Election Day…

In the past, I would go around lunch time or later in the afternoon when there would not be so many people but this time around, we went quite early – around 10 o’ clock in the morning. Of course it was very hot at the time – these days, it is extremely hot here in the morning and in the afternoon, it would rain cats and dogs and I sure would not want to brave anything like the storm we had a few days earlier to go and vote.

It was my girl’s first time so of course, she was very excited. She used our current address when she registered so her polling centre was a different one from ours. My missus’ and mine was from a long time ago when we were staying some place else.

We drove to her centre and she went in to cast her vote after which, we proceeded to our centre to cast ours. Hey!!! My good friend, Lim, was the presiding officer in the voting room – it seems that every election, they would recruit all the teachers to do all the work but of course, before I retired, I simply refused to accept the appointment. I could imagine being at a centre where they kept requesting for a recount – I would be stuck there like…forever!!!

When all was done, we went for brunch. There were not all that many cars on the road except in areas where there were polling centres but we could not find a parking space to go here so we had to go some place else.

We had not gone back to this place for a while now, probably not since around the end-of-year school holidays last year and I quite missed their fried noodles. That was why I ordered one plate of their Foochow fried mee with added char siew (RM5.00)…

Y2K Foochow fried mee

…to share.

Their sweet and sour fish fillet is my girl’s favourite but we decided not to have that and went for their lemon chicken…

Y2K lemon chicken

…instead, another dish here that my girl loves a lot. It did look a lot more yellowish than when we had this same dish before but unlike some other places, it did not have the smell of the artificial lemon essence which would have put us off instantly. Whatever it was, the next time we order this, I would surely make it a point to tell them to use only fresh lemon juice and we would not want whatever it was that they used to give it that yellow colour. The chicken was good, nice and crusty but of course, for such dishes, it would be best to eat it on the spot before the sauce turns the batter soft and soggy.

For our vegetable dish, my girl picked the cangkuk manis fried with egg…

Y2K fried cangkuk manis with egg

…and I asked for another meat dish – their fried pork belly with salted fish and dried chili…

Y2K fried pork belly with salted fish and dried chili 1

They did not use what we call the long kiam hu and had the dry type instead. It did not matter much though as it tasted very good…

Y2K fried pork belly with salted fish and dried chili 2

…and I loved it when I bit into the bits of the crusty salted fish.

The total for the food (excluding the noodles) and rice came up to only RM40.00 altogether for the three of us. I felt that was quite reasonable and most importantly, we thought that was a delightful meal and we sure enjoyed it a lot.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “Election Day…”

  1. Wow election time there as well on your place, in Philippines that happened as well last Monday. Hoping for a better future with our new President, this one is a iron hand hopefully he lives with his promise

    Yes, we had ours last Saturday. Yes, I do hope so too – fingers crossed, he will do something about the security – I would love to visit the Philippines again but with all those terrorism, kidnappings and all, I think I would just stay home. Now, I would not even dare venture to our eastern-most state, Sabah – just south of Mindanao.

  2. I have found the best kiam hu pork belly dish in Kuching. Post coming up today.

    It was hot in the morning last Saturday. I went to my election centre after 10 and not long queue. Thank god for that.
    No rain in the afternoon although cloudy and gloomy sky and my girl still had her swimming class that evening.

    Yummy food you have there. I love all of them. My kind of dishes that I would order.

    Here too, no rain at all that day but it rained on Sunday and we had to send my girl to her school and drive home in the pouring rain. I hate that!

    Yes. this place is not known for being cheap but obviously, it is no longer the most expensive in town any longer but of course, the place is not as nice. Anyway, one can’t eat nice and impressive decor so I would much sooner choose to come here.

    Will go check your kiam hu pork belly after this.

  3. Hahaha!!!…..I was much early than you, around 8.30 am. I prefer going in the morning than in the afternoon. A good choice of comfort food. All I like. Long kiam hu is usually ikan tenggiri.

    Yes, but they have kembong too – much cheaper but the ones these days are rather dry and hard, not as nice as before…and not all that cheap either – nothing is cheap these days. My mum used to fry, garnish with cut chili and squeeze calamansi lime. Very nice. I had ngor hu in my post on this kind of salted fish sometime ago, don’t think I’ve come across any lately.

