I want something else…

The last time we were here earlier this year, my girl did say that she would love to come back and try something else on their menu and since it was very hot again last Saturday (though it did rain very heavily around mid-afternoon), we were a lot more keen on some place air-conditioned and that was why we stopped by this café again.

I was full of expectations when I caught the whiff of the fragrance of the coffee when the guy behind the counter was brewing it but when it was served (RM3.90)…

Le Cafe kopi-o-peng

…I thought it was just all right, nothing sensational – I can get something better at some of the coffee shops around town at half the price.

I asked for the Ceasar’s salad (RM9.90)…

Le Cafe Ceasar's salad

…which was all right – I prefer the one here and it was much cheaper before but it looks like it is a whole lot more expensive now.

Though not a fan of dory, I ordered their fish and chips (RM12.90)…

Le Cafe fish & chips

…and it was o.k. too. I certainly would not go out of my way to come here for this but that day, I thought I would just give it a try for a change.

My girl tried their chicken chop (RM15.90)…

Le Cafe chicken chop

…with whatever special sauce and that too was quite nice but I preferred the mum’s pork chop with orange sauce with rice (RM12.90)…

Le Cafe pork chop with orange sauce & rice

Hmmmm…my girl had this the first time we came here and it looked like the price had gone up a bit this time around, by RM1.00.

The beef rendang I had before was nice though I wished it had been spicy and the chicken curry with rice looked quite good in the photographs but at those prices, I think for something like that, I would opt for some place a lot cheaper…and maybe even nicer, never mind that they do not have any air-conditioning but I would want to drop by here again for the claypot chicken rice – I didn’t take note so I am not all that sure whether they still serve that or not. I most certainly hope so – that’s just about the only one we’ve got in town and yes, they sure did it pretty well.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “I want something else…”

  1. I like the fish and chips and the pork chop with orange sauce, the pork chop looks very crispy and appetizing

    Fish was ok, not my favourite fish but pork chop was good, the orange sauce too.

  2. When they just opened, I went there to try its bkt. Their only menu that time.

    Looks like they are having more choices in the menu. Oh. A hike in price?? That was fast. You guys went over early this year and now is May and they hike up the price.

    Thankfully, RM1 only. Pork prices increasing here like crazy, dunno Kuching. Chicken prices not so bad. So far, we like the pork with orange sauce and the claypot chicken rice – the only one we know in town and thankfully, it is very nice. BKT here, ok…nothing really special.

  3. All looks equally good. Caesar’s salad, fish & chips would be my prefer choice.

    Salad’s o.k. The pork is the nicest of the lot.

  4. Did they over-fry the fish n chips? Looks too brown-ish

    No, just right, very nicely done. It is the variety of fish used that I am not particularly fond of.

  5. I will go for the chicken chop as nowadays, i cutting down on eating pork…

    Maybe you can try the other options – this one is just so-so…for that price.

  6. Oh yes a chilled glass of that coffee for me too please! Shame the fish wasn’t fab… it looks moist and delicious in your photo.

    Wish it had been as strong as the initial fragrance that I detected. The fish was nicely done, everything…just that it wasn’t my favourite kind of fish – the texture was a bit too soft and it lacked the nice smell and taste of some other varieties…but I guess many would be fine with it.

  7. Most restaurants use dory fish since it is cheaper. I used to eat lots of dory fish until I read some negative news about it on the internet.

    ALL here use dory, except one, maybe. I did read somewhere that there are the “imitations”, farmed ones from Vietnam or where – the texture is like jelly, really not nice at all. That is why I never buy the frozen fish fillet as I would not be able to tell.

    We used to have dory from New Zealand at our fast food franchise here and it was very nice, loved it! I think they do not use that anymore, dunno why…and the one they are using is not so nice. Hoki, I think…and that is supposed to be nicer than dory but unfortunately, we do not think so. That is why we don’t bother to drop by, anymore.

  8. Mom’s pork chop with rice looks more filling.. Chicken chop looks very “thin”.. But your fish & chips look very crispy, maybe all batter only, huhuhu, but overall, I think everything looks good, except the salad.. The croutons not crispy crunchy enough 😛

    We were like you when the salad was served – I was not impressed, and actually, I was not all that impressed with much of what we had that day…and there we were scoffing – just like you – at the pale looking croutons but when we ate, we found that they were very nice! Much nicer than how I would toast them, till golden brown.

    A good comparison would be the difference between keropok, fried just right…and one that is over-fried, a little brown in colour. There is that difference in taste that makes these much nicer than my regular croutons, crusty and not hard, disintegrates with a gentle bite – gotta try to do it like this next time, timing must be perfect!

  9. If I am not mistaken, I think your wife has the same tastes with me… she is more for the chinese cuisine than western, right? If I were her, I would choose something with rice too.. .hahahaha…

    Yes. she’s not really into western but the similarity ends there – she loves anything and everything hot and spicy. I know you don’t.

  10. Sibu is near the sea, right? (or is my geography totally wrong?) wondering that because if it is, then you should be able to get pretty decent fresh fish for fish & chips? 🙂

    No, it is far from the sea, not that the fish at the towns along the coast is any cheaper. I hear because of the good roads, people even from as far as your side drive there to buy all…and our special straight dried prawns too (now RM120 a kg…was RM80 not too long ago) so everyone here would have to fork out those same prices in order to buy. The poor locals are complaining that they do not get to eat all the nice fish anymore, can’t afford. The price of progress.

  11. What kind of dressing was on that salad?

    It was just mayo, nothing special. At some other places, they will make their own salad dressing which is a whole lot nicer than plain mayo straight from the bottle.

  12. Real Dory fish is really nice but I doubt the restaurants use real Dory since it’s very expensive and seasonal.

    Most of the fish called “dory” here is actually just 50% fish and 50% binders which they sell quite cheaply at hypermarkets. I used to eat a lot too, just coz it’s convenient and easy to cook.

    Some are jelly-like and have a smell – this one I had here was ok but still, I did not really like it. Maybe I am more into a different of texture and smell – like how I prefer black pomfret (bawal hitam) to the white ones (bawal putih).

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