It has been so unbearably hot here lately but thankfully, we do get quite a bit of rain in the mid-afternoon or late evening when it would pour buckets but sometimes, it does not last very long. Still, it is good enough to cool things down a bit unlike other places in the country where I hear they have not had rain for a long time now.

Well, because of the heat, when we were looking for a place to go for lunch last Saturday, we opted for some place that is nice and cool and we ended up here.

I’ve blogged about this place so many times now but they do have some new things on their menu like their fusion pizzas, for instance, but we did not feel like having those. I did order their rum and raisin gelato (RM9.00)…

Noodle House rum & raisin gelato

…which was very nice but no, the texture was all wrong – it was something like yogurt. The guy at their sister outlet did say that they do not have the proper freezing facilities here so what one gets may not be quite right or the same. The thing is they did not have this in their array of choices over at the other side or at least, not during those times when I went but yes, it tasted great, nicer than their mille crepe of that same flavour. I neglected to tell them to serve it last for dessert so it came first before all our other orders. I would think that they would know that sweet desserts should always come last but obviously, they don’t.

My missus had her favourite – something she would always order when she ย comes here – the kway chap special (RM7.90)…

Noodle House kway chap special

I do enjoy this too but since she wanted that, I decided to go for something else instead…plus the weather being so hot, I was not all that keen on anything soupy and served steaming hot.

My girl ordered their nasi lemak, regular (RM7.50)…

Noodle House nasi lemak, regular

…and the golden wantons (RM6.20)…

Noodle House golden wantons

…to share.

Yes, the wantons were very nicely done…

Noodle House golden wanton

…not oily, very crispy with quite a lot of meat inside and they tasted great.

I picked their pricier version of the nasi lemak (RM16.90) which came with the usual condiments…

Noodle House nasi lemak, the usual suspects

…of egg, fried peanuts and ikan bilis (anchovies) and cucumber slices…and beef rendang

Noodle House nasi lemak, beef rendang

The rendang was very nice and the meat was very tender too but I was wishing they would give a bit more of that, maybe another spoonful.

Last but not least, on that nasi lemak platter, was the spiced chicken…

Noodle House nasi lemak, spiced chicken

…one whole thigh of it and a very big one at that. It tasted like a mild version of the ayam percik but I do think that they do it a lot better at the Malay shops and stalls, just that their chicken usually seems very much smaller.

All in all, I would say it…

Noodle House nasi lemak, spiced chicken & rendang

…was good but personally, I like the nasi lemak here a lot more be it their regular (RM4.00) or with either the daging masak hitam or the chicken curry, plus being a coffee shop, theirs are a whole lot cheaper.

Still, it was a nice enough lunch and the problem was leaving the pleasantly cool comfort of the place and getting into the car which the midday sun had turned into something like an oven by then – it really is so very hot here!

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20 thoughts on “Hot…”

  1. I am drooling at your photos! I hope it will cool down for you, and rain is usually nice and refreshing when it is very hot. Here today in Montreal it is only 10 celsius, but I love this, because it is neither hot nor cold. ๐Ÿ™‚

    10 is so nice. I think the lowest we can get here with our air conditioners is 16. Isn’t it going to be summer there? Would be warmer then – maybe it is a little late this year.

  2. It’s been extraordinarily hot over this way too. Mmm… that gelato… should be renamed to something that does not have customers expecting something frozen.

    I don’t know what happened. I had their gelato here before and because they do not have the proper freezing facilities to keep it at the ideal temperature required, they were served frozen hard. All I had to do was to wait just a bit and it was all right after that. Maybe this one wasn’t quite ready to be served yet, I wouldn’t know.

  3. Oh, dear… I wish I could send some of the cold over. Then again, the weather here has been insane lately as well. It was in the low 20s last week and it’s projected to reach a top of 29 today and tomorrow. So yeah, the effects of global warming. =(

    On the bright side, that plate of fried wantons and nasi lemak look delectable! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    20s? Ooooo….how I wish we could have anything around 20 here! Winter is coming, will get a lot colder there, I guess. So nice! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Same as KL here, only rain a bit but stop, but it still not enough to wash away the heat.

    Here, it would pour!!! Real heavy and long enough to make the rest of the day very nice and cool…but the next morning, it will be hot again. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  5. Rum & raisin gelato? It looks like creamy mushroom/chicken soup with bacon bits! The weather is insane here everyday, electric bill pun sudah increase, because of the ac.. RM160 for this month *gulp* (normally just RM80+)…

    So cheap!!! My bill is around RM200 but I have 3 air-conditioners in the house – used to be over RM300 every month until I changed all to the newer energy-saving models.