    Wahhhh!!!! 8.30, earlier than the candidates kah? 😀

    1. I am always an early bird and it was so hot already at that time. There are some earlier than me.

      Yes, opened at 8 – some friends went at 8 and then went for breakfast – already sharing photos of their fingers by then. 😀 My girl still sleeping…and when she woke up around that time, she had mee sua – her mum’s birthday, she was not around to eat it on the actual day, Friday…and we had to go to my parents’ house, bearing gifts for Mother’s Day including a red velvet cake that we bought – had to go into the fridge…so the voting had to wait a bit.

  4. Since retirement, my wife works at both State and Commonwealth elections. I don’t know why she wants to do it, have to start about 6 am and doesn’t get home till midnight or so. Not for me! Our next election is in July.

    I guess it isn’t so bad there but not here in the tropical heat, in the schools, the classrooms all non-air-conditioned. I did it once after leaving school, a long long time ago – as an observer for a political party. Sat there the whole day, boring like hell but at least, we could go back after the polling centre closed.

  5. Cangkuk telur, yummy. After election, people are bothering how to remove the black ink on their finger. hehe.

    Mine’s almost all gone but there are traces left.

  6. Ooo … But you left out an essential part of your story – did your favoured candidates whom you voted for triumph? 🙂

    Ummmm….ummmm….every individual’s vote is private and confidential. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  7. Why you don’t want to switch your address to the current one?

    Because our polling centre is just round the corner, 200 metres away. It’s like that in Sibu – turn here, turn there and you get back to the same place.

  8. I had that pork belly with kiam hu dish cooked in claypot at a restaurant and it was so delicious. I wanted to attempt cooking at home but I don’t know which kiam hu to use. I saw a few types at the supermarket. And I do love the smell of fried kiam hu. So appetizing!

    My missus did try with minced pork on tofu, very nice and she cooks that quite often. I think if she tries cooking this, it would be just as nice too. Dunno why she has never bothered to do it, or not that I can remember.

  9. I like the pork belly with salted fish, here call it “harm yue fah lam pou”, can eat with 10 plates of rice! Very very appetizing..

    Good grief! 10 plates!!! I can imagine my tummy exploding and everything from inside scattered all over everybody’s faces and all over the place. Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  10. Has been sometimes since i eat salted fish…

    Why? Scared that it will send your blood pressure shooting up. Just nibble nibble, should be all right. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  11. good for you! exercising your rights as rakyat malaysia :)..

    one of my favourite dish is the sweet and sour fish fillet too! hungry now..

    Anak Sarawak.

    Well, we did not have sweet & sour fish fillet that day and the one we had that night – tomorrow’s post – was disappointing.

  12. The noodles portion is very small or is it due to the angle of your camera? Anyway, the dishes are tempting… they go well with white rice anytime!

    It was an individual serving – for one person. We had rice and dishes so I ordered the noodles just to buang gian (appease the craving) – did not order a big plate for three to share. That would be quite a lot.

  13. Ah, I am just curious but what type of camera did you use to take all these pictures? They are very clear!

    Cheap Canon iXUS. They take very good shots with the latest smartphones too, ever nicer. Unfortunately, I can’t afford one. 😥

  14. I was home for the elections too! Just stayed for the weekend though, probably one of my shortest trips. I went with my dad to eat kampua in the morning and he met up with friends and talked till noon so I ended up going to the voting center alone. We are in different centers anyway (mine is in Sg Merah coz of my home address while my dad is in a different place coz he put his address as SMB Methodist). I sent him to the voting center after he was done and that night was crazy, even Rejang Park was full. We tried for Ruby but it was full and went to several other places before settling for noodles. No rice. Even on Mother’s Day, when we ate at Rejang Park, the restaurant ran out of rice (!!!) and the remaining tables, including us, had to order fried noodles to go with the dishes.

    Wowwww!!! That bad, eh? We tried two places, fully booked and ended up at Ming Mei Shi, ok there – very big now. The ground floor was not even full – I think a lot of people were upstairs, saw them going up. I guess you voted at Guong Ann, same as my girl as she registered using our present house address.

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