Sun and the stars…

My mum used this brand everytime she cooked some satay beef and then, at one time, for reasons unknown, it disappeared from the shelves. She was forced to use another brand and though it tasted fine, it was kind of yellowish, probably the result of too much kunyit (turmeric) in the ingredients. When her favourite brand became available again out of the blue, as mysteriously as it had disappeared, of course, she went back to that one.

This time around, it was available for quite sometime and needless to say, we had been using it to cook our satay beef or chicken, and one fine day, it disappeared again and like the first time, no one knew why. My since-deceased very good friend, Jimmy, told me that this brand…

Sunstar satay sauce

…was good but my missus seemed to have something against the brand – probably she did not like the name and actually, it reminds me of some electrical appliances, if you get what I mean. She tried some other brands including some from Singapore but no, they were not to our liking and finally, she tried this one…and yes, she loved it! Of course, I had to rub it in and said that I told her so long ago, I had heard it from Jimmy, but no, she simply would not listen. Women! LOL!!!

Normally, when we used this or any of the instant curry pastes to cook, we would just fry some finely chopped Bombay onion and throw in one or two stalks of serai (lemon grass) for the added flavours but that morning, I went a step further and had some very thinly-sliced daun kunyit (tumeric leaves) and daun pandan (screwpine leaves), knotted…

Added ingredients

…as well.

Of course there wasn’t any beef in the freezer and I did not feel like chicken so it had to be pork then. I sliced the meat thinly and then poured the satay sauce all over it, threw in the daun kunyit as well and mixed everything thoroughly, letting it stand…


…for around 30 minutes once that was done.

To cook this, just fry the chopped onions in a bit of oil till a little brown, throw in the serai and after frying a bit longer, add the meat and mix well. Stir for a while and then cover the wok to let the meat cook until the juices have come out. Finally, add water to let it simmer till the gravy becomes thick again before you dish it out and serve…

Satay pork with Sunstar sauce 1

No, there is no need to add anything else but of course if you want it a little more salty, you can add a bit of it or if you prefer it sweeter, a sprinkling of sugar would be fine.

Yes, it was very nice…

Satay pork with Sunstar sauce 2

…and talking about nice, the other day, I got these beauties…

Angela's kuih serimuka

…from Angela, my good friend and ex-classmate, Robert’s wife, who made the just-as-nice kuih talam for our dinner that night. We can’t get any decently-good kuih serimuka, aka kuih salat or what we call tinggi salad in my family, in Sibu – there are some available in Kuching but not here – so, of course, I was absolutely delighted to get these from Angela, so so so lemak, so so so very nice. Thanks a lot, Angela and to you too, Robert.

Now, seeing that the satay sauce is very nice, I am wondering if I can use it to make my own rojak tambi or gado gado with all my favourite ingredients, potatoes, lots of eggs and maybe some quail eggs and even yeu char koi (Chinese cruellers), lightly fried till crusty. What do you all think?

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13 thoughts on “Sun and the stars…”

  1. Long time did not taste kuih salat. Anyway I seldom eat kuih other than panggang and paus. Haha.

    Oh. I have never tried any satay sauce before.

    It sure beats trying to cook from scratch – I’ve seen people trying, some tasted good but this is so very easy and it is just as good, maybe even better! Not spicy, should be ok for your kids…or if you like it spicy, you may need to pound and add your own chilies.

    Kuching panggang, nowhere as nice as Sibu’s – the kosong ones. We’re not really fond of those with sambal inside, must taste the fragrance of the “panggang-ness” in the pulut. I hope to be able to enjoy the Green Road old lady’s kuih salat and everything else should I hop over to Kuching again. Hers are all pretty nice. You can go for her chai kuih, ang koo – a lot to choose from…if you are not so into the nyonya delights.

  2. Yes, the Wee’s brand satay sauce has diasappeared from the shelves for quite sometime already. I have cooked few times before with chicken/meat after reading your blog about it. I have seen the Sunstar brand on the shelves but according to my friend it is not as good as Wee’s so I never bother to buy. Since you declare it is good, I will give it a try. I like to eat it with cucumber, just dip & pop into the mouth.

    It is good. I think my missus did try some of their other canned products and they were not nice so that was why she was reluctant to use the satay sauce. But she is fine with it now – will use it all the time. Yes, would be good as a dip for cucumber…or ketupat like when we eat satay at the shops and stalls.

  3. Haha! Yeah it does sound like a knock-off electrical appliance brand from China.

    Sunstar indeed.

    The satay looks good though.

    Sunbeam used to be a very popular brand in the colonial days when it came to kitchen appliances. Don’t know if it’s still around and even if it is, chances are they are all made in China.

    The satay sauce is good. Worth buying and using and the best part is it’s hassle-free.

  4. I like the kueh… Oohh, with some kaya please 🙂

    Gee!!! The green part, if lemak enough, is as good as kaya already, no need for anymore. Maybe you are thinking about another type of kueh, I bought at Lulu’s once before…or did somebody give me or what, can’t remember. You get the pulut only, usually stained blue a bit…and they give you the kaya in a little container to eat that with. Let me see if I can trace the post on it. Ah yes, here it is – I had that here at Mid Valley, RM2.50 a piece , dunno now:

  5. Oh yes, beef works well with satay sauce! I always prefer beef over chicken 😛

    I prefer beef too, or lamb. So so with chicken and not really into pork but that was what I had in the freezer.

  6. The kuih looks delectable. At here, especially inside the mall is selling expensive what’s not the portion is so small. One mouthful is gone.

    Yes, very expensive. I think there is a stall at a coffee shop/food court at Paramount…and there is a shop making and selling these kuihs somehwere in that area too. Those would be cheaper, I think. For me, no choice, dunno how to get around so just grab those at the malls to appease my craving. 😦

  7. I like satay sauce. I think it’s one of the best sauces, even when considering sauces in other cuisines.

    Yes, very nice. Can use as a dip for one of your barbecues, goes well with anything, even fresh greens…cucumber especially.

  8. Long ago, my late grandpa liked the Yeos satay sauce. But I did not find it that special. I must find a good one and then try cooking pork like you did. It looks very good! As for kuih serimuka, I love it a lot but I am a bit naughty. I only like the top part and not the rice part hee..hee…

    I was the same when I was small, only wanted the green part but now I enjoy both together – the rice part must be well done too, not too soft and not too hard and lemak enough with a very light hint of the salty taste.

    Yeo’s? We never had that. There was curry gravy but I do not see it anymore. The yellowish one was Ayam, nice but the colour was not so nice.

  9. Maybe can try it out and let us know how it goes…

    Sure will blog about it…when I am in the mood, getting lazier by the day. Want to just buy and eat, easy.

  10. Do it and let us know, Arthur… I like those thick satay sauce with lots of peanuts… very yummy!!

    Me too. Hopefully, will get to try. The older I get, the lazier I become. So lazy too cook these days. 😦

  11. i don’t know about this brand.. hmm, but i don’t know lots of things, so nothing new there.

    i do know your pork in that satay sauce looks delicious 🙂

    Lucky guy, only know how to eat hor? LOL!!! This sauce is good, sure will taste great with anything.

  12. Dont think I’ve ever seen this brand here either. But then again, we very rarely eat satay at home cos we eat it so often at the buffets we go to.

    And they’re all over the place there, not quite, here…and nothing near as nice as those in Kajang. I don’t think those at buffets are all that great, nice, of course…but nothing like the really good ones around over there…and I would say the same about the local hawker delights that they may have in their spread.

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