It’s not me…

No, it’s not me-e, the regular noodles, it’s kway teow (flat rice noodles)…

Hanyan Corner tan hua kway teow 1

If you remember, we were here quite recently and my missus had the mee, the tan hua mien (egg flower noodles), to be exact from this stall at the back…

Hanyan Corner Chinese noodles stall

…and it turned out to be our not-so-yellow noodles in tomato egg gravy. I was thinking then that it would be nicer with kway teow instead so when we dropped by the other morning, that was exactly what I ordered (RM5.00)…

Hanyan Corner tan hua kway teow 2

…but wait a minute!!! Whatever happened to all the ingredients that my missus had in her plate that day? This time around, there were no intestines, just two bits of liver and a couple of tiny prawns. Ok, it tasted quite good but if it is tomato kway teow, I think I do know of a couple of places here that do it a whole lot better.

My missus had the pai kut (pork ribs) mee (RM6.00)…

Hanyan Corner pai kut mee

…this time. Do not be deceived by the optical illusion – that looked like there was so little because of the enormous plate they used. In actual fact, there was quite a lot and it was quite a struggle for my missus to finish.

I thought the egg…

Hanyan Corner fried egg

…was a little over-fried, but just a little – I would prefer the yolk to be more runny than this but at least, it was more nicely done than some that I had had elsewhere.

The pork ribs…

Hanyan Corner pork ribs

…were very nicely done, very tender. I did try the noodles too and I thought it was all right, not something to get me jumping up and down with delight but it was not bad.

On the whole, we thought both our orders were good enough to consider having again whenever we’re in the vicinity and perhaps, I would put in a request for a little less msg next time – it was not too bad and others would be perfectly comfortable with that but me being ultra-sensitive to the “white stuff”, I could feel it and I would rather do without that.

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14 thoughts on “It’s not me…”

  1. The paikut noodle is perfectly done! Have you tried out the famous paikut noodle at Delta Cafe or Delicious Cafe (I cannot remember which one)?

    We went to Delicious, didn’t like what we had. The people at the back did not cook, sent my missus to order from a lady outside by the side at the back, dunno why, not really nice…and expensive, RM4.00. Delta, you mean Delta Seafood…where the old lady’s kampua stall was. The shop was closed, the main half of it where the chu char at the back was. Dunno if it is still open, have not gone to check. The old lady moved her stall to the other half, dunno if she is still there. They were saying she would retire end of April.

  2. So they use different ingredients for char kway teow and tomato gravy noodle. Good that you didn’t make a fuss over it.

    I never bother. Not nice, then I will never come again, that’s all…and tell everybody about it. In this case, I may try something else next time. They did not use different ingredients, just no intestines and they seemed to scrimp on the rest – not as much as when my missus had her plate of noodles, same style.

  3. Do they serve sambal belacan to go with the koay teow or pickled chilies?

    My missus went and got her own freshly-sliced chili with soy sauce. I do not use any dips with what I eat – unless the taste is so bad I would need those to enhance it to make it more edible. Then we would be enjoying the dips…not the dish proper, right?

  4. Your kway tiaw looked good but wonder why different ingredients used. Maybe they did not get those ingredients that day.

    Happy weekend! And election day tomorrow. Happy voting. ^^

    You too, hope you’re registered. Batu Kitang, eh? Hot seat!!! May the best man wins!

    Same ingredients, just very much less…and no intestines, maybe none that day. 😦

  5. Your first photo had me salivating!

    It looked good, tasted all right…just that I thought my missus had more ingredients when she had their noodles. 😦

  6. I’m very fond of those flat rice noodles, but I prefer not too much sauce.

    That is good too, the dry version like Penang char kway teow but our kway teow is not so nice, not as translucent, fine and smooth as the ones in Penang and northern peninsula. I like theirs better – some say they call it hor fun, I wouldn’t know exactly – all kway teow to me.

  7. Liver! 🙂 I know a lot of people don’t like liver, but I love it! Especially chicken liver, but pork liver is just fine too 🙂

    I love pork liver, ok with chicken and I love the beef liver done rendang style at some of the Malay stalls here. Yummmmmm!!!!

  8. Surprised too that they have different ingredients for fried kway teow amd so mich less than what your missus had the other day. Anyway, the fried kway teow looks good.

    Dunno why, shouldn’t be because of the different noodles used. I think they cost the same per kg, the uncooked ones.

  9. The koay teow with egg gravy looks very tempting! Drooling over it… I prefer anything over tomato gravy… to my imagination, the tomato gravy is sweet for noodles…

    Spaghetti bolognese? Oh ya!!! You are not into western/Italian. That’s tomato based too. But do try it if ever you go over to Kuching, their tomato kway teow – very nice, not really sweet. Sweet and sour fish or pork you like? That’s tomato too.

  10. That kway teow looks good, just like what we called over here “wat tan hor”.
    I think this is the same shop that my mum went, she had some noodles, forgot what, and she ask for some prawns, end up she paid RM30++ for her plate of noodles, she nearly pop her eyes out! LOL!

    Yes, I did ask and the guy said the prawn noodles were RM30 so I did not want to order, thank you very much. Your mum, never mind lah! So rich! Hehehehehe!!!!

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