Nobody but me…

That morning, I went out early at 8.00 a.m. to send the parcel to Phong Hong and of course, when I got to the poslaju office, there was nobody else around but me. Unfortunately, I did not have any small change and I handed over one 50-ringgit note to the girl at the counter. She asked if I had anything smaller and I told her no.

After a futile search through her drawer and bag and everything, she went inside and came back after a while with the change. She handed it over to me with the receipt and everything and I said, “Thank you!” to which she replied, “Welcome!” after which I added, “Sorry!” (for the inconvenience caused, that is) and she looked quite stunned. Even her colleague who was at the other end of the office, putting up some notices, turned to look. Hmmm…I guess they do not get to hear somebody saying sorry all that often, nobody but me perhaps. As that Elton John song goes, sorry seems to be the hardest word.

Well, I was done in some 10-15 minutes and I had to go to the bank next but I was too early. It only opens at 8.45 a.m. on working days so I decided to stop by the coffee shop next door…

Jia Ping Cafe, Pedada, Sibu

…for a bite.

I cannot remember the last time I was here – that was a very long time ago. I used to go and buy some stuff from the chap fan (mixed rice) place there on days when we did not do any cooking until one fine day when the guy said that I would have to buy what I wanted together with the rice and not on their own like what I always did. I do know some other places in town that have that same policy and I really wonder why. Do they make a lot more profit that way?

I also remember that I tried their kampua noodles once and I did not think it was great so that morning, I asked for the Foochow fried noodles but when it was served, it was not what I had in mind. They had dished out the dry version (RM3.80)…

Jia Ping Cafe fried noodles, dry 1

…and I always prefer the one with a bit of sauce or gravy.

Searching through my old posts, I could not locate the one on this place but I did manage to find this photo of their Foochow fried noodles, wet…

Jia Ping Cafe fried noodles, wet
*Archive photo*

…and that is the kind that I am not all that fond of – the gravy is pale like the one here or here, not dark in colour.

Thankfully, this dry version…

Jia Ping fried noodles, dry 2

…turned out to be very nice and there were quite a lot of those thin strips of char siew in it plus a fair amount of green veg and taugeh (bean sprouts) too. I had my usual kopi-o-peng (iced coffee, black) with that and yes, theirs was pretty good.

By the time I finished, the bank was open already and yes, like at the poslaju office earlier, I was their first customer that day. It certainly seems like people do not venture out that early anymore these days, nobody but me, unlike in the old days when everyone was up at the crack of dawn…and I must say I do like it this way – no crowd, no queuing and no waiting at all.

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16 thoughts on “Nobody but me…”

  1. This cafe is the corner shop in Rejang Park, next to the post office?

    I seldom go there if it was the one but the kids did not enjoyed its kampua. But I remember I love its teh c peng. And I did tapau its economy rice few times. Better than any other stalls around that area. Haha.

    I also prefer to be early when it comes to bank, post office. Dont like the queue and since I am an early bird, I like to do things early as possible. Lol.

    No, this one is in the Delta Mall area, right next to the bank – Sugar Bun is at the other end of that same block and My Chef Restaurant is in the next block, where ASTRO is – you’ve been there!

    I quite liked that kampua at the Rejang Park shop next to the post office, nicer than the one at the other end of the block – dunno if it was the same not-so-young lady. Long ago, there used to be some Foochow and Mandarin-speaking Indon girls – the kampua was much nicer then. The coffee was very good but I heard the dark guy had left so it is not good anymore, and the economy rice – I did try before as well, ok – same as most other places. The one at this coffee shop is very much nicer, lots of people.

    Oh? So there’s someone else…just like me, eh? πŸ˜‰

  2. I am an early bird too, wake up at almost 4 something & by 5am, get ready for exercise. Only old people like us will wake up early.Youngsters these days, by the time they wake up it is time for lunch or brunch. I like the wet version Foochow fried noodles.

    Exactly! I guess they stay up late at night playing online games or what…and they say it’s because I am old – early to bed, early to rise. Tsk! Tsk! Me too! I prefer the wet version. If I want the dry ones, I would choose to go to the Malay stalls, nicer.

  3. Oh same here, if I need to do something, I’ll make sure I go early.. Checkup at 9am or doctor comes at 9am, I makesure I sampai there 8am, haha.. Kiasu, wana get no. 1 ma..

    You’re almost like me…and I do mean almost. I’d go half an hour earlier, not one hour…like going to government offices, stand outside the door and rush in the moment they open to get the number. LOL!!!

  4. I prefer my noodles dry, so I will enjoy the dry version of the Foochow fried noodles. I wonder if I can find this over here. I’m like you, I like going about my chores early. I guess once I am retired, I’ll be the first one at the bank too hah…hah…

    The dry version, I find the Malay ones a lot tastier than what they dish out at the Chinese stalls. They don’t do this there? Something like char kway teow but using noodles instead of kway teow.

