It has been very very hot here every day till around mid-afternoon and then it would rain, usually quite heavily so it would be nice and cool by nightfall.

However, last Wednesday, it was so very terrible! The storm was really frightening! The extremely loud thunder shook the house and I could hear the house and car alarms of those with more sensitive ones going off. Thankfully, mine were all right and thankfully too, despite the severe lightning strikes, the switch on the electric meter board outside the house did not trip. I heard many did not bother to switch it back on and had to go without electricity till the storm eased. The lightning was so fiercely bright that I was afraid it might strike me and burn me to cinders…so I stayed inside the house, all doors and windows closed, safe and sound!

The rain poured so very heavily and because of the volume of water, it could not flow along the gutters and out through the pipes and downspouts into the drains so I could see the wall of water falling off the edge of the roof like a massive waterfall! Of course the drains were filled in no time at all and the water overflowed over the road and into my house compound…

Flash flood 1
*Antique handphone camera photograph*

The level was around 1 foot at the fence in front and 6 inches at my car porch. It reached my main door and was about to go into the house and I was ready to move everything a little higher in our split-level ground floor…and I prayed and I prayed and miraculously, it stopped.

Only a  little bit went in – I could feel that the bottom aluminium rail/frame was a little wet and I had to wipe it dry. That probably was because of that Hilux that drove in at top speed and out again creating a lot of waves as a result. I just cannot understand why people just have to drive around whenever there is a flood, enjoying looking at people in their misery, and taking photographs to share on social media…and bashing the authorities, blaming them for everything as if it was their fault that it rained so abnormally heavily. Perhaps they should ask God whether it was because of their sinful ways that there was such an absolutely furious storm that day…and whether it is high time that they change their ways.

Some of the pails and stuff outside the house went floating around…

Flash flood 2
*Antique handphone camera photograph*

 – there was no real damage, thank God! I really don’t mind the rain even if it is heavy but hopefully, such a drastic storm would not recur.

Going back to the heat that we would have to endure for a good part of the day, I went and bought these…

Walls Fruttare ice cream

…for a little bit of welcome relief. My girl bought the strawberry ones…

Walls Fruittare, strawberry

…once and I quite enjoyed it. Well, this time around, I also bought two of the banana ones…

Wakks Fruttare, banana

…to try and it was pretty good. It tasted like those big green ones that we call chay gay (green teeth). I don’t know what those are called in English or Malay but we never ate those growing up as my dad said it was too cold and would lead to asthma attacks. Of course I have outgrown the ailment so these days, I do buy that variety as well and I do like them as well.

I don’t know if those were bits of bananas…


…but it says on the wrapper that they use real fruit…

Real fruit

…in the making.

At RM2.50 each, they are cheaper than the Magnum ones and I like how soft they are with the creamy texture of ice cream, but on a stick. They do melt very quickly though so I had to take the photographs as fast as I could and start eating.

I really wonder how much longer this blistering weather is going to last…but thank goodness we do get quite a bit of rain but please, God, no more storms, thank you very much!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

13 thoughts on “Storm…”

  1. The smoothie bars look tasty and refreshing. Happy Mother’s Day to your dear mother and wife. 🙂

    Perfect on hot days. Thank you, and to you too.

  2. It sounds scary, eh. Thunderstorms??…I am scared of 3 things i.e….thunder shock, lightning & strong wind. Luckily, your prayer was answered. I love the ice cream. Happy Mother’s Day to your dear wife.

    I love strong wind, nice and cool. Happy Mum’s Day to you too!

  3. I think we don’t have as heavy a rainfall as in the tropics; at times our rain is just a light misty drizzle that we can walk through without getting wet. But in stormy weather we have such strong winds, and these are a real worry.

    We don’t usually have it this bad and the rain we got was never this heavy – climatic changes, no longer the same anymore. Quite common in KL when I was there in 1986 – they said it was because the city was in a valley so there was this concentration of thunder and lightning there, dunno how true that is.

