Once again, here we are…

We were here once before and actually, we did not plan on dropping by again but as I was driving past, I saw that at that point in time, it was very shady in front of the building as the mid-morning sun was blocked by it plus there were vacant places available and parking in that area is free.

This was what I had…

Liza Cafe nasi campur

…for my brunch that morning, their nasi campur (mixed rice). No, no…it was not my intention to take so much but when I went to see what they had, everything looked so good I did not know where to start…nor where to stop.

I saw their fried eggs…

Liza Cafe fried eggs

…and how could I resist one of those beauties…

Liza Cafe fried egg

…fried to perfection the old school way with the golden frills all along the edges served with a squirt of chili sauce?

The salted egg…

Liza Cafe salted egg

…looked so perfect I just had to take it too and out of all the curries available, I chose the chicken…

Liza Cafe chicken curry

…and helped myself to one chicken wing and two chunks of potatoes. Theirs is the Malay-style curry, not as thick and rich as what I would usually cook. When I was with my Malay colleagues in the UK in 1994, one of them staying in the same house asked why my curry was like that and when one of them cooked some for one of our gatherings, he pointed out saying that usually, their curry would be like that, not so lemak and more watery. Maybe mine is more the nyonya kind of curry, I wouldn’t know, but all my life, that curry we had at home had always been a little drier but whatever it is, curry is curry and I do enjoy it whichever way it is cooked…and of course, I had to flood the rice with the gravy that morning. It sure beat eating plain white rice, that’s for sure.

For the vegetables, I chose the ladies fingers and the cangkuk manis

Liza Cafe cangkuk manis and ladies fingers

…while my missus picked the latter as well and the paku (wild jungle fern)…

Liza Cafe paku

…and for her meat, she picked the beef curry…

Liza Cafe beef curry

It could have been a little bit more tender but tastewise, I think the beef had a slight edge over the chicken.

I had my usual kopi-o-peng (and it was nice – usually, the ones at these Malays shops aren’t great) and my missus had one iced lemon drink. When the drinks came, I asked the lady how much everything was and she said, “Makan dolok!” (Eat first!) So, that was what we did, and when we had finished, I called for someone to collect the payment and a guy came. He asked what drinks we had and we told him and then, he told us the total for everything – RM13.00.

It was RM11.20 the last time but RM13.00 for all that we had was very cheap too. At the regular coffee shops, the drinks would add up to RM3.80 so what we ate probably cost around RM9.00 altogether then, take away RM3.50 for my missus’ one meat and two veg, that would leave RM5.50 for all that I had – 5 items and the rice.

For one thing, one could help oneself to the food, buffet style and one could easily pile up a lot of everything should one feel like it…and like in my case, when he came, I had licked the plate clean leaving only the chicken bones and the salted egg shell so that made me wonder how he could know what I had and how he came to that total. Never mind! Since it was very reasonable, rather cheap in my honest opinion and definitely cheaper than what we had here or here, I would not say a thing. Hehehehehe!!!!

While we were there, I noticed a not-very-young couple running a nasi lemak stall by the side. They were also selling rojak and what we call rojak tambi or Indian rojak here. No, ours is nothing like what everyone knows as Indian rojak or pasembur elsewhere –  it is more like the Indonesian gado-gado whereby all the condiments…

Liza Cafe rojak tambi 1

…are served with the satay peanut sauce…

Rojak tambi peanut sauce

…poured all over it. We were already way too full after what we had so I ordered the rojak tambi special (RM5.00)…

Liza Cafe rojak tambi 2

…to take home so we could have it for dinner that day.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “Once again, here we are…”

  1. Wah, what a lovely looking plate of nasi campur. I wouldn’t be able to resist piling my plate with the fried egg, salted egg, meat & potato curry, and leafy veggies too. And I love gado-gado, I think it’s a fantastic salad … You’ve definitely aroused my appetite today :p

    I love how cheap it all was, the main attraction and the best part was of course, how everything we had was very nice. Will definitely go there again.

  2. Hey tbh the chap fan you had was very cheap! I know another place called eco delight cafe where they have really cheap chap fan as well (quite delicious tho)!

    We had the beef tripe noodles from the kampua stall there once – very nice and I did see people looking at the chap fan stall at the back but I did not go and check it out.
    Seen the stuff they serve at the western cafe section – looks good, opens from 3 p.m. They say the chicken quiche is very nice. Location not in the direction I would usually head to, that’s the problem.

  3. Sometimes, when i look at those dishes at the mixed rice stall, not sure what to order as many variety to choose from…

    Yes, that was why I ended with so much on my plate – everything looked so good. Gotta go back there again soon.

  4. Wow, 5 items in your plate of chap fan. So cheap indeed. Ermm…..you have two types of eggs at one go. The salted egg looks lovely.

    Yes, I could not resist the fried egg, done so nicely – just the way I like it…and the salted egg looked so good it kept calling out to me so I just had to take half. LOL!!!

  5. Your nasi campur was sure loaded with goodies! I thinks it’s very cheap at RM13 with drinks for both of you. Over here, your nasi campur alone (by the chap fan stall standards) would cost about RM9.

    Yes, if you click the links to the other Malay places where I had nasi campur, the prices can be quite shocking too. So cheap here and the food is nice – I sure would want to go again!

  6. I always love Malay mixed rice and I love how they fried that egg, not many places they fried this way.

    Yes, must use the wok. I don’t like it when they use the ring – can fry a lot at one go on a hot iron plate…or at most hotels and cafes, they use a pan. It simply is not the same. You can try this place the next time you come back to Sibu. So near your mum’s house…and so cheap.

    The canai seems very popular, a lot of people ordering and eating but the last time I tried, I thought it was not all that great.

  7. Rice! Very Nice…I see variations of rice bowls in my future 🙂

    The staple here. Some people must have it every day – I am ok with noodles or bread instead sometimes.

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