    I find it faster even if there are a lot of people, all counters open. Lunch time, many counters are not open – the staff is taking turns to go for their lunch break, so one may have to wait much longer even though there may not be all that many people.

  5. Nobody waiting at the entrance of the bank? Over here, i seen before people waiting at the entrance of the bank

    Nope, not here – but I do find that at some of the more crowded banks in the town centre and of course, I would avoid those. Here, I find more people in the afternoon – maybe they do not want to bank in their night earnings yet, wait till they can bank in together with what they earn that morning? Also around lunchtime – many people take advantage of their lunchtime break to do their banking business plus lunch hours here 12-2pm, no parking fee (actually 11.30, the attendants all gone off for lunch already and they do not come back till 2.30 or so)…and some people here work half day only like teachers, for instance.

    1. even before the door open for business…

      There is one here in the town centre – a friend asked me to bank in some money for him…so I went. Inside the main door, there is a small space…and then, there is another door into the bank proper…and everyone squeezed in there like sardines, so crowded like the glass panels would collapse. Thank goodness I do not have an account here!

  6. I agree that we don’t really seem to hear apologies commonly voiced out any more … It might be representative of our times right now, when many of us think that we’re usually in the right and other people are usually in the wrong πŸ™‚

    …and not much good morning, hello, bye bye, see you, thank you and please either! I would say all these…at all levels, right down to the shop cashiers, petrol pump attendants. Doesn’t hurt me one bit and some, if not all, do appreciate it – a little break from their cold and mundane routine. Makes one feel good to see the smile light up the faces.

  7. Arhg! This place used to be one of my favourite chap fan shops during secondary school! The shop is always packed with patrons at noon! *those good old days*

    Yes, the selections they dish out here are all very nice. I think the chap fan is still very popular, still a lot of people and I know many mums will go and buy and ask for how many packs…but they would like the rice altogether…and the dishes they pick in separate packs, not all mixed together. I don’t bother going there anymore, since they refuse to sell without the rice. 😦

  8. A pleasant surprise for the Post Office clerk to meet a polite client!

    I try to mind my p’s & q’s, no loss…all to gain, everyone will be nice in return too.

  9. All these while, I actually thought that “Sorry Seems To Be Hardest Word” is by Chicago… gosh, I’m dying for a plate of kampua noodles.

    Way before I moved over here for studies, I’d always say thank you and please to the people attending to me – even on flights. I can see the air stewardess (or steward, depending on who I’m speaking to) is much happier whenever I add a ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ to my requests. I’m assuming that they’ve not encountered many passengers who’d do that…

    No, Elton John and then there was a cover by Blue, I think. I prefer the original.

    They do it a lot more overseas, all the time…anybody and everybody – I find that so very nice, quite unlike here. Yes, even a smile in response sure brightens up one’s day.

  10. Well I am also one of those who wakes up at the crack of dawn to get things done.. so i totally get it πŸ™‚ Kampua… hmmmm.. i have yet to taste the best, most authentic one! Maybe one day you can show me… πŸ˜€

    Kampua? This isn’t it – Foochow fried noodles, the dry version…and the not that great wet one, I prefer the sauce/gravy dark.

  11. So nice of the staff and it is nice of you to say sorry too.. if one is mean, you could end up changing somewhere and going back again since it is so early in the morning…

    Yes, at some places, they will tell you to do that – go to the coffee shop across the road or something. Nice of the girl to go and look for the change for me – maybe she borrowed from her colleagues in the sorting section at the back.

  12. It’s so gracious of you to apologize for all the troubles with that big note. Nowadays a lot of folks are rude and just walk away.
    Wow.. foochow noodles!! Add a bit vinegar and it’s so good !

    I know. Some people would even shout and scold and demand for an explanation as to why they did not bother to stand by the correct change for people with big notes. I’ve seen such unreasonable people before…or even when the computer system is down and they are asked to wait a bit, they will create a scene…as if they own the world and everything must go the way they want it. Their heads are simply too big for their feet, those people! Doesn’t hurt to be a little bit nice sometimes.

    Vinegar? Hmmm….I wonder. Not into the habit of adding that to anything but I do know some people add that to their pian sip soup, that or the traditional Foochow red wine…and pepper.

  13. That fried noodles looks good, reminds me of the Malay mee goreng.

    The Malay ones are nicer owing to the ingredients used, these Chinese ones are simpler – the main draw would be the wok hei fragrance, nothing much else. The Malay ones usually do not have that – you can’t get it when cooking on a regular gas cooker like when we fry our own at home, it’s simply not hot enough.

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