sentence you to eat oats, carrot sticks and lettuce for the rest of the week! 😀

    Oh dear! You sure are cruel, aren’t you? Do I get reduction of a few days if I promise not to do it again? Hehehehehe!!!!

  7. Can’t resist the prawns, i can eat a lot, hehe…

    Go slow on those too, high cholesterol. At least the collagen in the pork belly helps keep you looking young. Hehehehehe!!!

  8. hah..hah..Never say never 😀 Whoa! I like the braised pork belly and those buns! yum! yum! You had 3 eh? hee..hee…OK lah once in a while just enjoy yourself.

    Yalor, not that I eat those all the time. They’re not that big actually. 3 may be a little less than two regular steamed paos.

  9. Was this the restaurant where you took us when we arrived there on the first night? 🙂 The food looks great but the price was a big steep? Maybe the prawns cost a bomb there.. anyway, I am sure everyone had a good time eating especially those cakes!!!

    Yes, that was at the old place. They have moved to their own building now – 3 floors!!! Food was much better then and not as expensive. The prawns were quite big, I have to give them that. If we had steamed fish as well, then I would consider the price ok. Fish fillet is cheap. 😦

  10. I have seen a lot of modern birthday cakes like that actually.

    They take one slice from a different cake and assemble the 8-10 slices to make one round “cake”. It seems popular nowadays as you can get a variety of flavors and it’s easy to distribute since it’s already pre-cut.

    I instantly recognize Ming Mei Shi’s dishes. Haha. Nice!

    Off my list now, not always nice and getting a bit too expensive.

  11. Ohhh look at that pork belly in that steamed buns, reminds me of the momofuku ones they sell in US. I created my own version as well http://www.angsarap.net/2015/06/19/momofuku-style-pork-buns/

    Yours look gorgeous! We do cook our own braised pork belly with soy sauce and five spice powder, we call that phak lor, and it is also great with mantao (those steamed buns) but we just buy those outside, available everywhere so we never bother to learn to make our own. Necessity is the mother of success, I guess.

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