Not one of us…

No, this…

Delicious Food Stall, Sibu

…isn’t one of the outlets in this chain of restaurants in KL and the kawasan-kawasan yang sewaktu dengannya despite the name.

It seems mighty popular, always very crowded at night, and I heard from a friend that they do have some nice reasonably-priced stuff here but one would need to know what to order. My sister-in-law said that she went and bought their Foochow fried noodles once and it was very good.

Well, that (RM4.00)…

Delicious Food Stall Foochow fried noodles

…was exactly what my missus had that morning and yes, it was very nice but I would not say it was my favourite in town as I felt that a few had an edge over the one here especially as far as the wok hei fragrance was concerned.

I ordered the fried kway teow, wet (RM4.00)…

Delicious Food Stall fried kway teow, wet 1

…with sauce/gravy, that is – they will fry the kway teow first…

Delicious Food Stall fried kway teow, wet 2

…and then cook the sauce/gravy and pour it all over the noodles. Obviously, the fried stuff here is a little bit more expensive than elsewhere, RM3.50 or RM3.80 usually, and even though they were quite generous with the green vegetables and black fungus, there were only a few bits of meat in the dish. Besides, I did not think it was anything that would get me rushing back for more, if you get what I mean.

I am not sure what arrangement they have here. My missus went to place our orders at the chu char (cook and fry) section at the back but she was directed to one lady who did all the frying outside by the side…and I did notice the people at the kampua noodles/Sarawak laksa stall in front dishing out some fried stuff as well.

After I was done, I walked over to the bakery a few doors away…

Block of shops

…the fourth shop in that block, as other than their own bread and buns and so on, they would always have some homemade Chinese kuehs in a tray on their counter and I quite liked the ones that I had bought before. My guess is that those are made by somebody in the neighbourhood and he or she would leave them there for sale.

The fried or koi (yam cake)…

Fried or koi

…is quite nice, not wobbly or jelly-like as a result of too much flour used in the making and I like their fried tapioca cake…

Fried tapioca cake

…which is different from the regular bingka ubi at the Malay stalls but tastes just as nice, if not nicer.

They may have gone a little smaller than before, I’m not so sure, but I am positive the yam cake is very much thinner now…plus the prices have gone up! I think it was RM1.00 for 3 or to the most, RM1.20 before but now it is 45 sen each and you get 3 for RM1.30. Sighhhhh!!!! What has not increased in price, you tell me?

There was one place where the kampua noodles was RM2.00 a plate where other places were selling for even up to RM2.50 or more and it was packed every day. I did not even think it was very nice – there are other nicer ones even in that same vicinity – but for a family with three kids, one would be able to save enough for another plate of the noodles and not everybody is all that concerned with the taste, as long as it is nice enough. The thing is when they jack up the prices like that, people will buy less often – not that they are things people will die from not eating and at the end of the day, they will not make the same amount of profit or maybe even less, owing to the lower daily turnover…or do people just keep on buying like there’s no tomorrow, never mind that the prices are going up and up?

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12 thoughts on “Not one of us…”

  1. Haiz, nothing comes cheap these days. There is one stall in my area selling kolo mee at RM3.80 per bowl, her prices keeping going up but quantity & quality going down. People are praising high about her kolo mee but to me, it is just another normal bowl of kolo mee. Fried tapioca cake looks good.

    Yes, it was good, just that it is now more expensive and is getting a little smaller. 😦

    Some are really over-rated – people praise to the skies and I go out of my way to try, only to end up rather disappointed. Sometimes I wonder whether there is something wrong with me, when everyone says so nice but I find it really isn’t so. I would not bother going back if it really is not great and keeps getting less while the price keeps increasing.

  2. In Kuching, the dish would cost RM4.00 for normal and RM5.00 for special in certain places.

    I like the fried tapioca. Yum yum.

    Here, it is usually RM3.50-RM3.80. For RM4.00, I would expect a little bit more ingredients. Looking at what they give here, I would say it is a little over-priced.

    Yes, the tapioca kueh is very nice – had the similar taste and the texture is something like bingka ubi but it is fried.

  3. Love the fried tapioca cake….

    I bet you would! Very nice…and just a little over 10 cents in your currency! 😀

  4. This sort of wet kuay teow is my mom’s favourite sort to tar pau from the stalls for dinner, but I confess that it’s not what I would ever choose. For me, I like my noodle dishes fried on a plate (greasy and smoky) or immersed in a broth in a bowl (thick and flavourful), not somewhere in between :)))

    True! True! It’s neither here nor there. Works well with noodles, not quite with kway teow…or maybe they do not do it so well here. Maybe it is nicer of tapao-ed home – the sauce would have gone into the noodles so one would not find it as bland.

  5. I like gravy koay teow very much. I love the taste and the wok hei smell and also the chewy feel of the koay teow. With rising prices, people still buy, I guess because they don’t have much of a choice when it comes to food. I will buy less of course, only indulging once in a while.

    That’s the problem here, not all that much wok hei fragrance in the kway teow – could barely sense it in my missus’ mee too. And seeing that it is more expensive that other places plus there were hardly any ingredients in what they dish out, we would choose to go elsewhere next time.

    Same here – they can increase the prices but we have the buying power in our hands. We can choose not too buy – so any place too expensive, any place hiking up prices…don’t expect to see me again soon. Will not die not eating! Tsk! Tsk!

  6. We love the food here and also the quick service. Been there once and my mum and my brother family, they go there very often.

    My friend and his family eat here sometimes. They say some of the dishes are nice, must know what to order, and it is quite cheap. Must be the chu char place at the back – they did not fry the noodles, asked my missus to go to that lady outside, cooking using a regular gas cooker by the side of the shop instead. Of course, if the fire is not big enough, the wok hei fragrance is not there, not so nice.

  7. yam cake? I will have to google that!

    It’s steamed first, Chinese steamed yam cake and then they cut it into slices and deep fry. I like it steamed too but my girl only goes for the fried ones. Can do the same with radish (what we call white carrot) and pumpkin too.

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