  4. We had that sort of storm over here last Thursday. The rain was fantastically heavy with very strong winds. Worst part was the thunder and lightning. I was outside just leaving the office and had to wait downstairs for about 30 minutes for it to ease a bit. One lady was so frightened she almost hugged me when thunder struck LOL!

    Yes, my friend, Annie, in KL shared about it on Facebook, said it was real scary. Then there was my friend here in Sibu – she flew over that afternoon with a group of friends and she shared a photo of the rain on the wing through the plane’s window – said the flight was delayed. In the end, when they had checked into their hotel at Old Klang Road, she shared photographs of the storm outside – exactly like what she had experienced in Sibu the day before. It must have followed her there. 😀

  5. That’s terrible but glad no damage done. I love the rains in the afternoons too in order to cool down the climate but not a heavy downpour like a storm.
    Wow.. Love those Popsicles!

    They’re nice – not really like popsicles, more like hardened soft ice cream on a stick, melts very fast so it would be more like eating soft ice cream.

  6. They said the weather will continue till June.
    It was scary. The thunderstorm that we have lately especially late afternoon. I remember the Wednesday as well too.

    Oooh. The smoothie bars look yummy. I wonder they have it here…must hunt for it.

    Happy Mother’s Day to your mum and missus!!

    Happy Mum’s Day to you too!
    Bet they have – they’re Walls, available everywhere.
    Wednesday? I thought somebody said it was as dry as toast there? Maybe in parts only – Kuching is so big.

  7. Coincidentally and peculiarly, that’s the weather in the peninsula this month too, with ferocious downpours at about 5pm or so on most days. It does make driving for dinner quite difficult. Your experience sounds scary – I can empathize with the fear of lightning, I live on the 14th floor and sometimes feel as if the Lightning might burst into my living room! – but luckily your home was not affected badly …

    Oh dear!!! In 1986, I was in KL, on the 9th and there were the glass windows on one side of the hostel room, top of the hill in Lembah Pantai…and I don’t remember there being any curtains so imagine how scary those lightning flashes would be and the deafening thunder would follow suit. We never had that kind of weather here, not so severe…only that day. Yes, thank goodness it wasn’t so bad, after all.

  8. There was one night that the thunder was really terrifying too, like something was struck…. the noise was tremendous! I had my experiences of flood going into my house, the ones my parents bought and quickly sold off after going through some tiresome and dirty cleaning aftermath.
    As for the ice cream, I have never seen these before.. or maybe I didn’t go out and “survey”…. the common ones I took before were magnum and those drumstick. 🙂

    My house was flooded once – they were constructing the huge monsoon drain not far from my area and on Christmas night that year, it rained so heavily and the water could not flow out – my ground floor was submerged for three days. But that was because of the construction – once it was completed, everything was fine. Used to have floods everywhere in Sibu but my house was o.k. so I never had to sell the house. Yes, the cleaning was terrible and thank goodness I had a helper at the time, my girl was still small.

    Look out for these – at least, they’re cheaper than Magnum. Not fond of the “drumstick” so I never bought those.

  9. Flood so often… gomen there got make promise to solve the problem or not? Uhuhuhu

    Often? Used to be many times in a year (not my area though, thankfully) but not anymore, for a few years now…not since they completed our flood mitigation programme and the Bakun Dam started operating. This is a flash flood – usually in some low areas, just this time in my area as the rain was way too heavy – no need to bring in politics into everything. Floods all the time in KL and Selangor, doesn’t it?
    Go blame the gomen lah!!! This is beginning to sound like a repeating groove in an old broken down record.

  10. Talked about the scary storm on Thurs and we had another one on Saturday night while we were driving out for dinner, lucky we were a bit early, just 5 – 10 mins, one my friend caught in the flood, and stuck for 2 hours!!! And while i am writing this, outside as dark as 8pm, another round storm is coming.

    Oh dear!!! I did read on Facebook a remark – when there was none, there was none. When there is, there is too much! Thank goodness we’re ok here now since Wednesday, hope it will stay this way.

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