New one…

We had not been here…

Payung Cafe, Sibu

…for a long time now, probably not since Chinese New Year and that time when my cousin from the UK and her hubby were in town. They had removed the chalk drawing of a peacock on the wall, it seemed and replaced that with something simpler.

For one thing, the place is not air-conditioned and with this current extraordinarily hot weather, we probably would choose to go some place else if ever we would venture out of the house, that is. Well, last Sunday, we went for the evening service at the cathedral close by so we stopped by here once it was done.

The boss and the staff were there enjoying something and in no time at all, we were served a glass…

Cool dessert

…each. The boss said that he went and bought some sweet corn dessert and some ABC (air batu campur) and they just mixed it all together. I spotted in it some bits of pineapple and watermelon or was it papaya? In the blistering heat, that really felt like heaven! According to him, he got those from here and he added that the cendol is very nice too. Hmmm…gotta make sure that I go and have a try the next time I venture that far to that part of town.

Another reason why I wanted to stop by was because I had seen on their Facebook page that they have something new on their menu – the Payung butter chicken (RM18.00, with rice)…

Payung Cafe butter chicken 1

I was wondering if it would be something like the Indian butter curry but no, it was something of their own that is actually nothing like curry, not spicy at all and on the whole, quite delicious.

The guys were thoughtful enough to give us an extra chunk of chicken…

Payung Cafe butter chicken 2

– usually, there would be only three in each serving and I guess they would not want my missus and I to end up fighting over who should get the extra chunk. LOL!!!

I also ordered their mushroom roll (RM8.00)…

Payung Cafe mushroom roll 1

…and though it was served piping hot from the oven…

Payung Cafe mushroom roll 2

…it was not anything soupy or with lots of gravy so it was quite easily managed on a hot evening.

This is absolutely perfect for hot days, their pomelo salad (RM8.00)…

Payung Cafe pomelo salad

…as they keep the peeled fruit in the fridge and it is nice and refreshingly cold when served and we sure enjoyed that to the max.

For dessert, each of us had a jelly pisang (RM8.00 each)…

Payung Cafe jelly pisang

…and who doesn’t enjoy ice cream on a hot day?

I would say the new dish is all right, quite nice and since it is not spicy, it is suitable for children. I have heard complaints that this place is not all that kid-friendly, nothing much that is suitable for kids so I guess this is one option parents may want to consider when they drop by here. My missus’ favourite remains the same – their green curry and as for me, I would prefer their Bangladeshi lamb curry…or one of the many choices on their menu that I do enjoy a lot more.

Oh dear!!! You would never be able to guess what happened! I brought my umbrella along that evening and I left it on the chair. I only realised that I had forgotten all about it when I reached home so I called them and asked them to keep it for me. Why on earth did I bring along my umbrella when it was such a hot day, you may ask? Well, the weather is like that here these days – it may be fine, very very hot, and suddenly, the rain would fall out of the blue, so very heavily like there was someone up there pouring buckets and buckets of water down…and I, for one, fervently believe in the maxim in Malay: Sediakan payung sebelum hujan!

I did not go to collect it the next day nor the next…and then I got a call from the boss saying that they were sending it over to my house so he asked for the address. The weather was ok that evening, cloudy and maybe there was a light drizzle, on and off but right before they reached my house, it rained cats and dogs! Obviously, there was such a severe storm that the newly-erected billboards all over town for the coming election were blown into the air and fell over some cars that were unfortunate enough to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Well, I got my umbrella back and the boss brought me this tub of their butter chicken…

Payung butter chicken, special

…as well. He said what we had that night was cooked by one of the staff and he cooked this one himself so it would be very much nicer. It sure looked better and was a lot more fragrant so I bet it would be a cut above what we had that night but no, I am saving it for my girl when she comes home this weekend so into the freezer it went!

He also brought me this tong sui dessert…

Tong sui

…which he cooked himself. It was very nice – there were bean curd sticks, peanuts and some round slightly yellowish nuts, dunno what you call those, ginkgo? I guess this is something cooling and was just right for our after-dinner that hot evening (despite the heavy rain). I loved it and I think my friend, Claire, would love this too – she is so into this kind of desserts. Right, Claire?

Thanks so much, Peter, for everything and thanks to you too, Karan, for coming all the way with the boss to return my umbrella.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “New one…”

  1. I am so happy to finally be able to read your blog again through Ethans tab.

    Such nice owners of Payung Cafe. I told a friend of this place too when he was in Sibu months ago and he actually brought his customers there for a meal. They like it there.