    1. Yup, energy-saving or inverter.. My fridge, ac and washing machine are the inverter type.. I think makes some difference.

      It does! I was using my old-school air-conditioners and when I changed one, I noticed a clear drop in my electricity bill. Then I changed another one…and a third one. My bill, usually 100 plus, almost 200 but with the hot weather these days, it has gone past 200 a bit. Never mind! No point suffering, must know how to enjoy life a bit.

      My fridge is also a new one, energy-saving, dunno the washing machine, my missus bought that one.

  6. Oh, the weather is extremely hot these days. Though sometimes it does rain in the mid-afternoon or evening, it doesn’t help a bit. After the down pour, it is so humid. Kway chap would be something I would like to have.

    The one here is very good, probably the best in town…though not the cheapest, and their chili dip is very nice too.

    Here, it rains most every mid-afternoon or evening so it will be cooler come nightfall but the next morning, it will be back to square one, very hot again.

  7. Oh gosh…my body feel weak after seeing the nasi lemak. I have refrained myself from eating this healthy breakfast..Hahahs. Probably I’ll only have it once a month.

    Why? It is listed among the healthiest breakfasts in the world wor. Hehehehehehe!!! I had nasi lemak again today, will blog about it soon.

  8. The nasi lemak looks wonderful!

    Not the best, nor the cheapest…there are nicer and more affordable ones around but of course, those would be in some coffee shop, not so nice and cool a place, not so comfortable.

  9. Missed this place and some of its food.

    The gelato looked like melting.

    Weather is hot every where. We do have rain in the evening sometime. So so hot that I am lazy to go food hunting lately. Hehehe.

    Yes, they do have some nice stuff here. Dunno what was wrong with the gelato – maybe not quite ready to be served yet.

    Me too!!! So hot that I do not really feel like having anything soup…or steaming hot. Not much left to choose if I do away with all those. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  10. Gosh I thought it was just sweltering in the peninsula, I didn’t realize it’s that way in your part of the country too. It’s scary to imagine that someday, this might be the permanent temperature that we’ll all have to get used to…

    Shudders!!! But at least we do get quite a bit of rain and no haze, unlike in Miri and friends in the peninsula are complaining that they have not got any rain since Chinese New Year! No wonder the reservoirs are drying up. Must be much hotter over there since schools are declaring holidays all the time – so far, none here…yet!!!

  11. I agree that your nasi lemak could have done with a bit more of the beef rendang. What they dished out is too little. But the chicken thigh was of a good size. It’s extremely hot over here too. I really dread having to go outside ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    So little, I think that was just one spoonful. So miserable. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Yes, the thigh was big, much bigger than the ones at the Malay ayam penyet stalls. I think one that size, uncooked, would cost quite a lot already and they do not use the cheap frozen chicken – the texture of those is totally out. This one was firm and nice.

  12. Aw!! I would love to go to the place for lunch as much as I can if they have bigger/more parking slots. Finding a vacant parking is such a pain! They have really nice pan – fried dumpling tho!

    The spaces around the building are always filled as parking is free – I think it is private land and it does not help one bit when there are always stupid drivers who simply park anyhow, making it impossible to go into the space next to theirs. But if you park at Hua Kiew beside the shops…or Lai Chee around Cafe Ind, there will be lots of spaces but on weekdays, it is not free…plus in this weather, I would think twice too if I have to walk so far.

  13. Here, it rain a bit, but after that, back to hot hot weather again…

    Yes, heard from my cousin – her hubby is there right now. So very hot! But thankfully, like here, no haze!

  14. Your nasi lemak has a bigger portion of chicken and a spoonful of rendang, price came to RM10 extra, compared to Melissa’s…. Yes, if only they give another spoonful, then more justified… indeed the portion of rendang is very little.. but dont know why, these days, I am crazy for nasi lemak!

    Mine was one whole thigh, very big while my girl’s was just a chicken wing and hers was just plain deep fried so the cooking styles were not the same as well so quite hard to compare like that but yes, I did feel there was too little of the very nice rendang. I don’t think I would have that again but if I did, I certainly would ask for a bit more than that miserable bit, so kesian!!! Nasi lemak – there was an article that day – listed among the world’s healthiest breakfast! ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. It is hot here too but it rained just now, so at least feels more cooling.

    Long time no eat nasi lemak, hmm may be I will have one tomorrow as lunch ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Here too! We had such a storm and some of the billboards for the coming election were blown down! So last night was nice and cool, of course.

    I had nasi lemak again for brunch yesterday, post on that coming soon.

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