    Everybody does! Your friend was here? You didn’t ask him or her to contact me, I could be the food guide, take to try the best in town…and maybe I can send some things back to you through the fella.

  2. Alamak where did my comment disappeared to?

    I was saying I am happy to be able to access your blog again using Ethans tab.

    I also mentioned that I told my friend of this place when he was in Sibu months ago and he actually brought his customers there. They like it there.

    Gotcha!!! And a BIG welcome back!!! I think you are on a new device so you had to await moderation – but only for the first time. Will be ok already after this, no need anymore…on the same device, Ethan’s tab. 😀

  3. Chilled pomelo salad for me! Paired with some pomelo juice maybe for double the cooling effect 🙂 Wah, the umbrella return is truly going the distance, in every sense 🙂

    Some stick around forever, I’ve left them everywhere…and they all got back to me. Looks like this is one like that too. 😀

    Just saw a report – it is a lot hotter up north in Thailand – thank goodness we do get quite a bit of rain here sometimes, a welcome relief.

  4. Looking good, especially the butter chicken and rice and mushroom roll!

    Both good and the salad and dessert too! Lots of good stuff, this place.

  5. Really nice fella. They not only return your umbrella but send some foodies over. Now they know your address, bet more coming your way? ^^

    Hopefully, hopefully… Hehehehehe!!!!

  6. With the weather combined with haze… I’d definitely be heading for an air-conditioned space.

    Thank goodness we have been spared from the haze…so far! Hopefully, it will stay away, fingers crossed.

  7. Pomelo salad & mushroom roll, looks familiar. Yes, it’s at “hor sua”, no rojak this time, hihihi….getting to know this place through your blog but have yet to step into Sibu & try, so near & yet so far. Both butter chix looks great but in terms of colour, I like the one cooked by the boss.

    I bet the one cooked by the boss will be a lot nicer! Yes, the colour looks better and it is a lot more fragrant too.

    So when are you coming? About time you hop over, not just read about everything in my blog only.

  8. The butter chicken with rice looks delicious.. I like creamy buttery gravy banjir with rice, yummzz.. So nice of boss to return your umbrella, and give free food somemore, aiyo, jealous la 😀

    Yes, so very nice of him. Didn’t expect him to come all the way, I said I would collect myself…and yes, did not expect him to bring the goodies some more. Pleasant surprises, indeed.

  9. Great service from the management. It’s good that they value their customers and care for them.

    Yes, as they say, what goes around comes around.

  10. You are obviously their VIP customer 🙂 So nice of the boss to send your umbrella right up to your doorsteps with food/dessert in tow! Like what my late uncle used to say, if you bring your umbrella, it won’t rain 😀

    Exactly! Been to Payung a few times and it rained heavily and my umbrellas were in the car. This time, I took it out with me and it did not rain. Tsk! Tsk! 😀 No lah, not VIP, just a regular and they’re very nice people, all of them there.

  11. Nice of the boss to bring back the umbrella and also yummy food and dessert….

    True, so very nice!

  12. Wow… the Payung Boss is really so nice.. especially to you, I guess! 🙂 Due to your commendation, their business must have improved lots… right? I would love to try a bit of everything if given a chance to go again.. in fact when my friend went to Sibu with her contingent, I recommended this place to her, not to be missed and true enough, she came back singing high praises of Payung. See… food knows no bounds… hahahaha…
    By the way, I heard my name being called here, yes, you know very well already, I do Love Desserts! This morning took a bowl of red and green peas, my ration for today! 🙂

    The tong sui was really very nice – never had anything like it before. I suggested to him to include that on the menu. Maybe he can add a bit of barley and sago pearls too. I sure would want to order that, served ice cold – so good in this hot weather. Heaps better than those Taiwanese desserts that young people seem to like so much – I did not like any that I’ve tried, not at all.

    Another one whose friend came and you did not ask her to contact me – at least, I could have sent some things to you through her. Poslaju charges are really not all that affordable, not worth it.

  13. I remember those ABC and we used to have that a lot during the warm humid nights, very refreshing

    Very nice, with the shaved ice…so cooling!

  14. Omg, the unpredictable weather again! 😮

    Whoa, that’s so good of the boss to return the umbrella to you personally and actually brought the butter chicken and tong shui to you too. =)

    Unpredictable indeed. Sometimes you see the sky turn dark suddenly and very strong wind…and then it clears, no rain…and other times, it may not look so cloudy and then the rain comes pouring down. The weather has gone haywire, it seems.

    Yes, so thankful to the guy.

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